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Today, we have endless ways of earning money online. Numerous jobs have surfaced in the last decade. From typing jobs to transcription to captcha entering, we have so many options to choose from. The advantage of this type of online jobs is that it doesn’t require any qualification. It can be done with anyone with just a laptop and an internet connection. As a result, more people are drawn to take up such works.

Most of these online jobs offer you a payment after you submit the work. Now, this is where the problem starts. You don’t know whether you will get paid or who’s paying you or who to contact. This has led to the rise of many fraud sites that simply waste your time by making your work. In the end, you get nothing in return.

In this article, we are going to reveal the truth about Captcha Club. This is a captcha entering site that claims to pay people for completing captchas. You will find many Captcha Club review online but this is an unbiased one.

Captcha Club Review

What is Captcha Club?

Before we start judging the site, let us first get to know what’s the site is all about. This is to give an idea to all those readers who haven’t heard about this site before.

Captcha Club is an online site that claims to pay users for typing captchas. This sounds pretty simple as you can earn up to $100 in a month by just typing captchas. In that case, all of us should be rich by just typing captchas in Captcha Club.

They offer 4 levels of membership. This includes the standard membership which is available for free. Standard members get to solve only about 250 captchas in a day. The next is the Premium Membership that costs $100 per month. This will give you several captchas to solve per day means more chances of earning. Then, they have the PRO membership that costs $250 a month and will give you an 320 Captchas per day and Lastly They have Gold Membership Which Costs 500$ And you can earn maximum 50$ per day.

Yes, you read that right. You will have to pay a good amount of money to be able to type more captchas. This site charges you to allow you to earn money and that too a big amount.


How does Captcha Club work?

First of all they didn’t mention how their program works in or But most of the captcha entry platform works on a same concept. “There are lots of Software and Bots which are made to create account and do a lots of automation process. They are not the humans so that’s why website owners put captchas in their website to prevent these bots from doing their job. That’s why these captcha entry companies invented. They hires people who wants to do simple work so they created API by which that automation software can submit captcha to you and you can solve that captcha and submit back to that software of bots“. Read More How Captcha Entry websites work.

Now coming down to the main business, how does the site works for employees or users. To be precise, it rips you off slowly.

The site allows you to join for free so that you can earn money by simply typing captchas. If you are a standard member of the site, then you can make only $90 a month. That’s because they give you only 100 captchas to solve in a day. The Payout For Each Correct Entry is 0.03$ which is very high but we will talk about that later in this post.

Typing captchas is very easy and therefore, even the slowest typist can complete 100 captchas easily within no time. But here’s the catch. You cannot withdraw your payment until you have earned $100. This means you will have to wait two months to earn $100 as you can earn only $90 in a month as a free member. Well, this is not it. When the times come to withdraw your money, you will have to pay $40 to the site admin and only then you can withdraw. So you get $60 for putting in your hard work.

Captcha Club is smart enough to not disclose their membership rates before you have signed up. Not just that but they also don’t tell you that you will have to pay $40 for withdrawing your money. & Membership plans has 4 membership plans. But Read Full Review Of Captcha Club Before Purchasing Any Membership Plans or Any Captcha Club Package.

I will recommend you to buy membership plans only after getting your first and second payment. After first payment you can invest that money to buy membership. By this way you minimize the risk of getting scammed.

1.Free membership –$0 / Free

  •  Free Account To Test Our Services
  •  Per Day Entry Allowed 100
  •  Per Entry Earning Rate 0.03 $
  •  Multiple Accounts Not Allowed
  •  Get Paid Guaranteed
  •  Minimum Withdraw 100 $

2.Premium Membership – 100 $

  • Per Day Entry Allowed 200
  •  Per Entry Earning Rate 0.06 $
  •  Double Earning Then Basic
  •  Multiple Accounts Not Allowed
  •  1 Time Payment Life Time Access
  •  Many options to withdraw funds

