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There are lots of users of the piracy website Hubflix on the internet today. Read the full article to know more about piracy websites, including Hubflix. Now, let’s see the detail about the piracy website Hubflix.

About Hubflix:



The illegal online streaming platform Hubflix allows the user to watch and download pirated content. The pirated content includes movies the most.

You can see that most of the illegal websites consist of movies the most. It is because the trend of web series came just a few years ago. So, the piracy website Hubflix is having a large collection of movies.

There are uncountable movies on the piracy website Hubflix. It includes Bengali movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Hindi movies, English movies, Malayalam movies, Kannada movies, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, etc.

We can not mention all the categories here because it is in big numbers. So, we only mention the top and popular categories.

If you see the piracy website Hubflix today, you will find the most popular content ever because there is a large network behind the piracy website Hubflix that uploads much content per day. That is the reason that the piracy website Hubflix is famous compared to other piracy websites.

Not only the movies, but there is so much different and unique content available on the piracy website Hubflix such as Tv shows, Tv series, Web series, Documentaries, and many more.

Most of the Hollywood movies on Hubflix are dubbed in the Hindi language. So, you can watch them easily by accessing the piracy website Hubflix. It is not difficult to watch or download content on Hubflix.

Not only the newly-released movies but on Hubflix, the user will find old movies also. The user can watch them online or stream them easily on Hubflix. It is a very easy task.

Most movies and web series have multiple video quality options along with multiple sizes. So, the user has the choice to select their own options.

There is a wide range of Tv shows on the piracy website Hubflix. If you only like the content in your native language or your favorite language, then the piracy website Hubflix is the most suitable website for you.

There is a reason for that. Because the piracy website Hubflix contains most of the movies in many dubbing such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc., so, the user can watch the movie in any language with the use of the piracy website Hubflix.

It is the only way to find your favorite content on the internet. If you compare Hubflix with any other piracy website, then you will see that there is a big difference between them.

It is because of the piracy website Hubflix different from others in lots of ways. The ways include categories, content, quality, interface, etc., if we talk about the interface of the illegal piracy website Hubflix. A professional interface with a simple design and structure helps people find their required content easily.

If we see the categories on Hubflix, then they are very simple compared to other piracy websites. The quality of the content is clear and high compared to other illegal piracy websites.

The video quality varies from 360P to 720P. So, we can see that the low quality to high quality are covered on Hubflix. If anyone wants the low print content because of the limited data pack, they can easily download a 300MB movie.

The category 300MB is only for mobile devices because the movie’s print suits the mobile best. It is also known as a Mobile HD movie.

The 300 MB movie contains 360P video quality. So, it is best for watching movies or any content on a mobile device.

If you ever visited the piracy website Hubflix, you will see that the homepage consists of the latest and most popular movies and web series.

If we talk about the recent content on the homepage of Hubflix, then there are so many movies such as Trapped Abroad 2, The Princess and the Magic Mirror, The Marksman, Kill Switch, Intensive Care, Blood Brothers, Sir Billi, The Babysitter, The Gambler, The Score, Tenet, Spenser Confidential, Prometheus, Running with the Devil, Splice, Ready Player One, Gringo, Holidate, Freddy vs. Jason, Holly Slept Over, Enola Holmes, For Greater Glory, First Man, and Hanna.

There are many other movies also, but we have only mentioned the top and most popular movies from the homepage of the piracy website Hubflix.

All the movies that we have mentioned are available in Dual audio in the Hindi language. The above-mentioned movies are available in many video formats, including 480P, 720P, and 1080P.

So, we can say that the clarity of the movie is good or not bad. We can see the picture clearly, at least. On the homepage, there are a total of 24 movies displayed, and there are more than 60 pages on that particular category or section.

So, we can not say that any movie available on Hubflix is of bad quality if we look at the structure of the piracy website Hubflix. Then we can see that there are six sections at the top of the website Hubflix. It includes Home, Web series, Quality, Genre, Dual Audio, and Movies year.

