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Introduction to Bollyshare

The 90s was a memorable time. Maybe for some of you reading this, it was the 80s or even 70s. I am referring to the golden days of childhood and teenage when we could have found time for pretty much anything. We loved to watch TV and going to the movies with our friends. The new feeling of going out alone was taking over us. We were in quite a hurry to grow up.

But as we grew up, we became loaded with responsibilities. I am glad to say most of us are doing fine dealing with these responsibilities. But it is probably not possible to make a lot of free time at this point. The reason is that we got stuff to do. Most of our day is spent working. Whatever is left of our day is reserved for our lovely family! But do you ever reminisce about those times when we could be worry free and it wouldn’t have mattered?

Our 21st century life has made us go through significant changes. We have issues that emerge whenever we think of taking time off to watch movies or our favorite sitcom. Gone are the days when we could sit with the remote in the middle of the day and spend hours binge-watching TV shows. Moreover, the current economic scenario has us worrying about our uncertain future. Especially after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The world is scared to spend on luxuries because they are trying to insure for their necessities. 

However, we have a solution to these problems. Although we cannot increase the number of hours to more than 24 and send a bunch of money to your bank account, we can find you something that will allow you to watch movies at your convenience. We are referring to an awesome website, Bollyshare. Bollyshare offers its users free download and streaming services for movies, TV shows, and web series completely free of cost. This serves a two-fold purpose for the users: they don’t have to worry about spending on movies, and they can watch the movie at their convenience and at the comfort of their home. 

What exactly is Bollyshare?


Bollyshare is a website that has been created to provide users with free services through which they can download as well as stream a large content library that consists of a diverse range of content including movies, web series, and TV shows. The website is useful for persons who face trouble taking out time out of their busy lives for watching their upcoming favorite movies or are not able to spend on expensive movie tickets. 

However, before we delve deeper into the details of Bollyshare, we must disclose that this website is illegal. The website is involved in the distribution of content over which they do not have any rights of distribution. Because of this, the government has labelled the website as illegal. The users who are found to be making use of this website by the government authorities may be punishable by law. Moreover, these websites tend to put a lot of pop-up ads on their website, clicking on which may cause permanent damage to your computer system because it may become infected with malwares or viruses.

With that out of the way, let’s discuss a little more about this awesome Bollyshare website. The website is among the finest websites that are currently active on the internet and provides free downloading and streaming services to users. The website is used by people across the globe for downloading content such as movies, documentaries, etc. Bollyshare has an incredible user interface that allows users to easily navigate through the components of the website and users will find it extremely simple to explore this website on account of its clean and tidy design. The content library on Bollyshare is absolutely massive with all types of content available on the website including, but not limited to, anime, animated movies and TV shows, documentaries, movies, cartoon shows, and a lot more. Moreover, all the video content available on this website has terrific quality. The latest movies are usually put up on the website almost immediately after their release. Although the first copy may be camera quality, the subsequent uploads will provide users with exceptional video quality that ranges from 360p to 1080p, and even 4K at times. If you are a movie buff like me, it is strongly recommended that you visit the website at least once.

Features of Bollyshare

Bollyshare is also popular for its feature-rich content and home page. The creators of the website have incorporated a number of features keeping in consideration the needs of the users. The creators have been able to observe the users’ perspective well over the long term and accordingly adjusted the features on Bollyshare. The characteristics of the website signify how it is distinct from other websites that provide users with the same set of services, and Bollyshare takes a lead against these other websites. We have put together a list of these features so you are better able to understand what you can expect from this amazing website.

  1. The website allows you to not only stream but download the content as well. This is usually not the case with platforms like Amazon Prime or Netflix which allow users to only stream the content. What this means for the user is that he will be able to watch the content as long as he is offline. But what if you want to watch the movie offline later when you might not have an active internet connection? Well, you need to download that content. Which is exactly what Bollyshare allows you to do.
  2. The interface of Bollyshare has been crafted exceptionally well by its creators. The interface allows users to easily navigate through the website without any additional effort on the part of users. A user-friendly interface keeps a user hooked because it streamlines the process of downloading or streaming the content and saves the users a lot of time and effort which they would have other wasted on just trying to interpret the contents of the website. 
  3. Bollyshare has also managed to include mobile users by creating an app for them. Android users, especially, will be able to easily find the Bollyshare application and instantly use their service on their cellular devices. As for computer systems, the website is the most efficient way to download and stream their favorite content for free.
  4. The website also provides users with a compact-size movie file, which is a rare feature among other similar websites. These files are only 300 Mb in size which makes it incredibly convenient, specifically for mobile users, to download these files without having to worry about running out of data or storage.
  5. The website has put in place high-speed servers so that users never have to worry about slow download speeds or buffering when they stream their favorite content.

Categories on Bollyshare

Categorization is among the most important feature of any website that provides users with downloading and streaming services. We are not just saying that, we have reasons – hear us out. These websites tend to have a giant content library containing millions of files. The files may have names that are entirely in a foreign language which you may not be able to read. Now let’s say you’re in the mood for an action movie tonight. How exactly, in this giant pool of content, will you find an action movie of your liking? Scary, right?

