Mobile Protective Cases Market Size in India

In the year 2019-2024, the mobile phone case market is predicted to grow by 6%. Innovation is the result of the market demand for shock-proof cases, charging cases, etc. For global opportunities.

An Overview:

The Phone Cases India has gone through a drastic makeover this time. People are now aware of why phone covers are crucial. The custom phone case business is now trending all over the country. It is today’s new thing. Young generations and girls are loving it. Accessorizing your phones with cute phone covers adds a personal touch to them. It depicts your personality and taste. In short, it is fun with protection.

Youth is inclined towards smartphones. The demand is increasing, and the market is fulfilling this fueling demand. Manufacturers are focusing on strong materials, while millennials are attracted to designer covers. Check out OMGS.COM for custom mobile cases for every brand of phone.

As the smartphone market plunges into cutthroat competition many mobile brands are cutting costs and focusing on features. 

There is no such benchmark for quality cases. Since a lot of local manufacturers are in this business, they hamper the quality of mobile cases.

Scope of This Report:

The mobile phone protective case is commonly required to affix grip, design, and protection against scratches and falls. These cases include Mobile Pouches, Body Gloves, Hybrid Cases, Shock-proof Cases, Charging Cases, and many others.

Product Type:  Body Gloves
Mobile Pouches
Hybrid Cases
Other Products
Price Range:  Low Range
Mid Range
Premium Range
Distribution: Online Platform
Retail Stores (Offline)
Geography: North America
Latin America
Middle & East Africa

Market Trends:

Tough & Rugged Cases Will Trend in Future

  • Rugged phone cases are made of high-tensile material that absorbs shock and protects the phone from knocks and bumps. They prevent the screen from cracking.
  • Case-Mate Tank designed especially for U.S. Military standards in Aug 2018. The polycarbonate is used as the external surface protected by a silicone cushion for shock absorption and protection against rain, dust, and sand. 
  • G-Form uses innovative technology that makes rugged cases for iPhones and iPads. These cases withstand drops from heights that no other can do. The Company has tested the iPhone Case from an extreme height of 1,00,000 feet above, where it passed the test. It stays good even in extremely cold conditions.
  • As sales are increasing in the U.S., the demand for rugged cases is increased. Especially iPhone and iPad case manufacturers are coming with a rugged 360-degree defense mechanism. Cases include air-cushioned corners, resilient layers of plastic, and a clear protective screen. Spigen has offered military-grade rugged iPhone cases for old and new models for less than 30$ USD in the US. Griffin and Incipio cases are also in need of the city.
  • ArmadilloTek is a new phone case manufactured in Dallas Forth Worth Texas. It is making a three-layer design rugged case for Samsung phones.

Asia-Pacific Poised For Significant Market Growth:

  • Asia Pacific region is a hub for a new mobile device user base and substantial growth for tablets and phones. It has simultaneously increased the mobile phone case demand.
  • Due to internet penetration and the social networking craze, mobile businesses are expanding in China, Indonesia, and Brazil.
  • It is expected that mobile phone prices will go down in the upcoming years in the Asia-Pacific region. Till 2026, the mobile phone cases of premium and mid-range will gain attention that will account for a 60% share in revenues.
  • According to Sony India, mobile cases provide a margin of 30% to 50% in India. Samsung noted that this is the most acquired accessory. Flip covers launched with Galaxy Note which provides higher revenues in India.


  • The mobile case market is highly fragmented, and many players are mature which shows major rivalry amongst manufacturers. Key brands are Spigen Inc, Urban Armor Gear, OtterBox, etc. Market development is as follows:
  • ZAGG Brand in 2019 announced a juice pack battery case that benefits Apple phone’s wireless charging. The Morphie Juice pack features full lightning ports that eradicate consumer problems. It protects the phone and keeps the battery charged throughout the day.
  • Similarly, Pelican in 2019 came up with super tough, stylish phone cases for Samsung New Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. The Pelican Adventurer and Protector case is rigid, resistant, durable, and a shock absorber.

Major Market Brands:

  1. OtterBox
  2. Spigen
  3. Urban Armor
  4. Incipio, LLC
  5. Griffin Technology


Mobile phone protective cases are the forthcoming necessity of the market. The major brands have initiated new technology by realizing consumer problems and eradicating them. You see shock-proof cases, tough cases, rugged cases, wireless charging cases, etc. Markets will trend as soon as they realize what customers want and come up with a solution.


Updated: March 11, 2024 — 4:18 am

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