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When it comes to communicating and connecting with others, you can’t beat the power of an avatar. An avatar is a digital representation of your personal appearance; most commonly, it’s represented as a picture or cartoon that appears next to your name (username) when you post messages on online forums and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

In other words, an avatar is how you represent yourself online. As such, creating your own personalized avatar is one of the most valuable skills you can develop as a virtual identity-based marketer. Once you understand how avatars work, the possibilities are practically endless! It doesn’t matter if you prefer using an existing photo or drawing your own face—as long as it’s yours, that’s all that matters! Keep reading this blog article to discover how to make your own personal avatar in just a few simple steps using Picrew! 

What is an Online Avatar?

An avatar is how you represent yourself online. It can take many different forms—a digitally drawn image, a character similar to yourself, or even an animated gif! If you’ve ever used social media, you’ve most likely seen an avatar. Other social media platforms also offer avatar creation although most of these only have limited presets available to users.

Avatars allow you to look at yourself in a different light. You may have also seen how an avatar can play a role in a virtual conversation. If you and a friend both have avatars on Facebook, you can “talk” to your friend online as if he or she were right next to you. Avatars are also used in business websites to assist visitors. It is a great thing since it can make visitors more comfortable and less virtual. 

What is Picrew?

Picrew is a tool designed to help users create their own personalized avatars. Using Picrew, you can create an avatar that’s entirely your own. Users can create avatars using a wide variety of custom options including body proportions, face shape, hairstyle, clothing items, tattoos, accessories, and poses.

Picrew is an online avatar creator that allows you to quickly and easily create your very own avatar in just a few steps. You can use Picrew to draw your own avatar, import one from your computer, or take a photo. Once you’ve created your avatar, you can upload it to Picrew’s huge library of hundreds of pre-made outfits to create a customized look for your avatar. You can also use Picrew to create group avatars, which are great for social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or for other online forums and communities. You can also share your avatar with your friends on social media platforms.

This is a great alternative to character creators. This online avatar maker is completely free and allows users to create their own avatar maker illustrations in just a few clicks. The youth can also consider it as a character creator game where you can spend your vacant time. It is also known as a Makowka Character Maker in Japan as it helps in the creation of good-looking characters. You make the most outrageous characters using your imagination with this site. Create your own presets and share them with your friends and relatives. Other individuals use them as profile pictures to share their creativity in the world of social media platforms.

How to Make Your Own Avatar in Picrew

Now that you know what an avatar is and how Picrew works, let’s see how to make your own avatar in Picrew! Using Picrew is incredibly simple you only need to follow a few steps and you’re done.

  • Decide the Gender of your Avatar. You need to think of the gender of your character before moving to the next step. You can create an avatar of any gender using Picrew.
  • Create the personality of your Avatar. The personality of the character is an important aspect of designing an Avatar. It is a major aspect to take note of before customizing your Avatar.
  • Start Customizing. Picrew has thousands of presets to choose from. You can create an Avatar by incorporating these presets. You can also create an avatar by drawing it. Picrew has layers which makes drawing and designing easier.
  • Download your Avatar. You can download your avatar in JPEG or PNG format. Choose whatever works for your device. 

The Benefits of Using Online Avatar

Online Avatars belong to the trend of this year but what are the benefits of using them? Below are some benefits of using an online avatar.

  • Boost Creativeness. Being exposed to art and creating art itself can help you boost your creativeness and appreciate your creation. It can help you become more carefree about creating digital art.
  • Branding Potential. Using an avatar that represents a brand is like placing a business card on your virtual hand—it’s essentially letting them use your avatar as a marketing tool.
  • Increased Engagement. Imagine how much more likely you are to follow someone if your avatar is personalized to look like you. This could lead to much higher social media engagement for your followers, who may be much more likely to engage with your posts if they recognize you from your avatar.
  • Increased Visibility. Your avatar is a great way to stand out from other users on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It can give you a leg up on getting noticed by Google’s algorithms for search engine optimization.
  • Have More Privacy. Using online avatars on your social media accounts can make you more private. It can help you keep safe from identity thieves.


Picrew Avatar maker is quite similar to digital paper doll games that have layers in which you can easily eliminate inappropriate features. Character creation and character customization with Picrew are easy and require less time. The virtual world of online marketing is ever-changing, and virtual representations of yourself like avatars are an important part of this ecosystem. Creating your own avatar can help you stand out, be more memorable and increase your social media engagement. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to create an online presence and build an online brand. The best way to do this is by using a custom online avatar—like Picrew makes it simple and easy to do.

With Picrew, you can easily draw your own avatar or import an existing image. Once you’ve created your avatar, you can then use Picrew to customize it with hundreds of pre-made outfits to create a unique look for your avatar. You can also use Picrew to create group avatars, which are great for social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. With Picrew, you can easily create your own avatar, or you can use Picrew to customize an existing image. Once you’ve created your avatar, you can then use Picrew to customize it with hundreds of pre-made outfits to create a unique look for your avatar.


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