Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana (AGSY): Application Form PDF, Registration

Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana (AGSY): Application Form PDF, Registration  

Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana is a scheme announced by the government of Gujarat in May 2020. The scheme was announced amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The Central government would pump 20 lakh crore rupees into the economy by availing a loan from the bank where it would pay the bank about 6% of interest. The people who fall below the poverty line can get about 1 lakh as a loan amount with 2% as interest. 

The Atmanirbhar Gujarat Scheme falls in line with the Atmanirbhar Bharat Yojana. Atmanirbhar means making India self-reliant. As India is composed of different states, only when the states become economically sound and self-reliant, is there a high chance of India becoming self-reliant completely. To know why the governments of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are so keen on introducing the yojana, one needs to read the document of Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. The Atmanirbhar Gujarat Scheme is all set to roll out much within 2020. 

Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana (AGSY) Objectives 

The following are the objectives of this scheme:

Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana (AGSY) aims at providing economic relief to those who belong to the economically weaker section of society. 

The scheme aims to provide some loan relief to small and medium-scale enterprise owners. As these businesses were hit majorly during the pandemic situations, the government wants to provide a smooth sailing time to the businesses by pumping in funds which eventually prevents job losses. 

There are five major sectors of growth to be focussed on in every state to attain self-sufficiency. 

To convert the adversities into advantages, the government has to take a whole lot of measures. Given taking measures, the major idea is to pump money into the economy. 

Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana is based on the rules laid down in the 21st century and it tries to make use of technology to fulfill its goals and objectives.  

Small business people, rickshaw pullers, barbers, electricians, and other kinds of people who earn very meager incomes can benefit from this Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana. 

Features of Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana 

The following are the features of the Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana. 

  • It is said that around 10 lakh applicants would be benefitted from this yojana. 
  • The tenure to repay the loan amount provided to the user is about 3 years. The user need not start repaying the loan anytime within 6 months of allocation of the loan. 
  • There is no guarantee that the loan would be sanctioned for all the applications submitted to the bank. 
  • Anyone who is falling below the poverty line can apply for this scheme 
  • The loan will get disbursed as soon as the application is processed. The government is all set to provide loans to the needy within 2020. 

Documents needed to apply for Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana 

These are the following documents needed to apply for Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana 2023 are provided below. 

  • Aadhar Document 
  • Passport Document 
  • Valid Address proof 
  • Passport Size photograph 
  • Income proof 

One has to include a valid document for income proof to get their application recognized at a much faster pace. Only when authentic documents are provided to the customers, the application would get sanctioned. 

The loan can be availed by getting the application from around 9000 government authorized places. The places include district co-operative banks, urban co-operative banks, and other credit societies. One can find the list of co-operative banks where one can obtain the application required for Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana

How to apply for Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana? 

  • A person needs to follow these steps to apply for Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana. The application form for Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana is available only in the offline mode. The forms are sold at the co-operative banks and in other financial institutions. 
  • The forms are also available in the official portal of the state government of Gujarat. One can download the form from those websites. Take a print out of the form, fill it, and then submit it to the concerned bank officials. One needs to attach all the relevant documents for proof. 
  • The government has kept the application form for applying for Atmabirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana open until the 30th of September 2022. The people who wish to avail themselves of benefits under this scheme should read the details specified in the advertisement of the yojana carefully before applying. 
  • One can only download the application form from the website of the government of Gujarat. The user needs to fill in the application form fully before sending it to the concerned district officials. The user needs to attach all the required documents before sending them to the government of Gujarat. 
  • As of now, there is no provision for applying for the scheme in online mode. 


1. What is Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana intended to? 

The Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana is intended to provide collateral-free loans to those who fall below the poverty line, the people belonging to a low-income group or medium-income group that too at very low-interest rates. It will be possible for the people who are living below the poverty line to get a remarkable amount of fortune as a loan. With the help of the Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana, you will be able to get so many benefits. 

2. Can two people from the same family apply for Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana? 

No. Two people from the same family cannot apply for Atmabirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana. This would appear in the list as the Aadhar card is submitted as proof of address. That will directly mean if you have an Aadhar Card in which the specific address is mentioned for you and your family members then there will only be a single person who can avail of benefits from the Atmarnirbar Gujarat Sahay Yojana. 

3. Will, the government provides loans to those who are homeless? 

The main aim of providing loans is to boost those who are trying to make the ends meet. The government cannot expect to extend loans to the homeless and then wait for repayment. Also, those who are homeless don’t hold valid address proof for Aadhar. So it will not be possible for the government to provide loans to people with homeless and invalid address proof. 

4. What are the dates the government has allotted for applying to avail of the loan?

One can send in the application form from the 21st of May 2021 to the 30th of September 2022. 

5. Can one check the status of the application sent to the government? 

No. As the application is submitted in offline mode, there is no provision to track the application. 


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