Filmywap: Illegal HD Movie Downloading Platform

It is an Indian torrent website. The website Filmywap contains copyrighted content such as movies, web series, TV shows, songs, etc. The user will find everything on the website, but all the things are pirated. So it is not safe to visit it because the use of pirated content is a crime.

After the new release of a particular movie, the Filmywap pits it and makes it available for free for the public. Filmywap is famous in almost all countries, not just in India. It is because they contain so much content from all over the world.

On Filmywap, there are lots of multilingual content. There are multiple movies and web series on the platform, including Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, etc.

The user will also find Hindi dubbed movies as well as Hollywood dubbed content also. You can watch any movies, web series, video song, TV shows, etc., with the help of Filmywap. It is a streaming platform where viewers can download any content.

People can download the content as well as they can stream it because it saves the data. But watching the real content on the right platform is legal and safe as well. It will be fully secure, and it will not put you in any issue.



But if you use illegal websites to use the pirated content, it is not safe and even secure. You can not make sure that it will not put you in any problem in the future.

Many illegal websites ask you to give some confidential information. Also, they will ask you to create an account to download the content from that particular website.

When you create an account on that specific website, your entered information will sell around the world. Based on the information you provided, the hacker can also hack your account and blackmail you.

Due to piracy websites, the film industry faces a loss of around two billion dollars every year. The government has tried a lot to ban or block piracy websites, but it is not successful.

The piracy website continues to change its website’s URL to secure its way. Filmywap has leaked so many movies after few days of their release dates. Here we mentioned the list of movies that Filmywap leaks. Filmywap Hollywood movies in Hindi download are also.

The list is below:

Movies Leaked by Filmywap:

  1. Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan
  2. Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship
  3. Kabir Singh
  4. War
  5. Good Newz
  6. Spiderman: Far From Home
  7. John Wick 3
  8. The Lion King
  9. Baahubali
  10. Gully boy
  11. Pressure Cooker
  12. Kadaram Kondan,
  13. Saaho
  14. Adithya Varma
  15. Avengers: Endgame
  16. Baahubali 2
  17. 2.0
  18. Bharat
  19. Dear Comrade
  20. Arjun Patiala.

Above mentioned Filmywap leaks all the movies on their website just a few days after release.

The movies, web series, TV shows, Songs, etc., are available in HD quality on Filmywap. The user will enjoy the movie in clear and superb quality by Filmywap.

It is an illegal thing, but most people use it. Filmywap download is very popular for leaking movies, web series, TV shows, Songs, etc. all over the world.

The website Filmywap contains most of the dubbing movies and web series. They are famous and popular for the Hindi dubbed as well as Bollywood movies.

There are many extensions available to visit the website. It includes filmywap in,,, etc.

On Filmywap, there are so many categories available. It includes Action Movies, Animation Movies, Hollywood Movies, Bengali Movies, Horror Movies, Adult Movies, Comedy Movies, Australia Movies, Arabic Movies, and Adventure Movies. Filmywap Hindi movies are also category available.

As well as there are also many categories for web series and TV shows. Even the song is arranged in categories as well as the album also.

It becomes very easy for the user to find the content they want just because of these categories. Filmywap contains many movies from Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and other languages. Filmywap also contains Filmywap Web Series it is internationally popular, so we can say that it may contain most movies and web series worldwide. It means all the languages may be covered.

It seems that there is a large collection of movies in any language on Filmywap. But all the collections are pirated. So there is no use for them. To watch one movie or web series, you can not think to put yourself in a serious issue because it is a crime.

You may get imprisonment or up to 10 lakh rs fine or both if you have done this crime in India only. The punishment and charges will vary with the country. All the countries have different laws and regulations. So, do not ever open the piracy website to download any content.

If the user wants to watch the original content from a safe and legal platform, many platforms such as Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee5, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc.

These all are the safest platforms to watch or download any content you want. The user will have to buy a subscription to watch the original content. It is not so much expensive. The average person can afford it easily.

It is better rather than using the piracy website to download the content and watching them privately. Yes, it is also a crime if you see the pirated content in public. If anyone from the legal authority catches you, then you will have to pay for it.

Maybe they will inquire about all the information to determine the real person behind the specific piracy website. So, to not get into any serious problem like that, you should watch the content on a legal and safe platform.

We recommend you watch the movies and web series on the legal platform only. We are not promoters of piracy websites, and we are not supporting them. The article is only for information purposes.

Filmywap is not one popular website, but there are so many other websites similar to Filmywap. If any website offers to download the free content, it will be using the pirated content out of the legal platform.

