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This is a website launched by the state government of Maharashtra to maintain the land records of a citizen in the state in digital format. When the land of the citizen is registered on this site, one can get complete details of the land such as property size, the location of the property such as the name of the place, village, and other details. The main intention behind developing this kind of website is that a lot of property in the state of Gujarat has been occupied by malicious people. A lot of unauthorized construction has been happening in the lands of Gujarat. 

This is the site you need to visit to check the land records of the state. One can click on the following link and you will be redirected to the website. This has been launched by the Revenue Department of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Land Records of all the districts in the state of Gujarat are available on this website. 

Objectives of Madhya Pradesh Bhu-Abhilekh Naksha

The following are the objectives of the site:

  • All the land records of the citizens of Madhya Pradesh are maintained on this site. 
  • The citizens need not visit the various government offices in the state to procure the land records. It is a very tiring process as one is unaware of whom to visit and whom not to visit. 
  • One can download the entire details of the land at the click of a mouse button. 
  • To avoid the various types of property disputes like illegal possession of the property, title disputes and partition suits, rental disputes, contractual disputes and disputes between buyers and sellers, declaratory suits, and injunction suits, digitization of land records becomes one of the most important tasks. 

Khewat is the number allotted to the land held by the government of India. The details of the cultivator can be easily read from the land records held by the people. 

Benefits of Madhya Pradesh Bhu-Abhilekh Naksha 

The following are the benefits of Madhya Pradesh Bhu Abhilekh Naksha:

  • The buyers and sellers can have a look at the plot of land before they wish to sell and buy land in the state. The geographic Information System provides a whole lot of information on the piece of land being sold. There are very few chances of wrong information being levied on the property being sold 
  • The chances of losing out on the piece of land are way too less when compared to the conventional method of maintaining the land records. Not just the lands held by the private owners, even the land held by the public owners like a temple and parks are being displayed on the site. 
  • Digitization of land records acquires lands even more quickly. Also, this helps in speeding up the Digital India mission. 
  • It provides complete transparency in land acquisition and also provides one with the avenue to check the status of the land by entering all of the relevant details. 

Digital India Land Records Modernization came about in the year 2016. However, there was another act by the name National Land Records Modernization program way back in the year 2008. These prevent all sorts of fraudulent activities that can be conducted over these platforms. 

How to get a copy of the land record using the Bhu-Abhilekh Naksha? 

These are the steps a person needs to follow if he wishes to obtain land records via the Bhu-Abhilekh Naksha:

  • The website can be accessed with a proper internet connection. One can access the website either using the web browser on the computer/laptop or mobile phone. The website opens. 
  • One can spot a lot of tabs on the website. One has to click on Free services to get a view of the list of free services offered by the state government of Gujarat. 
  • From that, the user has to choose Bhu Naksha 
  • A graphical representation of the entire list of districts in the state of Gujarat will appear on the screen. This is the district map of the state of Gujarat. A person has to click on the name of the district to get the complete list of details of the land in that district. 
  • On the left side of the map, a separate column is provided to enter the details like the name of the district, type of land, Zilla, tehsil, district, etc needs to be entered. 
  • Madhya Pradesh Bhu-Abhilekh Naksha 
  • You need to enter the number of your land in the next step. In case, you don’t remember the number of the land, you need to enter the name of your village. 
  • As you enter the name of your village, all the people who hold property in the village, their names appear on the screen. You need to check if your name appears on the screen. 
  • The user will have to clear the security check question asked to get the entire details of the land record. 
  • The process of collection of data for the scheme began way back in the year 2016. The process however continues even to date. 

Madhya Pradesh Bhu-Abhilekh Naksha


1. What are the laws prevalent in India about the acquisition of land and other immovable property? 

Indian Registration Act 1908, Transfer of Property Act, Indian Succession Act, and Hindu Succession Act, Land Acquisition Act are some of the laws prevalent in India regarding the acquisition of and other immovable property in India. 

2. Can one demarcate between private property and public property? 

Based on the land title provided to the land, it becomes very easy to demarcate between private property and public property. 

3. Is tax collection possible via clear digitization of land records? 

Yes. Tax collection is possible via clear digitization of land records. The taxes can be collected based on the size, location, and other details of the land. 

4. Can one check the land records by using the application? 

Yes. The government of Madhya Pradesh has announced an application as well to check the status of the land records. 


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