BevQ App Download from Google Play Store BEVCO beverages Application

BEV Q App Download From Play Store Link

This Bev Q Mobile App Downloading is to provide tokens to buy liquor in the absence of technical barriers will be available in Play Store and App Store from today. The trial has begun. Guidelines on App Usage will be released. With the approval of Google, Apple will start selling liquor tomorrow.

Excise Minister TP Ramakrishnan meets the media at 3.30 pm The Minister may announce the official decision on the sale of liquor. Faircode Technologies CTO Regith Ramachandran told Indian Express that the beta version was successful and that the announcement of the minister would be made available in the App Play Store within an hour.

BEV Q App Download

Bev Q App Download is the online app for liquor distribution. Customers must download the Bev Queue App from the Play Store and register with the phone number. Name and PIN code should also be provided. Shop at the place where you can buy liquor and beer / wine from the place’s zip code. The phone will know the number of liquor stores open at the time of registration. Selecting the preferred outlet will give you the time and the QR code to reach the phone. Only reached during the allocation of the token. Employees scan the QR code on the phone when they arrive to buy alcohol.

BEVCO APP Download

BEV Q App Hasn’t Been released yet but as per some resources app is going to release today on Wednesday. The Booking in the app is going to start on Wednesday and liquor selling will be start from Thursday.

Virtual queues can also be booked via SMS from normal phones. The message should be sent to the special number of Bavco. BL for wine and BW for wine. The token will be returned as an SMS from the center ID of VM-BEVCOQ. This will include a liquor store, arrival time and more. After showing the SMS staff, they can buy alcohol. The number to send SMS has not yet been announced.

The government has also issued guidelines for the supply of liquor through online queues. In the context of the Covid pandemic, the liquor distribution will be tightly controlled. If you buy alcohol once in 4 days, you will get the token again. A maximum of 3 liters can be purchased.


Steps To Download BEVCO App Online 

To Download BEVCO App or BEV Q APP Users have to follow these few steps. The Downloading process is very easy and anyone can follow it.

App can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store. Users can generate their token using the installed application and secure their position in the outlet line.

  1. First of all open google play store from this link.
  2. Then You have to Search BEV Q Kerala App Download in the search box available in the top.
  3. Now the app link will be available there
  4. Click on the first app link and click on install button.
  5. The app will be downloaded first and then it will be installed in your android device.

These same steps is also available for ios or app store uses for apple devices. For Apple Mobile you have to open ios App store by using this link.

For More information to download BEV Q app you can visit official website of kerala beverage corporation limited which is

How to download Bev Q App? How to book a token Outside guidelines

How to Install BEVCO App / BEV Q App?

Customers can download Bev Queue app from Google Play Store or App Store for booking tokens at liquor stores. With the installed app, customers can generate their tokens and secure their place on the line of the outlet.


How To Do Registration in BEV Q App ?

Customers can enter the app by entering their name, mobile number and zip code. Customers must agree to the terms and conditions by selecting the check box. Customers can also choose their favorite language in the app.


How to Do Confirmation ?

The mobile number registered in the app will receive a six-digit verification code. If it is not received, the customer can click send again to send the OTP.


How To Generate E Token ??

The user can Generate the token by entering their name, mobile number and zip code. The user must agree to the terms and conditions by selecting the check box. The user can select their preferred language (English or Malayalam).


What If the token is not available ?

If the token is not available to the customer, a message will be received indicating that the token is not available. Upon receipt of a confirmed token, another booking will only be made after 5 days and the token booking can be done only from 6 am to 10 pm.


About BEV Q App – BEVCO App

Price Currency: INR

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Government

Editor’s Rating:

Kerala BEVCO – Kerala Beverage Corporation Limited

App Name – Bev Q App

Developed By – Faircode Technologies

Available in – Google Play store

Function Of App – The functions of the app depend on the customer’s zip code. The e-ticket received will be informed at the liquor bar. Customers can then buy alcohol on arrival. The QR code of the e-ticket will be scanned and verified in liquor stores.

A person can get a maximum of three liters of alcohol. Alcohol is only given once in four days. And so on. The government says the sale of liquor will be in full compliance with Covid’s restrictions.

Updated: August 28, 2022 — 10:41 am

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