You can not trust them easily. Do not open any unknown and risky website. It might contain viruses. There are thousands of websites available on the internet that offers free movies and web series because all the content is pirated. So, they are offering them free of cost.

There are some similar sites, or we can say the alternatives of Filmywap app on the internet. We have mentioned the list below.

Alternatives to Filmywap:

  1. 123movies
  2. 9xflix
  3. 9xmovies
  4. Bolly4u
  5. Bollyshare
  6. Djpunjab
  7. Filmy4wap
  8. Filmyzilla
  9. Isaimini
  10. Jio Rockers
  11. Ktmovieshd
  12. Madras Rockers
  13. Movie Counter
  14. Movieflix
  15. Moviesda
  16. Movierulz
  17. Mp4movies
  18. Todaypk
  19. Pagalworld
  20. Worldfree4u

The above list of websites is the piracy websites. They all are containing pirated content. So, do not visit the websites mentioned above.

The piracy website Filmywap has changed so many URLs and domain names recently. It includes .uz, .com, .pn .it, etc.

The use of pirated content and piracy website is very harmful to your device also. We suggest you not use the pirated things and do not ever open the piracy website links.

The piracy website Filmywap is leaking almost all the content of TV shows and global films. They are doing it for a long time. So, the authority is not able to track them and arrest them.

It isn’t easy to track them for authority. This type of piracy website is affecting the whole film industry. The producers have to face a huge loss every year. So, the authority has to take control over it.

Because it is spreading more and more, most producers and directors have filed a complaint against some piracy websites. Still, nothing has happened because even the authorities do not know the piracy websites’ real person.

We hope that the authority will take full control over it in the future. The piracy websites are increasing fastly. The piracy website owners have a huge audience of users for their website; that the reason why they are earning a huge amount.

Fimywap is having the content of almost all the languages and all the genres. On the website, Filmywap, there is a section named latest movies; with the help, the user will easily find out the recent and latest movies.

There are many formats available to download or watch the movie or web series. It includes 420P, 720P, 1080P, etc. The sizes of the content include 400Mb, 700Mb, 1 GB, etc. Filmywap is having almost all types of content in HD quality.

There are so many sections in Filmywap, including newly launched Tollywood movies, South movies, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, etc.

So, the user can find any content they want in a short time. You can also find the content from the genre category. There is an option of search also. You can modify your search as well as filter your search also.

So, we can say that they provide so many features on their website that can make it easy for them to search for their favorite content.

The user can also sort the content as per the release date. Filmywap is also having a large collection of mp3 songs. You will find every song on the website Filmywap.

Piracy is a crime in almost all countries. Filmywap is banned in India, but it is still running with a new domain name and URL.

The authority is trying their best to stop the piracy of the content. It is illegal, but everyone is doing it without the fear of catching. People are spreading the pirated content. It is a crime. So, do not download or share the pirated content.

On the website, Filmywap, the user can download the mp3 album also. They are a large collection of them. It covers almost all the songs from recent years. Even the user will find the songs of the ’90s also.

In India, the authority has banned many piracy websites such as Moviesrulz, Tamilrockers, 123movies, etc. Filmywap is also banned in India. But Filmywap and others too are still running.

Filmywap has created a group that gathers people. The group allows the piracy website to talk with the people. They created such a way to interact with the audience.

With the help of that group, piracy website owners can share the contents and produce surveys. With the help of surveys, they can improve their piracy websites and gain people’s trust.

We have mentioned the link to the website below.

It is that website where the piracy website interacts with the audience. If we see the current situation, there are a total of 9.83K members in that group.

The authority has taken so many steps to stop piracy, but it is increasing day by day rapidly. The creators of piracy websites are improving their websites with new technology to gain people’s trust.

It is because the whole business of piracy websites depends on the audience. If the piracy websites’ visits increase, they can only earn a good amount and increase the popularity.

The authority is still trying to figure out the piracy website’s location, but it is not easy to track them. To stop the use of pirated content, the authority has implemented a law also. It is named as Cinematograph Act which was approved in 2019.

If anyone is caught while recording the movie in a theatre without producers’ written permission, they will maybe get imprisonment up to three years or a fine of Rs. 10 lakh.

Sometimes, the movie leaks before the release date. It happened many times in Filmywap. They have leaked so many movies and web series before the release date.

The producers can not do anything because they do not know the real person behind it. It is almost impossible or very difficult to find the real person behind these piracy websites. Till now, very few are arrested fin the charge of piracy act.

There are many piracy websites, and no one knows that the movie or web series will leak on which website. The piracy websites are operating from more than one country.

