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While most of the audience has a habit of flocking to watch things that are trending and getting the attention of the viewers, many people miss out on some of the most underrated series and shows. 13 Mussoorie is one of them. Available on the online streaming channel Viu, this is a Hindi-language web series that dabbles into the elements of crime and mystery.

The show has been released extremely released on May 10, 2021, already channeling in a lot of viewership within the first few days. If you are someone who loves watching drama and crime series, you are going to love watching this one as well. The entire story and plot of the show are based around Mussoorie and hence the name of the show.

Shriya Pilgaonkar is the protagonist in the show and manages to steal the attention of the viewers from the get-go, especially with the amazing acting skills that she has showcased throughout the show.

What is the plot of 13 Mussoorie?

Although the show hasn’t been released for long, there is a synopsis available, which we are going to be sharing here to better help you navigate through the show.

The story of the show follows the mysterious murders done by a serial killer, AKS. While the entire city is trying to figure out who the serial killer is, a fearless journalist, Aditi Bisht steps into the picture, trying to unveil the mystery behind these ongoing murders.
While Aditi is on a rampage trying to solve the case, things take a complete tumble when Aditi finds out who the killer is and decides to become mum about it instead of putting out the murderer into the police lockup.

However, things soon take a complete U-turn when a copycat killer blackmails and threatens Aditi claiming to be AKS although he isn’t the one. What will Aditi do in such situations of turmoil is what the story unfolds along the way.

Who is a cast of 13 Mussoorie?

The primary cast of 13 Mussoorie includes:

  • Shoaid Ahmed
  • Shriya Pilgaonkar
  • Viraf Patel
  • Naveed Aslam
  • Jay Bodas
  • Prince Dua
  • Mrinal Dutt
  • Ashwini Koul
  • Mir Sarwar

Where can I watch 13 Mussoorie?

The first season of 13 Mussoorie has 13 episodes and was first released in 2018. However, the show is again going to be re-released in 2021 on Viu. So, you can find all the episodes of the show on Viu to stream online.

Aside from that, the show has been leaked on a few pirated movie websites, although we wouldn’t recommend that you pay your mind to those at all.

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