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Overview of Kurukshetra magazine for years 2014 – 2022

When you are preparing for an exam in the government sector, you have to study a lot of things. Magazines become one of the important parts of that study. If you have to name one, then it should be a Kurukshetra magazine pdf. Here are the facts that you should know about Kurukshetra Magazine.

kurukshetra magazine pdf

  • As mentioned earlier, this magazine is read mainly by the students who are preparing for Civil or government exams. Now, if you are reading this magazine, then you will get the government point of view on the topics that are mentioned in it. The proper data and analysis are given in the reports that you find in this magazine.


  • In most of the government sector exams, you need to write essays in your paper. After studying this particular magazine, you will get an idea about the essay writing. There are a lot of examples or samples of this genre.


  • The general knowledge and current affairs are the key components of such exams. Studying Kurukshetra Magazine will let you cover all the current affairs. All the recent launches, schemes, awards, policies are given in this magazine.


  • If we talk about the number of magazines that one needs to read in the whole year, then it will be 12. If you read this magazine throughout the year, then you will actually come to know that you have covered all the important topics.

Now, you must be wondering as to how to get these 12 magazines at your doorsteps. Well, for that you need to get a subscription of it. in the section below, we have explained about it.

Download / Read Kurukshetra Magazine PDF

Kurukshetra Magazine Of The Year 2022:

Kurukshetra Magazine Of The Year 2021:

Kurukshetra Magazine Of The Year 2020:

Kurukshetra Magazine Of The Year 2019:

Kurukshetra Magazine Of The Year 2018:

Kurukshetra Magazine Of The Year 2017:

Kurukshetra Magazine Of The Year 2016:

Kurukshetra Magazine Of The Year 2015:

Kurukshetra Magazine Of The Year 2014:


Steps to get a subscription of Kurukshetra Magazine

Here are the steps to get the subscription of Kurukshetra Magazine pdf download. Getting the subscription of this magazine is as easy as ordering a book from an online portal as a magazine pdf. You will understand it after reading the steps below:

  1. They are many websites where you could find this magazine. You need to search for them. When you find that, select the name of the magazine you want to subscribe for.


  1. As you know the subscription that you get is for a certain period of time. Once you are done selecting the magazine name, you should select the tenure for which you want to get the subscription. Along with that, select the language and quantity too.


  1. After that, add the particular product to the cart and move towards it. Once you find the order in the cart, you need to click on the checkout button.


  1. As we mentioned earlier, the steps for subscription is the same as ordering a book online. Therefore, after all these things, you need to fill up your address, before confirming your order. Once you have done that, confirm your order and you are done.

With these simple steps, you could actually get the subscription of this magazine ebook pdf. Also, the facts that are mentioned above will help you in getting a detailed idea about it.


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