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Ikhedut Portal: Registration, i-ખેડૂત એપ્લિકેશન સ્થિતિ  

Agriculture is one of the sectors which has attained massive growth in the last ten years in the state of Gujarat. As Gujarat has already established a name for itself in trading and other commercial activities, the government is taking some massive steps to improve the condition of agriculture in the state. There are a whole lot of sub-departments under the agriculture department of the state.

To avail the benefits of the various schemes, one needs to equip themselves with the knowledge of those schemes. In the era of technology, several processes have gotten shrunk. But, one cannot shrink the various steps in agriculture. The procedure to obtain the various requirements for agriculture can be shrunk. 

Well, there will be so many people, especially farmers who are going to get several benefits from this Ikhedut portal. It is sure that the farmers will now be able to avail themselves of the advantages that the portal offers. They will not have to go to different government authorities in order to get information about government schemes. Because the new Ikhedut portal will be providing them all the essential details about various schemes that the government offers to the farmers.

In order to know how you can access the Ikhedut portal, you need to read this article to the end. Let us now move forward to know about Ikhedut Portal and its benefits.

Ikhedut Portal-Introduction 

Ikhedut Portal encompasses various departments of agriculture in its single banner. Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries land, and water conservation, Gujarat Agro Industries are some of the major departments. is the link you need to use

Ikhedutal Portal-Objectives 

The following are the major objectives of the Ikhedut Portal:

  • To help all the farmers in the state of Gujarat obtain the benefits of the various government schemes for agriculture 
  • To help all the farmers who hold the land record to yield more output by registering in the portal 

Ikhedut Portal-Eligibility 

The following are the eligibility conditions of Ikhedut Portal 2020:

  • The farmer should be a citizen of the state of Gujarat 
  • The farmer should possess valid address proof to show that he belongs to the state of Gujrat only 
  • The farmer must hold at least one acre of land to apply on this portal 
  • The benefits of the scheme will not be passed on to the farmers who hold land on lease 
  • The farmers must have their bank account linked with the Aadhar card to avail of benefits of the scheme via this site 

Ikhedut Portal-Features 

The following are the features of the Ikedut Portal:

  • Under the Khetiwadi scheme, the farmers can obtain tractors for their land. The farmers can obtain a 25% subsidy for 40 Horse Power tractor and 60 Horse Power tractor 
  • The farmers can obtain information regarding the market price of various products in the state. 
  • The following are the schemes available in the portal 

Beneficiary list in the portal 

One of the most common questions put forth in the portal is whether the list of beneficiaries is available on the site. As of now, there is no such list available on the site. Any farmer will be included in the beneficiary list only after the land of the farmer is evaluated and the site is inspected and taking a record of all the land-related information. 

All the schemes are implemented in a much faster manner via this portal as there are no middlemen involved in the functioning of the portal.

The portal is open to the farmers 24×7. The farmers can apply to the portal any time of the day. 

The portal acts as a single-window system to get all the applications registered and scanned.

How to use the Ikedut Portal?

Now that you are aware of the plethora of benefits you can obtain by making use of the Ikhedut Portal, you need to know how to use the portal. The step by step procedure to log in to the website is provided below:

  • Open any web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox 
  • You need to enter the website by entering the URL
  • The home page of the website opens. 

There are a whole lot of schemes available on the site. Input Dealer, government schemes, lending institutions, market value, weather, etc.

Under the option input dealer, the farmer is provided with the information of all the registered merchants who sell the required farm-related material.

Under the option lending institutions, the farmer is provided with all the details of the lending institution at every district level.

Under the option market prices, the farmers can check the prices of all the products in the market.

  • One needs to click on the tab Schemes 
  • Under the option government schemes, the various government schemes are categorized into three sections Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Horticulture 

Under the option, Schemes, the farmer is provided a list of various schemes. 

  • The farmer has to click on the scheme he wishes to apply 
  • There is an option underneath every scheme that asks whether the user has applied for the scheme or not 
  • If the user has not registered for the scheme, then the farmer has to click on the option NO and then click on the option Proceed 
  • As the farmer clicks on the option Proceed, then an application form appears on the website. 
  • This application form appears when the person clicks on New Registration 
  • The farmer has to enter all the relevant information in the application form. The various details like the name of the farmer, personal details, bank information, ration card details have to be entered in the application form 
  • The user has to enter all the information and then click on the option submit 
  • An application number will be provided to the user 

Ikhedut Application status 

  • The status of the Ikedut Application can be checked by entering the application number and mobile number
  • The user has to clear the security check question to check the status of the application 
  • The status of the registered application will appear on the screen. 

Documents required to apply for the Ikhedut Portal 

These are the documents required to apply for the Ikhedut Portal:

  • Domicile Certificate 
  • Aadhar Document 
  • Bank Account details 
  • Land Record information 
  • Ration Card details 


Can the farmers apply for the various schemes in offline mode? 

The main aim of the bringing in of the portal is to avoid the involvement of middlemen in the scheme implementation. When the farmers apply via the portal, all the details will be sent straight to the approving officer. 

Is the application alone enough to obtain the benefits of the scheme? 

No. The applications will get scanned and it has to get approval from the district officer. 

Can one get the benefits without having the Aadhar Card? 

Aadhar Card has become mandatory to register for any scheme. Without possession of an Aadhar Card, it becomes very difficult to track the person. 


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