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How Long Does It Take to Get a Master’s Degree?

Well once you’re done with your undergraduate studies, there come the steps after that. The next step is the Master’s degree or post graduation as it is called in many countries. For applying to a master degree, there is a lot of this you require to know. Let us dive into everything you need for master’s degree and how long it takes.

If you ask this question to quora then people would say that “master degree usually takes 1 to 2 years”. But this answer is incomplete. The length of master’s degree program depends on the course you choose for masters. Also it depends on the location where you want to pursue it, Pattern and structure of the course you choose, Thesis or Experiential Learning,  you are doing part time course or full time and many more. here is the detailed information about how much time master degree takes usually.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Master’s Degree? : Duration Of Master Study Programs 1
Duration of masters degree programs


Duration Of Master Degree Depends On Below Given Factors

The Time Period to Pursue a Masters Degree depends on following factors.

The Course or Program You choose for Master Degree

First of all if you want to study masters in the course which is unrelated to your bachelors degree then possibly it requires perquisite course for basic knowledge and to develop mindset of the field. But its in case your bachelors course is unrelated to your desired master course.

Now there are many fields in which you can take your skills to the masters level. But the courses like ; masters in computer science, natural science, Liberal arts, humanities, business administration are well known so i am drawing your attention towards the time period of this famous master degree courses.

if we look at the scenario of last few years mostly people takes interest in masters of business and education. if you enroll in full time program then it takes 2 years to compete the course. But if you enroll in computer science, liberal arts, humanities, natural science then it will take 1 to 3 years to complete the course.

It also depends on the structure of program.


The Structure or pattern of the Master degree program and University

There are total 4 ways to get degree. You can select anyone pattern as per your facilitate.

  • Full Time Study
  • Part-time Study
  • Accelerated Study
  • Distance Learning
  • Duel Degree / Joint Degree Program 

These are the most usual programs which almost every university provides.

Full Time On campus Study

  • If you want to dedicate your self to the subject then you should choose this full time on campus study program. There are lots of benefits and advantages of full time on campus  study, like it includes group discussion classes, High end equipment use, some advance training and research, Use of library, use of equipment from laboratory and many more thing. For the most of the courses Full time master degree program take 2 years maximum Time for single master degree course.


Part time Master Degree Program

  • After graduation some students has family responsibility or financial problem for master studies. So usually they need to do job for some reasons. For them there is the part time master degree program available. you select the program pattern like you can attend evening classes every day or you can attend full day weekend classes. So Usually these program takes 2 to 5 Years to complete signal course.


Accelerated Program 

  • to lower the time period or duration of masters degree courses, universities have introduce candidates to the professional or accelerated programs in which the time period to complete master degree has been reduced. This are the accelerated programs and in some region and country these programs are known as executive or professional course programs. In these programs the study of the course is highly intensive. It means they accelerate the learning process and also concentrate on single course per semester. These program usually takes 12 months ; 1 year to complete the course.


Distance Learning / Online Programs

  • Some university of masters degree introduced students to the new distance learning programs or online programs. which means student can complete the degree in their own place in online form. university communicate with students by the medium of email, video lectures, chats and many more. the professors takes assignment and test by email and they insist student to strictly follow their instructions. These programs have no time limits, it means you can select the time duration in which you want to complete the course But usually people prefer to choose 2 years program for the best practice.


Duel Degree / Joint Degree Master Degree Programs

  • If you have chosen the program which is unrelated to your master degree then these programs are for you. In these programs they provides the basic courses which require to study masters degree and some masters study requires additional knowledge of some topics so these duel degree or joint degree programs includes that part also. Usually these courses are hard to study to as per some universities of usa these programs usually takes 3 to 5 years to complete master degree.


Location of your Masters Studies 

The another factor which impacts on your master studies is the country in which you want to study masters. We all knows that different countries has different education pattern and requirements. So that in some countries your master degree can be completed withing 2 years and some countries will take half of the time in compare to other countries. So you should prefer the country in which your master studies will take much lower time and quality of education is best.


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