The last option is movie year; with this, the user can find the movie according to the release date.

So, it becomes easy to find a particular movie based on the date of release or year. You can also see that when the movie is released with the help of that option.

Just below the upper sections, we can see that there is a search option. The user can search for a specific movie or web series or any content they want. It is the best option.

Anyone can use the option to find the content because you have to type the particular name of the content, and you will be having that movie with a variety of video formats, dubbing, and sizes.

The user will have to select the preferable format and size of the movie to download. We will also mention the steps to download the movie on the piracy website Hubflix. It is very easy, and you will see that in this article. So, read it completely.

Below the search bar, the user will find eight different categories that are 300MB, 480P, 720P, 1080P, Dual Audio Series, Dual Audio, Adult Content, and Bollywood Movies.

These are the categories displayed on the homepage of the piracy website Hubflix. There is also an option if you do not know how to download the movie or web series on Hubflix.

Below those categories, you will find one tag named How to Download. Just click on that, and you will see the full instructions and steps to download the content on Hubflix.

Also, the instruction and steps are easy to understand for anyone. It is written a very professional manner. But because pirated content or piracy websites are illegal in India, we are not suggesting you that open the piracy website Hubflix.

That’s why we are mentioning the full detail about downloading and how to open the piracy website here. You will find the steps to open and download the content on Hubflix below.

Steps to Open and Download the Movie on Hubflix:

Note: Visiting an illegal piracy website like Hubflix is a crime, and we are not promoting it. We have mentioned the steps to open the illegal piracy website Hubflix for only study and information purposes.

Anyone should not follow the steps to open the illegal piracy website Hubflix or any other piracy website.

  1. To open the banned or blocked illegal piracy websites, you will need a proxy server. (The piracy website Hubflix is blocked and banned in some parts of India only)
  2. So, install the VPN from any source and open it.
  3. Connect to the proxy server.
  4. After the successful connection, open the piracy website Hubflix from any active link.
  5. On the homepage, you will find lots of movies.
  6. Search for the movie you want with the use of the search bar.
  7. Click on the movie you want to download.
  8. Choose the video quality and size of the movie.
  9. Now, click on the download button.
  10. You will redirect to the page of download. After a few seconds, your download will be started.

So, we have mentioned the whole process of downloading the movie or any content on the illegal piracy website Hubflix.

The process is not changing with the change of piracy websites. If you can not find a particular movie or any content you want to download, you can visit other piracy websites to download it.

The steps or the process will work on every piracy website. Only a few things will change, like the structure of the piracy websites.

In some piracy websites, you will not find the search button or selection of various formats, etc., like that. These are the things that may change in other piracy websites.

But to open illegal piracy websites, the process will be the same, and it will definitely work. We recommend that you not follow the above process to open any illegal thing on the internet.

The government is observing every moment of illegal piracy websites. They can catch you anytime and anywhere if you try to open the piracy website.

Only open the legal things on the internet because you do not know the consequences of the internet’s irrelevant use. So, use it carefully and make sure that you do not visit illegal things, especially illegal piracy websites.

If you open the piracy website and download the pirated or copyrighted movie on your device, then who knows that the movie file is safe or not?

It may be full of malware and viruses. It can attack your whole system and encrypt or delete your data. So, make sure that every content you download from any source on the internet is safe and virus-free or not.

If you want to download an app, use only the PlayStore because they guarantee that the app or game or any content you download from the PlayStore is virus-free and safe to use.

It is just because it is the legal platform. If you use legal platforms for your enjoyment and work, it will never let you down. But if you choose illegal platforms over legal platforms, it will harm your future because you are doing a crime to see the movie.

The legal platforms have all the rights to publish the original content, and also they can complain about the illegal downloading platform.

There are also many genres, including Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Thriller, Romance, etc. You can choose whatever content you want from the above genres.

We are requesting to you, please try to avoid this type of illegal piracy websites on the internet to watch or download any content.