To address this issue, the creators have divided the entire content library into a number of smaller libraries which we refer to as categories. The categorization has been made on the basis of various parameters like a year of release, the language of the movie, genres, etc. The users can make use of these categories and choose a movie of their liking from inside of these categories. Using the categories, users are able to filter out a large chunk of content that would have been anyway irrelevant to them for that particular query. This saves users a lot of time and simplifies their selection process.

To help you connect more dots with regard to the categories available on the Bollyshare website, we have listed a couple of these categories for your reference. 

1. Action Movies

This category will provide users with all the content that relates to this particular genre. However, it must be noted that in the Action genre, there will be movies from across time periods and from different languages as well, since this category filters the genre and not the other two parameters. But the search and selection process will be significantly simplified enabling users to quickly get to their selection and begin downloading or streaming their favorite content.

2. Tamil Movies

Another filter parameter in terms of categories could be language. Bollyshare contains movies in a number of languages including Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, English, Marathi, Punjabi, and many others. Upon entering the Tamil Movies category, users will only see movies in the Tamil language and no other language. But again, this category will contain movies from across time periods and from different genres because the category is not meant to filter those parameters.

3. 2020 Movies

This category filters for movies that have been released specifically in 2020 only. The latest movies will show up in this category. But as in the previous 2 cases, the category will include movies in different languages and from all types of genres because of the same reason. 

Among other categories that are available on Bollyshare are:

  • Telugu Movies
  • Telugu Movies Dubbed
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hollywood Movies Hindi Dubbed
  • TV Shows
  • South Indian Movies Hindi Dubbed
  • Adventure Movies
  • Comedy Movies
  • Horror Movies
  • Malayalam Movies

Best Alternatives (Illegal) for Bollyshare

As discussed earlier, Bollyshare is an illegal website because it distributes pirated content. Because of this, the government may ban this website at any time without any prior notice to the users. Should such inaccessibility to Bollyshare arise at any point in time, the users may be left out to dry in absence of viable alternatives from where they can download or stream their content. To prevent such as thing from happening, we recommend having a list of alternatives handy for whenever an emergency arises. We have put together a couple of these websites which will serve as viable alternatives in absence of Bollyshare.

1. Putlocker

An international website that is also one of the oldest websites that have been providing streaming services to users for a long time. The website contains a large content library that consists of content from across the world. However, the website is most popular for its collection of Hollywood movies. The website provides exceptional streaming service and is certainly our top pick as an alternative to Bollyshare.

2. Downloadhub

An awesome website with a decent user interface that provides users not only with a large collection of movies, but also mp3 songs, documentaries, and a lot more. The website has grown popular recently because of its amazing ease of use. The website our second on our list of alternatives to Bollyshare because we love how the website delivers its services without any hassle on the part of users. 

3. Tamil Rockers

A website that initially began only to serve the South Indian region, has now become insanely popular after it began including content from all over the world on its website. They were able to increase their traffic because they diversified their content library by adding movies and TV shows other than the South Indian ones. The website now has a giant user base and serves users from across the globe.

4. 7StarHD

Another excellent pick as an alternative to Bollyshare is 7StarHD. The website provides excellent quality content with almost the entire content library being in 720p or 1080p.

5. Khatrimaza

The last but not least, Khatrimaza is also an internationally acknowledged website that allows users to download and stream free content from a number of industries including Bollywood and Hollywood.

Best Alternatives (Legal) to Bollyshare

1. Netflix

This platform has managed to top pretty much any list that features streaming service providers. The website has mainly benefitted from its first-mover advantage in the streaming industry. However, the website is definitely ahead of the curve in the streaming game with the largest content library of any other streaming service platform in the world.

2. Hotstar

The platform became popular after Hotstar allowed users to stream cricket matches for free through its platform. Given the popularity of the sport in India, people quickly downloaded the app. Eventually, Hotstar was able to lure these viewers into buying its subscription as well. And that is how Hotstar grew over time. 

3. Amazon Prime

A platform that has become extremely popular in the Indian market because of its cheap price tag, has seen steady growth since its inception. The platform has an excellent content library with something for all groups of viewers.

4. Hulu

Although not very popular in India, Hulu has garnered a large number of viewers internationally and continues to grow as it keeps adding some amazing shows and web series to its platform.

5. Disney+

The streaming platform comes from none other than Walt Disney Inc. The name is itself enough to suggest what the quality of the platform will be like. The platform became popular as soon as it was launched and is still in the growth phase.


1. Is Bollyshare an illegal website?

Yes, Bollyshare is an illegal website because it promotes piracy. The users of the website may be punishable by law.

2. How is Bollyshare different than other websites?

Bollyshare is different because provides users with an exceptional quality of content, high-speed downloads, free streaming service, and a lot more.

3. Why does Bollyshare stop working sometimes?

We explained how the website may be banned by the government at any time. This is probably what had happened. However, the creators usually find workarounds and manage to keep the website online by using alternate domain extensions.


We strongly condemn the use of illegal websites that distribute pirated copies of content online. We are fully aware of the rules and regulations as laid out by The Copyright Act, of 1957, and are in compliance with all clauses of the said Act. Through our articles, we aim to educate our readers about the risks associated with the use of illegal websites. We hope that our readers will only adapt ethical modes of streaming content online and also encourage their friends and family to do the same.


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