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How Online BCom Can Help You Find Better Career Opportunities

Bachelor of Commerce, also known as BCom, is one of the most preferred choices amongst students aiming to build their careers in commerce and Accountancy. Another key reason why many students pick BCom for their undergraduate is the various career options it offers upon completion. As a student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce, you will get a solid knowledge of management, finance and the Indian economy. Since the course is available in most colleges and millions of students are pursuing it, you must pick a university that offers the perfect blend of theoretical and practical learning. Now, if you are wondering how to do a BCom course different from what all the universities offer, we have the right answer for you- online BCom. Let’s find out everything about the online Bachelor of Commerce course.

What is online BCom, and how can it help? 

Earlier, students had to leave their homes and live in another study to pursue a bachelor’s course from a top university. But the presence of online degree courses has proved to be an advantageous alternative to traditional courses. Students residing in any part of the country can now enroll on the online course and study at their own 2022

For students who have other commitments like earning while they are pursuing graduation, an online degree can help them in managing their schedule. The course structure of BCom has been designed to allow students to learn basic and advanced managerial skills. The online BCom course is less expensive than traditional courses and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Online BCom will also allow you to study from the esteemed faculties of the top institutions and help hone the skills required to land a high-paying fulfilling job. Equivalent to the traditional BCom course but with additional benefits, the online classes are similar to brick-and-mortar ones.


The online BCom course will teach you the fundamentals of economics, accounting, human resource, entrepreneurship, corporate capital structure, taxes, and the Indian and international financial market. Since the policies keep changing, the syllabus of the Bachelor of Commerce keeps updating as per the current government policies.

Benefits of pursuing online BCom course 

Here are the key benefits of studying online BCom-

  1. Multiple course options to pursue after bachelor

Upon completing the bachelor course from a reputable institution, you will be eligible to enrol for various higher studies to continue your education. You can pursue a Master of Commerce, Master of Business Administration, Chartered Accountancy and more. Since you’ll finish your course online, you will get plenty of opportunities to enhance your resume by working and studying simultaneously. After finishing an online BCom course, you can also go ahead with any traditional master’s course. Educational institutes now accept online degrees for bachelors as a basis to admit students for their master’s course. In addition, you can earn a scholarship if you excel at your online BCom course.

  1. Numerous Employment opportunities

Multiple employment opportunities await you once you complete your online BCom course. The salary offered is at par with the industry standards. You can find a job in the top multinational companies. Some of the jobs you can apply for upon completing the course are-

  1. Chartered Accountant
  2. Bank Manager
  3. Insurance Agent
  4. Banker
  5. Cost Accountant
  6. Financial Analyst
  7. Finance Consultant
  8. Government Jobs

Students can apply for many government jobs upon completing the bachelor’s course. The online BCom degree is equally equivalent. You can apply for clerk in a bank, probationary officer, apply in police, and such.

  1. Competitive examinations

Online BCom degree also opens up doors for competitive exams. Examinations like UPSC bank manager exams require a basic bachelor’s degree. An online BCom degree will help you become eligible to sit for competitive examinations.

  1. Study abroad

Upon completing the online BCom from a reputed institute that is highly accredited, you can apply for a master’s in an international university. Leading universities abroad accept online undergraduate degrees.

From where can you pursue the online BCom? 

Even though numerous academic institutes offer online BCom, you need to filter out the best platform with a high student-success ratio. Online Manipal, in partnership with Manipal University Jaipur, provides a highly advanced online BCom course designed to amp up learners’ careers and accelerate their growth. The extensive study materials, immensely experienced faculties, and the perfect blend of theory and practical in the course curriculum are among the key reasons why maximum students pursue MUJ’s online BCom. The three-year course available at Online Manipal is one of the best courses in the country.

Online Manipal also provides career placement opportunities for learners interested in pursuing a job after completing their studies. Apply for an online BCom degree today from Online Manipal and open the door to multiple opportunities for a successful career!

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