Maybe there is a team also. The content is upload by a different country each time to secure their identity. All team members work anonymously.

They upload recent movies, web series, TV shows, etc., just after the few hours of the release and sometimes before.

We only talk about the Filmywap. There are uncountable piracy websites on the internet today which steal content and upload all the content on their respective websites to earn handsome money.

The whole game is dependent on the money and the audience. If the audience visits the piracy websites to watch or download the movie, web series, TV shows, songs, etc., the website’s traffic will increase.

If the traffic increases, then the rank of the website will also increase. If traffic increases, the website’s demand will also increase, and the advertisement companies will start to put their ads on piracy websites.

So, if the audience starts not to visit the piracy websites, then the traffic will decrease. The piracy websites will have no source to earn money because the money depends on only; Traffic and Advertisements.

These two things will produce money from the website. They both are connected. So, the only way to stop piracy is not to visit the piracy website and stop the use of pirated content.

There is no disadvantage to stop the use of pirated content, but it is an advantage. If you continue using pirated content or frequently visit the piracy website, there are huge chances of getting caught.

And if you are caught, then the situation will be very difficult. You might get into prison also. So, the better option is to leave the piracy content and website forever and watch the legal platform’s original and legal content.

If you watch or download the movie anytime, anywhere from the legal platform, no one can arrest you. If you are watching the pirated content and the authority noticed it, you have no chance to secure your way.

So, to not get into any serious and dangerous issue, you should use the legal platform to watch and download the movie or web series.

Spreading the pirated content is also a crime. So, please do not use it or spread it. We suggest you use the legal platform to enjoy the movie or web series, or anything.

Filmywap is having so many formats of audio and video as well. The user can download the movie in any format they want, such as 360P, 480P, 720P, 1080P.

There are so many movie sizes also. The user can download the movie based on the size. It includes many sizes such as 300Mb, 700Mb, 1 GB, 1.5GB, etc.

So, it becomes easy for the user to download the content. There are so many ads on the homepage of Filmywap. The main income source of the Filmywap is from the advertisement.

There are also many pop-ups on Filmywap. The user may get click on any pop-up and might get into trouble because they are not safe ones.

If you want to secure your way and use the piracy website without any issue or any hustle, the user can use adblocker and pop-up blocker to block all ads and pop-ups on the piracy websites while using.

So, the user can enjoy the movie without any disturbance. Adblocker is the best option to use the internet safely.

Downloading the movie or web series from the piracy websites becomes easy when using the adblocker and pop-up blocker. If you click on the download button, then you will redirect to the download page, and the download will start in few seconds.

So, use the adblocker will make your work easy. On Filmywap, there is also a search bar where the user can search for a specific movie or web series.

There are also so many options that make it easy for the user to use the piracy website, Filmywap. The user can also customize their search on Filmywap.

On Google’s popular search of Filmywap, there are many top searches made by the users of Google. The list is below.

Popular Searches of Filmywap on Google:

  1. Filmywap
  2. Filmywap Pro
  3. Filmywap Movies
  4. Filmywap 2021
  5. Filmywap Movie Downloads
  6. Filmywap Online HD Movies
  7. Filmywap Telugu Movies
  8. Filmywap 2021 Movies

The user can find the current domain name and URL of Filmywap by searching the above keywords. So, it makes fast easy to find the website.

Through the afilmywap mobile app Filmywap Bollywood Movies are downloaded in 720p 1080p 480p.

But remember that the history of your search is recorded. If you do illegal things on the internet, you may get an issue in the future.

On Filmywap, there are so many categories to find the particular movie by genre. It is an internationally popular piracy website.

So, the user can find any movie around the world on Filmywap. The category list is below.


  1. Action Movies
  2. Animation Movies
  3. Australia Movies
  4. Bengali Movies
  5. Comedy Movies
  6. Hollywood Movies
  7. Indonesian Movies
  8. Pakistani Movies
  9. Arabic Movies
  10. Adult Movies
  11. Mexican Movies
  12. Japanese Movies
  13. Adventure Movies
  14. Norway Movies

These all are the categories listed on Filmywap. With the help of the above categories, the user can search for any movie they want. On Filmywap, there are also many categories for web series. So, the user can easily find any web series.

There are so many URLs and domain names of Filmywap. The list is below.

  1. Filmywap.age

The above links are the old ones of Filmywap. If we talk about today, there are two websites are open; and

Filmywap has millions of users across the globe because the piracy website Filmywap contains so many international movies and web series.

The user will find the content in any language they want. It is because, on Filmywap, almost all the language content is covered.