3.Pro Membership – 250 $

  • Advanced Package with Special Status
  •  Buy One Time = Enjoy Life Time
  • Do Less Work – Earn More $
  • Minimum Earning Per Day -> 32 $
  •  Per Day Entries Limit = Unlimited *
  •  Per Entry Earning Rate 0.10 $
  • Multiple Accounts Allowed
  •  Various Options To Withdraw

4.Gold Membership – 500 $

  • Special Status Granted As Partner
  • One time Payment & Lifetime Benefits
  • Do Nothing At All – Daily Earning
  • Minimum Earning Per Day 50 $
  • Multiple Accounts Allowed
  •  Daily Required Entries 1
  •  Withdraw Options Paypal, Payoneer, Bank
  •  Best For Busy People


Is Captcha Club a scam?

  • First of you will get same type of captcha everytime. Not a single site provides same type of captcha for each entry. That’s Not How it works.
  • Secondly Most popular and trusted sites like kolotibablo or 2captcha pays 0.0001$ to 0.0003$ per entry but or gives 0.03$ per entry which is 100 times more then others. It doesn’t look legitimate.
  • Thirdly, The Paid Memberships. When you are doing hardwork and they are paying for your work only. Then why you have to pay to earn more ? in other words you have to pay to do more works lol!. I have seen the platform where they charge for membership but maximum membership cost i have seen is 50$ and they are genuinely paying customers. So 100$ to 500$ Membership plans to work more isn’t seems legitimate.

In short, it is the biggest scammer of all time.

This site is designed to rip you off of your money and hard work. You work every day for two months, only to realize that they are not going to pay you a single penny.

Users who have worked for this site have revealed that they have never received their payment. They tried withdrawing their money but the admin of and would say “you will have to pay $40.” Besides, they do not offer you any customer support. You can check it for yourself on their Facebook page. The page is not only inactive but there are tons of complaints piling up with no response.

The admin captcha has the time to post fake Captcha Club payment proof but they don’t have the time to revert to their users.

There are so many things about this site that clearly shows that they are a fraud. You will get to see loads of negative reviews by users. Almost all of them have the same complaint and that is they haven’t received their money.


Is Captcha Club Paying ? Captcha club payment proof.

They are claiming to pay to users but as per some feedback and experience i think they are not paying to every worker. There are lots of negative reviews about captcha club payment proof that you should see before buying paid membership or working too hard for this site.

Also when you visit their facebook page you will see that they are posting images only about how they pay to every worker instead of some genuine testimonials. If you are paying right then why you have to post screenshot about paying?. People would already know that and also when you see the comments on this page, most of the comments are negetive. people are asking for payment proofs from other users but none of the workers posted real captcha club payment proof because none of them got paid.

Here are some screenshots from the comments of captchaclub facebook page.

Captcha Club Payment proof Captcha Club Review: Is It A Scam? Payment Proofs ! 3

What are the red flags?

Based on my review, here are the red flags of the site.

  1. They don’t tell you the cost of the membership until you have finished signing up.
  2. The minimum payout is $100, whereas, the minimum money you will earn in a month is $90. This means you cannot withdraw your money unless you work for 2 months.
  3. You have to pay almost half the amount of $100 i.e. $40 to withdraw your cash. So basically, you are paying your money to withdraw your hard-earned money from the site.
  4. There are loads of negative comments and reviews online.
  5. They don’t have any customer support or helpline. Whatever happens, you are on your own.


Final Thoughts on Captcha club: Is it scam?

If you ask us, whether we recommend this site or not, it’s a big NO. Captcha Club is a fraud site that dupes people to work for them. They promise you to pay a good amount but in reality, it’s you who have to pay them in the end. They take your hard-earned money and don’t give you anything in return. This site is just a waste of time and effort. If you are looking for easy ways to earn money, then you should look for some other source that is legit. It is better to stay away from sites like Captcha Club.

If you still want to work for captchaclub here is the website : captcha club


If you are rally want to earn by solving captcha then these are some legitimate sites :

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