Anti-Piracy law is created just because of the piracy websites. If you get caught, you will get the punishment as per Anti-piracy law.

The piracy website Hubflix does not have a stable operating network. It is very unstable. You can not even find the source of that network because it is illegal.

If they use a stable network, then the government can easily catch them. So, they change their privacy settings along with the network operating system frequently.

The illegal piracy websites may contain the virus that extracts the data from your device. So, beware of that kind of website, including Hubflix.

If we talk about many other piracy websites similar to Hubflix and alternatives to Hubflix, their thousands of piracy websites on the internet. You will find the list below.

Alternatives and Similar Piracy Websites to Hubflix:

We are mentioning the list of alternatives and similar piracy websites to Hubflix below. India is a hub for illegal torrent websites. There are lots of illegal online streaming platforms.

  1. Worldfree4u
  2. SSR movies
  3. Filmywap
  4. Tamilgun
  5. Khatrimaza
  6. Tamilrockers
  7. Filmy4wap
  8. Mp4 moviez
  9. Movies counter
  10. Movierulz
  11. 123movies
  12. Isaimini
  13. Tamilyogi
  14. Putlocker
  15. Bollyshare
  16. 7starhd
  17. Moviesda
  18. Pagalworld
  19. Kuttymovies
  20. Rdxhd
  21. Madras Rockers
  22. Gomovies
  23. Bolly4u
  24. Todaypk
  25. Filmyzilla
  26. Filmywap
  27. 9xmovies
  28. Downloadhub
  29. Teluguwap
  30. Moviesflix

These are the top piracy websites similar to Hubflix. So, make sure that you won’t open the above-listed websites.

There are multiple reasons to use the piracy website Hubflix, the reasons listed below.

  1. Hubflix gives top-rated content, and it also promotes the content.
  2. It includes almost all content types such as movies, web series, songs, videos, documentaries, etc.
  3. The user can do both stream or download.
  4. Variety of qualities such as 360P, 480P, 720P, and 1080P.
  5. There are many categories.
  6. Easily accessible piracy website with ease of download.

So, these are the advantages and features of the piracy website Hubflix. But the main demerit of the piracy website Hubflix is illegal. Yes, the piracy website Hubflix is illegal, and surfing on Hubflix is a crime.

So, those features are not for you. You can use those features only if you want to engage in all the trouble created in the future.

Use only legal platforms to open and watch content such as Netflix, Hulu, Zee5, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, Sony Liv, ALT Balaji, etc.

To download or watch the movie on the piracy website Hubflix, you do not need any sign-up process or account. It is because the domain is open, and everyone accesses it easily.

It is the main advantage of using Hubflix. Now, let’s discuss the worth of the illegal piracy website Hubflix.

There are many sources or websites that give the estimated worth of various websites, especially the illegal ones. For the worth of Hubflix, we are using the report given by It was generated on 2nd July 2020.

The worth of Hubflix is around 1242400 USD. We have taken the data from They generate the net worth with the use of ads, pop-ups, public traffic, rank, etc. So, we think that the digit will be closer to the actual data.

We can not guess the actual amount that makes because it is not possible. But most piracy websites are having so many ads and pop-ups, and that is the reason why they earn a lot.

The main source of income of the various websites, including piracy websites like Hubflix, is from the advertisement companies.

Ad companies put their ads on the most demanded websites. So, nowadays, the demand for illegal piracy websites is increasing, and because of that, the revenue of piracy websites like Hubflix is increasing.

The revenue from the ads on the piracy website Hubflix is around 229520 USD. On Hubflix, there are a total of around 19.99 million visits per year. It is not the actual data. We do not claim accuracy also.

Per year, a total of 99.90 million pages browses on the piracy website Hubflix. On google, you can also find the trends analysis of the piracy website Hubflix for the last 12 months.

Now, let’s see the popularity of the piracy website Hubflix. According to, the piracy website Hubflix is ranked at 30923 at the global level.

