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If you are into action-adventure movies and you like movies that involve a lot of stunts, we’d highly recommend you watch Commando 3. Released back in 2019, the movie has gained a lot of popularity ever since, especially after the release of the first two parts and the kind of stunts that Vidyut Jammwal showcased.

Jammwal has reprised in his role as Commando Karan throughout the three parts of the movie and continues to do so in the third and last part as well. All three parts involved him showcasing his skills as an undercover agent and doing the most to bring out the bad culprits involved in the mass destructive agendas and programs.

What is the plot of the movie?

Commando 3

The movie starts with the arrest of three terrorist suspects by the Mumbai police, who interrogate them to find answers behind their agendas. Unable to get anything out of them, Mumbai police resort to the help of Commando Karanvir Singh Dogra but in the meantime, a suspect kills himself. Following further investigation, Karan finds that the suspects have been sent money along with VHS tapes with the terrorist’s message.


After investigating, Karan is informed by the officers that the video was shot in London. Trying to find a better answer to all of these terror attacks, Karan takes Bhavna Reddy, an officer who he had worked with in his previous missions. Together they fly to London and pose as undercover agents and introduce themselves as husband and wife.

After reaching London, Karan and Bhavna are escorted to the British intelligence unit by an officer and they explain the basic details about their mission.

Simultaneously, a British terrorist, who is the mastermind behind all of the major attacks, forces his son, Abeer to watch a man getting murdered. Terrified, Abeer and his mother and Buraq’s ex-wife want to report him to the police, only to be terrified of the consequences that the same brings along.

On their mission to find more, Karan crosses path with Abeer and Zahira and get into a bike chase for the suspect. Upon instructions over the phone, Karan and his team reach the dead suspect’s house, only to be stopped by Buraq’s men and Karan is thrown out of the house by an explosion. With the news of Karan’s possible death spreading like wildfire, it is soon revealed that everything that happened was an orchestrated plan by Karan himself.


However, things soon start to take a turn for the worse when Buraq is revealed to have planned a massive terrorist attack on India that would eventually lead to the death of civilians. Benching out a plan, Karan and his team are finally able to guard Buraq and then rescue Abeer from his grasp. To transport Buraq rightfully behind bars, he tranquilizes him and informs the Indian police about the possible attack.

They decode the secret code “ALLAH” that Buraq consistently chanted. Following a well-structured plan, the Indian police come together with the Muslims in India to fight back the terrorists. In the meantime, Karan kills Buraq.

Who is cast in Commando 3?

The primary cast in the movie include:

  • Vidyut Jammwal as Commando Karanveer ‘Karan’ Singh Dogra
  • Adah Sharma as Inspector Bhavna Reddy
  • Angira Dhar as British Intelligence Agent Mallika Sood
  • Gulshan Devaiah as Buraq Ansari
  • Sumeet Thakur as British Intelligence Agent Armaan Akhtar
  • Rajesh Tailang as Roy
  • Virendra Saxena as Ahmed
  • Vibhawari Deshpande as Rajani
  • Feryna Wazheir as Zahira

Where can One Watch Commando 3?

Although the film was initially released in 2019, after popular demand, Command 3 is made available on the popular streaming platform, Zee5 for you to stream online.


Updated: June 10, 2022 — 3:37 pm

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