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Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is one of the most popular certifications in the field of IT. With this certificate, the applicants can explore a variety of career opportunities, including the positions, such as a Solutions Architect, a System Admin, a DevOps Engineer, and a Developer. To obtain this sought-after certification, you need to pass the Amazon SAA-C02 exam. So, how can you prepare for the test to ensure you ace it on the first try? Before looking at these helpful tips that you can use, let us introduce some basic details of this qualifying exam.

General information about Amazon SAA-C02 exam

The SAA-C02 certification exam covers four domains. The individuals should get familiar with them as early as possible. The subject areas of the test are enumerated below:

  • Designing Resilient Architectures
  • Designing High-Performance Architectures
  • Designing Secure Architectures & Applications
  • Designing Cost-Efficient Architectures

The exam contains 65 questions, 15 of which are unscored. There are 2 types of questions: multiple response and multiple choice. The time allocated for its completion is 130 minutes and the students can pass the test in English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. The fee for taking this exam is $150. The details of the registration process can be found on the official webpage.

Several tips to ace Amazon SAA-C02 exam

Amazon SAA-C02 can be quite difficult, so the applicants should prepare for this challenge properly. Here are four tips that can help you nail this test with flying colors:

  • Exam blueprint: It will help you get acquainted with the knowledge and skills that you have to develop to achieve success in the certification test. You can download the exam blueprint from the official webpage.
  • Study plan: It is a pretty important point that you need to consider as early as possible. First off, you should select an estimated exam date. After that, you may find out have much time for preparation you possess. And then you can create a study plan. Consider your available time as well as your strengths and weaknesses to design the appropriate plan.
  • Exam dumps: The students who want to extend their preparation can explore exam dumps. They are the questions and answers from the past tests provided by the students. This resource can be useful to those learners who want to get familiar with the features of the exam as well as question patterns. It is important to note that you should be pretty careful when choosing the materials from the 3rd-party platforms. Make sure that you utilize only the reliable websites.
  • Practice tests: You can polish the skills that are important to this Amazon exam by taking practice tests. You can explore them on the vendor’s website. 

Ending Notes

The Amazon SAA-C02 test is not easy to clear. It requires thorough preparation. However, you can ace your certification exam with the appropriate study methods and resources. This post has shared four tips that you can use to prepare for the test. Do your best and nail it to get the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certificate.

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