The rank is improved in the last 90 days. The rank gets improved from 495652 to 32582. The average user spends 5:33 minutes on the piracy website Hubflix. And they turn 5.2 pages per day.

So, these are the basic details of the ranking of the piracy website Hubflix. On the piracy website Hubflix, the user will find HD movies, including Japanese movies, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, South Indian movies, etc.

The main domain of piracy websites is and These are maybe the active links also. If the user wants to open the website Hubflix, they will have to check for the active links and domain names or maybe the username also. Because it also changes with time.

The original piracy website Hubflix is not working anymore because the government blocks it or the admin has changed the link. So, whatever the reason, but the website is not working.

So, the user will have to try multiple links to visit the piracy website Hubflix. On the internet, you can find the active links of the piracy website Hubflix.

It is not confirmed that who is the real person behind the piracy website Hubflix. Maybe there will be a team or a single person also.

No one knows that thing and also where is the website origin located. The authority can’t track them. The website name changes with time because they have to do it compulsory.

After taking the maximum money from one particular name of the piracy website Hubflix, they change the name of the website and start with the new name.

We are mentioning some searches made by the public to find the piracy website Hubflix. The list is below.

  6. Hubflix download
  7. Hubflix
  9. Hdmovieshub
  10. Hubflix tv series
  11. Hubflix movies download
  12. Hubflix 300mb
  13. Hubflix 900mb
  14. Hdmovieshub Hubflix
  15. Hubflix features
  16. Hubflix admin
  17. Hubflix Bollywood
  18. Hubflix sacred games

These are the people’s searches to search or find the active link of the piracy website Hubflix. The searches were done in 2020-2021 only. So, it is the recent data.

The traffic on the piracy website Hubflix is increasing daily because they are uploading the content daily. The look of the website is so much attractive. They have designed it with advanced technology.

We can see that almost all the movies are in dual language, and the main point is that you will find Hollywood movies most because it is trending.

You will download the movie quickly on the piracy website Hubflix because they are using advanced and super-fast servers. It is the only reason that their server does not hang anytime.

You will never see the server problem on the piracy websites, especially on Hubflix. It is common for all piracy websites. They have given you everything to provide you the free content, and that’s why they are earning too much.

But it is an illegal way to earn money. They have not taken the right way to earn money. They are just stealing someone’s valuable content and putting them on their piracy website.

You will discover many pirated movies, web series, etc., on Hubflix. You can search for free Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Tamil movies, Telugu movies, Malayalam movies, Kannada movies, etc., to watch or download on Hubflix.

It is a very easy process. Anyone can search for the content on Hubflix.

In India, Robbery is a crime if it is physical or not. If you steal the content digitally, then it is also a crime, and you will also get the punishment for that.

On the piracy website Hubflix, there are a few categories that help people to find the movie or any content easily.

You will find the list of categories below. We have mentioned some categories that you will also find on various torrent websites. The list is below.

List of Categories Available on Hubflix:

  1. Bollywood Latest Movies
  2. Animation Movies
  3. Action Movies
  4. 300 MB Movies
  5. Hollywood Movies
  6. South Indian Movies
  7. All-time Hit Movies
  8. Tamil Movies
  9. Telugu Movies
  10. Kannada Movies
  11. Marathi Movies
  12. Malayalam Movies
  13. Web Series From Famous Channels

Now, let’s see the movies that leaked by the piracy website Hubflix. The list of movies is below.

Movies that Leaked by the Piracy Website:

  1. Robot 2
  2. Bahubali 2
  3. Bharat
  4. Kabir Singh
  5. Thappad
  6. Petta
  7. Hopefull 4
  8. Dear Comrade
  9. Tanhaji
  10. The Zoya Factor
  11. KGF
  12. NGK
  13. Good News
  14. Sand ki Ankh
  15. Bala
  16. Street Dancer
  17. Chhapaak
  18. Pressure Cooker
  19. Saho
  20. Adithya Varma
  21. Avengers: Endgame

These are the movies that were leaked by the illegal piracy website Hubflix. Many of the above movies are leaked on the release date, and some have upload after the next day or later on the illegal piracy website Hubflix.