Filmywap is very harmful to your device also. We do not know that the content you download or watch on Filmywap is safe and secure as well as virus-free.

So, just one movie can encrypt the whole data of your device. So, the content may not be safe and secure. So, please do not download it from the piracy website, Filmywap. We suggest, staying away from the piracy website and pirated content.

We do not promote the piracy website or content because it is a crime, and you should not do it. Even if you see these things, you should stop them.

There are so many types of Filmywap. The list is below.

  3. Filmy4web
  4. Filmy4wap
  5. Filmy4u
  6. Afilmywap
  7. Filmy wap
  8. Filmy4me
  9. Filmy4wep

The above-mentioned types are the Filmywap websites. These are the Peta websites of Filmywap. They contain more websites like the above list.

So, It looks different but all are the same ones. All of these are Filmywap. Most of the website from the above list is not working anymore. Let’s get into the detail of the above websites. On this website, the user can watch or download any content for free. All the content on the website is pirated and illegal to use. The piracy website,  is not working right now. It is because it is blocked and banned by the authority. 2023 is changed.

Filmy4wap: The main use of this website was streaming the movie online. But it is banned and blocked by the government after some time of launch. It was a free platform where users can watch any movie online without spending any money.

The above-listed websites were closed just after some time of its launch. The legal authority banned it. But the legal authority could not find the main person behind these websites. So, it is still suspense.

Even we do not know which technology are they using to secure the way. They were providing paid content for free to the public. On other legal platforms, all content was paid, and the piracy websites were providing it for free.

Many illegal piracy websites are providing an app for free to the public. It made work easy for people. Even if we talk about Filmywap, the app and software s available.

Filmywap has created the app for android users and PC users also. With that app’s help, the user can easily find a particular movie, and they can watch it without any hustle.

So, the experience of using the app is very smooth. It runs very smoothly without any glitch or hangs. But it is also illegal because it stores the pirated content.

The app is full of pirated content. If authority catches you with the installed app on your phone, you may get into trouble.

So, stay away from this kind of piracy app also because no one knows that it is safe or not. Probably, it is neither safe nor secure because it contains pirated content.

The app is not available on PlayStore, Apple App Store, or any legal resources. The app is available on a third-party website. If the user wants to download the app, they have to visit the third-party website, and you do not even know the website you will visit is secure or not.

So, we can say that there are so many problems that can occur if you want to watch or download the pirated content and visit piracy websites.

So, you should visit the legal platform and use it to watch or download movies, web series, songs, TV shows, etc. It is the safest option.

If you use the piracy website and pirated content, you directly affect the film industry because every year, the film industry faces loss because of the piracy websites.

If the newly released movie leaks on the piracy website, no one will go to a cinema hall to watch that movie. Everyone will start downloading it, and they will watch it for free of cost.

So, the movie’s market will break, and the producer’s targeted amount will not be made. So, the producers have to face a huge loss every year just because of piracy websites.

If we talk about the popularity of Filmywap, then we can say that, in the last few years, they became so much more popular. They became popular internationally.

In 2016, there were few features on the Filmywap website, and it was not so popular. Few people only knew it. They started the website for information purposes only. At the beginning of the website, they are giving detailed information about one particular movie.

After some time, they started giving the link to download the movie illegally. Because it was the pirated ones, they started using the pirated content to make money.

In 2017, they started gaining popularity. They include more categories and features on their website. They include Punjabi movies, Bollywood movies, the Latest released movies, etc.

In 2018, they started including dubbed movies such as South Indian dubbed movies, Hollywood dubbed movies, etc.

By this time, they have gained a large audience and popularity. In 2019, They got so many searches on google for Filmywap. But after some time, the website got banned by the government.

It was also blacklisted by google. But In 2020, Filmywap was back with a new domain name. After a few days, the authority banned the website again, and Google also blacklisted it again because Google is against piracy.

But with the new domain every time, Filmywapm was returned, and they continue to change the domain and URL to secure their way.

Filmywap has recently leaked some web series and movies of Hollywood such as The Witcher, Stranger Things, etc.

The Alexa rank of the piracy website Filmywap is 351406 in the year 2020. So, the website is so much popular globally. They are earning a big amount of money every year. But it is illegal, so do not visit it.

Add a bookmark to this website to get the latest update first, and Stay tuned for the next update.

Disclaimer: Govtjobbuzz does not aim to promote piracy in any form. It is a crime. If any got caught in charge of piracy, the consequences would be serious. It will be considered as an offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to provide you the accurate and true information. We request you not to use an illegal website and engage in piracy in any way.

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