7 Mistake that one should avoid while preparing for UPSC

UPSC or Union Public Service Commission is a body which conducts different civil service exam for the different posts. All the exams conducted by it, gives the candidates reputed jobs with great opportunities. In fact, every exam offers by UPSC has a prominent position. The candidates who are interested to give UPSC exam this year will need to keep reading this article, as it includes mistake that should be avoided for cracking UPSC exams.

7 Mistake that one should avoid while preparing for UPSC:

Mistake #1: Avoiding NCERT Text Books

One of the biggest mistake candidates usually does while preparing UPSC exam is avoiding NCERT textbooks. The fact is that NCERT textbooks are designed in such a way that it covers all the syllabus required to crack the UPSC exams. With the help of competent and veteran professionals, these books are prepared thereby it offers a comprehensive guide about the whole syllabus, from which, the exam will come. Hence, to crack UPSC exams without much more effort, it is the perfect stop avoiding NCERT textbooks.

Mistake #2: Depending entirely on coaching centers

While preparing for UPSC exams, students usually depend upon the coaching centers. They used to go there every day to study what they recommend. They never try to go beyond those bounds. The fact is that taking coaching for UPSC exams preparation may be a good thing but try to learn beyond those boundaries as well. You have to get the stuff that will help you to prepare more for your civil service exams.

Mistake #3: Not using previous year question papers

One of the mistakes that candidates are kept doing while preparing for UPSC exams is that are not using the last year question papers. With the help of these papers, you will able to know about the pattern, weightage, about the exam, you will attempt soon. For this, you can take the help of the last 10 years question papers as these will be enough to know about the civil service exam you are going to attempt soon.

Mistake #4: Not knowing about the exam eligibility, syllabus, pattern, etc.

Earlier preparation of UPSC exam is an ideal step. But doesn’t mean that you should avoid knowing about the exam pattern, eligibility, syllabus, etc. The first thing needs to know before preparing for civil service exams is to know about the eligibilities, syllabus, pattern, etc. It would help you to know about the areas you need to focus during preparation. With the help of the following links, you will able to know about the different eligibility criteria for different civil service exams.

Mistake #5: Give equal importance to each topic

One of the mistakes,  the candidates do is giving equal importance to all topics. The fact is that all topics are not equally important. Students should be aware of it before preparing their civil service exam. The term importance topics mean the topics that will give you more marks should prepare first and thoroughly.  Moreover, the topics that will have fewer marks can be avoided if you have less time.

Mistake #6: Lack of Revision

Revision is a very vital step. Everybody should do revision while preparing their civil service exams. The revision process will help you to know about the weaknesses you have. You can revise or learn the concepts again if you consider you are not getting these.  The revision process should be done twice or thrice as this will make you competent and confident as well. Moreover, you can mark the topics that you suppose to learn again. During the revision process, you will able to revise those thoroughly.

Mistake #7: Not avoiding social media, playing games, and gossiping

To crack the civil service exam conducted by UPSC needs hard work and regular practice. The candidates are given too much time for preparing the civil service exam. But they keep unable to avoid social media like using Facebook, Instagram, etc. during preparation time. Some candidates keep playing the games which also interrupts the mind of the candidates. Gossiping with friends during the preparation time is also not a good thing as it wastes much of the time. Hence, during preparing for UPSC civil service exams, it is recommended to keep concentrating on the preparation process only.  

Hence, avoiding these 7 mistakes while preparing for the UPDS civil service exams will open many doors for you. Just avoiding these mistakes, you will able to crack the civil service exam, you are interested. All these mistakes can be avoided simply. You don’t need to push you to some things. Might be, you consider a little tough to avoid these mistakes but the results, you will give after avoiding will be awesome. Yo will get placed at the reputed position in government areas in India.

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