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(Name List) Agrisnet Farmers List: Search Online

The government of India has introduced the portal named Agrisnet. This portal is related to the farmers of the nation. This portal will be very helpful for the farmers of the country. Under this portal launching, the government will give each farmer an Agriset Farmers ID, and this ID will be unique to all the farmers.

This ID will make farmers a unique identity and will help them for the development of the farmers. In this discussion, we will share all the related information of the portal and how the farmers can register and find their name on the portal will give the information. You will come to know about the accurate information on the portal.

It will now be possible for each and every farmer to get all the essential information with the use of Agrisnet portal. There will be a large number of farmers who are going to get so many benefits from this new online portal. Due to the online portal, every farmer can be able to access it from any place and that too at anytime. Let us now move forward to know more about the Agrisnet portal and how farmers can use it.

About the Agrisnet Portal:

The agriculture department of the state has published the list of Agrisnet farmers and their IDs. The farmers of the Odisha state can check their names on the portal. The farmers can note their Agrisnet ID on the portal.

We will provide you the information on how you can check your name on the list. The government of Odisha has started this scheme with the help of the central government. That means this project is a joint of state and central government. The Odisha government will implement this portal to benefits the farmers of the state.

However, the government will list out the name of farmers on the Agrisnet portal, and then the government will give benefits to the farmers of the state. The government will provide benefits according to the farmer’s Agrisnet ID. The farmers who have the Agrisnet ID will get the government discount on purchasing agriculture-based things.

However, we all know that the condition of farmers in the nation is not that right. The farmers are facing many problems like lack of income, lack of the latest technology, and lack of production.

With the help of this portal, the farmers will efficiently get the benefits of the government of the scheme. And with the help of the benefits, the farmers of the state can develop themselves. The income of the farmers can be increase. This portal will also help the central government to double the farmer’s income by the year 2022 initiative.

The farmers who have registered under the portal will get the latest information related to farming, technology, and soil test, etc. How the farmers can improve their productivity and how they increase the farming capacity information will also be given to the registered farmers.

Primary Objective of the Agrisnet Scheme:

  • Under the portal, only registered farmers will get the benefits of the government scheme and discount under the government t scheme.
  • Under the portal, the farmers are given unique IDs, and with the help of this, the farmers can quickly check the input and supply chain.
  • On the portal, the farmers can find useful information about fertilizers, farming technology, and the latest technology.
  • The registered farmers will get a subsidy on the purchasing of seeds.

Eligibility Criteria of the Agrisnet Scheme:

  • If any farmers want to take advantage of the portal and scheme, then they have a permanent resident of Odisha state.
  • Only farmers can able to take the benefits of the scheme.
  • If you are not a permanent residence in Odisha state, then you can not apply for the portal and scheme. Then you will not get the benefits of the government scheme through this scheme.
  • If the farmers have registered on the portal, then also they can get the benefits of the portal and scheme. So If you do not have registered on the portal, then you should register yourself on the porta to avail of the benefits from the government.

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