Jharkhand Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme 2020 – One Sari & One Lungi to 57.10 Lakh BPL Families

Jharkhand Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme 2020 – One Sari & One Lungi to 57.10 Lakh BPL Families

Jharkhand’s governmnet is giving dhoti and saree to the people of the state as we know that the poverty level in India is high, and the people are not able to celebrate the festival because of their poverty.

The festival season in India is begun, and the people are going to start their celebration. However, some people can not celebrate their festivals because of many reasons. One of the reasons is their financial conditions.

There are a number of people in the state of Jharkhand who does not have a great amount of fortune to spend in celebrating various festivals. During the festival, it will be possible to find residents doing nothing due to their financial conditions. The new government scheme will bring a lot of happiness and prosperity to all the people.

That is the primary reason why the state government has decided to provide dhoti as well as saree to the residents. The new scheme of the state government of Jharkhand which provides saree and dhoti to the people living in the state is named Jharkhand Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme 2020.

Because of the weak economic situation, the person can not celebrate their festive season, and they have to stay at home only. Those people who are not able to join the festive season will get benefits from the government.

Jharkhand government is giving benefits to the person in this festive season. The government will provide some benefits like dhoti saree to the poor and low-income people so that they can wear it and go to the celebration of the festivals.

About Jharkhand Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme 2020:

The government of India or the state government of India is launching the scheme for the benefit of the people of the nation and state. The government will give some good benefits to the people of the state. The Jharkhand government is launching many schemes for the people of the state.

With the help of the scheme, people can take the benefits of the scheme, and they can live a good and healthy life. Due to the financial crisis and corona pandemic, many people have to leave their job.

Due to this, the income of the people is stopped. So due to lack of income, the people can not celebrate the festivals of India, so the government is providing some help and support to those people. The government is giving the dhoti to the men and saree to the women of the state.

Under this scheme, the people who belong to the below poverty line will benefit from the scheme. The government will give the shot and saree to the person below the poverty line. Due to the lockdown situation in the nation, the government is helping and supporting many people for their survival.

The Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren has launched this scheme for the poor people of the state. This scheme will help those people to be affected deeply by this pandemic. However, the central government, after the lockdown, launched a program called Aatamn Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan to make India self-reliant.

The government will help the people of the state, and the central government will help the people of the nation to make self-sufficient. After the lockdown, the government is making the rules to become self-reliant for the country. The government is relaxing the rules of the business of production, export, and import.

Features of the Jharkhand Sona Sobran Dhoti Saree Scheme:

However, the government making the rule of the import of the nation strict. So that the people can not import small things, and they will try to make it in India. Through this mission, the government’s program of making in India is achieved. The government wants to increase the export of the nation through this. Production in India is rising.

As production increases, the GDP of the country will also increase. However, the government of Jharkhand has allocated more than Rs.200 crore for this scheme so that more and more people will get the benefits of the scheme.

However, the government decided the price of each piece of cloth. The government decided the price of each cloth, which includes dhoti and saree, is Rs.10, which is very low and affordable for the poor people of the state. The cabinet committee of the state of Jharkhand has approved this scheme on the day of 16 October 2020.

However, the benefits are not given to the people of the state. After some formalities of the scheme, the benefits will be given to the poor people of the state.

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