So, we can say that the piracy website Hubflix leaks almost all the newly-released movies on Hubflix. That’s why they are having a superb collection of movies from the last 40 years.

Now, let’s see the details of similar websites to Hubflix. The list is below.

  1. SSR Movies: The user can download Bollywood, Tamil, Punjabi, and Hollywood movies on the piracy website SSR Movies. You can access the piracy website SSR Movies and download any content without any charge. The video format on SSR Movies is varying from 360P to 720P. In some content, the 1080P format is also available. Recently, SSR Movies has leaked two movies that are Train to Busan and Dwaraka. You can watch both movies on the illegal piracy website SSR Movies. They both are available in excellent video quality for free to watch and download. There are so many genres and categories available such as Animated, Action, Adventure, Bollywood, Hollywood, Horror, Comedy, Drama, Tamil, Telugu, etc.
  2. Putlocker: It is a trendy illegal piracy website that started its journey in the UK. They have improved their range of areas, and the piracy website Putlocker is now available in many nations. Putlocker has limited entries. So, not everyone can get the chance to visit it or use it. There are so many movies that users can watch without any issues because they are providing the best content. The site was started in 2012. It includes Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and many more. Recently, Putlocker has uploaded many movies, including Get Out, The Lion King, Wrong Turn, and Captain America: The First Avenger, on the site. Putlocker also faced some criminal charges over them. There are a total of five different categories that are English movies, English TV series, Top IMDB movies, Top watched movies, and Top watched TV shows.
  3. Rdxhd: It is an online streaming platform and movie downloading platform. It consists of so many contents, including Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi, English, etc. They all are available in HD quality. Rdxhd also includes Tv shows, Web series, Tv series, etc. You will find most movies from Bollywood and Hollywood on the illegal piracy website Rdxhd. The categories on Rdxhd include Punjabi movies, Hindi Short Film, South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies, Hollywood English Tv Shows, Hollywood Movies, Indian Tv Shows, and many more. They have recently uploaded many contents, including Extraction, Bad Boys for Life, The Last Kingdom, The Family Man, Thappad, Four More Shots Please, Dangerous Lies, and many more.
  4. Isaimini: From now, you will not found the piracy website named Isaimini on the internet because they have changed the name of the website to It is one of the most famous and most visited torrent websites. Isaimini is the hub of Tamil movies and web series. The user will also find the content of Telugu, Malayalam, South Indian, etc. If we look at the piracy website Isaimini, we can see that they have released Game of Thrones on Isaimini. They upload similar popular Tv shows also to increase their popularity among the people. Recently, Isaimini has uploaded many contents, including Venpa, Khyla, Day Knight, Chennai Palani Mars, and Chennai to Bangkok. Many famous movies are available on Isaimini, such as Maari 2, Petta, 2.0, etc.
  5. Teluguwap: The illegal piracy website Teluguwap contains a huge collection of Telugu songs and albums. On Teluguwap, you will find almost all the mp3 and mp4 songs of the Telugu industry. You can find the latest content at It is the active link of the piracy website Teluguwap. Teluguwap also contains Bollywood and Punjabi songs for free. You can watch or listen to those songs online or download them for free. The video quality is available from 360P to 720P. They also contain some movies as they recently leaked some movies including Varsham, Charlie, Bommarillu, Avunu Valliddaru Ista Paddaru, and Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju.

So, these are similar websites to the piracy website Hubflix. We have only mentioned the popular websites. To know more and get the latest update, bookmark this website. Stay tuned for the next update.

Disclaimer: Govtjobbuzz does not aim to promote piracy in any form. It is a crime. If any got caught in charge of piracy, the consequences would be serious. It will be considered as an offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to provide you the accurate and true information. We request you not to use an illegal website and engage in piracy in any way.


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