Trusted Captcha Entry Jobs in 2020 : Payment Proofs Included

Trusted Captcha Entry Jobs in 2020 : Payment Proofs Included: Are you looking for work you can do from home ? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here i am presenting you a very simple job which you can do from home which is Captcha Entry Job. You just need a computer and access to the internet. What you need to do is just login to the admin panel to any captcha solving websites and then enter the numbers or alphabets in a box which you see in the image.

There are lots of Software and Bots which are made to create account and do a lots of automation process. They are not the humans so that’s why website owners put captchas in their website to prevent these bots from doing their job. That’s why these captcha entry companies invented. They hires people who wants to do simple work so they created API by which that automation software can submit captcha to you and you can solve that captcha and submit back to that software of bots.

captcha entry jobs

So There are lots of high paying companies or websites in which you can participate online without any interview or qualification. You just have to maintain good solving ratio.

Now there are thousands of companies out there in which you can get this job but you don’t want to be scammed right. There are some companies in the market for which you do a work for a month and in the end they don’t pay you at the month end. Also there are some websites which pay very less for the huge amount of work so you don’t want to work for them also. So which companies you should work for right ?

7 High Paying Captcha Entry Jobs websites Of the year 2020

So here we have listed Some Highest paying captcha entry jobs and we insist that you should choose to work in one of them. These websites are running for years and they pay regularly also they are very genuine and concerned about their websites and clients. So these are the best portals which you should choose.

1. Kolotibablo 

Kolotibalo is one of the largest captcha job provider internationally since many years. They pay approximately 0.45$ to 1$ per 1000 right captcha. Also their payment option is very easy. You can easily withdraw your earned money from kolotibalo account. Almost every user got their payment in time and they have very high reputation as per their clients perspective so there’s no way they would eat your money or work. Also we have payment proofs which you can see in below given images.

Kolotibablo Payment proof 2019 – 20

kolotibablo payment proof

Also Kolotibablo has many great testimonials from the employee which you can read on their website which makes it the greatest captcha entry website in the industry.


5. 2Captcha

As i discussed before, there are softwares which need to solve huge amount of captchas to complete different processes. So they pay some small amounts to 2Captcha for solving it because sometimes its easier to pay someone instead of doing on your own right?

2Captcha service is made to connect customers and workers. They get captchas from their clients and distribute them to workers like us who wants a captcha entry jobs. Their payment ratio is starting from 0.5 USD for 1000 entries.

2captcha payment proof 2020

2captcha jobs

The greatest advantage of this website is you can also work from your smartphone. Also their minimum payout is 0.5$ and they don’t take any withdrawal fees so you can get the exact amount in your bank or wallet.


3. Megatypers

Megatypers is another good website which you can work for. Their paying ratio per captcha is little more then the Kolotibablo. They pay approximately 0.5$ to 1.5$ per 1000 Captcha Entries. So if you solve 30 captcha per minute and work for 8 hours then you can earn nearly 15$ everyday which is 1000 INR by just solving captchas.

Megatypers payment proof 2020

Megatypers payment proof

Megatypers is second best website for captcha data entry jobs as per my opinion and experience. Their tagline is Easy Job Easy money. You can register yourself by using this link. Also they have many payment options like paypal, Webmoney, Perfect money, Bitcoin, litecoin etc.


4. protypers

Protyper is exactly like megatypers. Their portal looks excatly the same and their payout ratio per thousand captchas is also same. Protypers claims that if you work hard you can earn upto 200$ to 300$ per month. They pay 0.45$ to 1$  per 1000 captcha. Also account banning ratio is very little. You just have to maintain good solving percentage.

Protypers payment proof 2020

Protypers payment proof

This platform is very popular in countries like Venezuela, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nepal. Their Minimum payment withdrawl amount is 2$ which is very small so if you earned 2$ and want to spend it in steam or for mobile legends then you can easily withdraw your money.

5. CaptchaTypers

Captcha Typer is also a great work provider in this niche. You can work in the comfort of your home by just doing easy data entry work of captcha. Their Payment ratio per 1000 solved capthca is 0.8$ to 1.8$. Their minimum payout is 1$. Which means if you have made 1$ then you can withdraw it in your Perfect money, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Payza, Neteller, Vietnam Bank and Indian Bank accounts.

Here is the Payment proof.

CaptchaTypers Payment proof 2020

captcha typers payment proof

You can also read worker’s testimonials of in their website and also they gives referral commission if you refer someone. You will get 10% of the referral’s earning as a commission.



Qlinkgroup is also one of the best captcha entry website. But the they have 5$ registration fees which you need to submit while doing registration, This registration fee is to keep non serious people away from creating account. But their payment ratio is good enough to attract job seekers. Their payout is high and minimum withdrawal amount is also convincing. They get 100 paid registration per week. that means more and more people are joining for captcha entry jobs. payment proof 2020 payment proof

you can withdraw your money through following platforms – PayPal, Perfect Money, BitCoin, LiteCoin.

7. Virtualbee or The smart crowd

Virtualbee or The smart crowd is also a great company to work with. They also provides other tasks including captcha entry to work. All tasks have different payment ratio and you can choose the task you want to do work on. So its very simple to register and you can get payout easily.

There is no sign-up fee, no membership fee, nothing. We simply pay you as our contractor to complete the work as specified.

Virtualbee or The smart crowd payment proof

Virtualbee or The smart crowd

Their payout is fixed. You can earn 0.60$ per 1000 Characters for captcha data entry work.

So, this was my list of highest paying captcha data entry work which you can do from home. You have probably seen sites like best online job and many more catchy phrases but i am providing you this list of websites with which i have worked before.

Don’t forget to comment with your testimonials about these sites. You can comment by below given comment box and let us know your experience of online work.

Updated: February 8, 2020 — 7:22 pm

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