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The business of distributing pirated copies of content such as movies, TV shows, and web series has become a lucrative trade, especially in India. The websites that provide such services are illegal but are still becoming popular by the day. The reason is their capability to provide all the content for free to users worldwide. Most people prefer downloading or streaming pirated content, for many reasons as such but the primary one is that they are not required to pay for it. The websites have flooded the internet with some providing giant content libraries that contain massive amounts of content.

Moviescounter is among one these websites that uploads and makes available tons of data for its users without charging them anything. The content on Moviescounter is generally in high-definition resolution so users never have to worry about compromising on their movie-watching experience. In addition to movies, the website also uploads all the latest TV shows, documentaries, web series, anime, and a lot more.

The website has become immensely popular since its very recent inception. Regardless of how many attempts government makes for banning Moviescounter, the creators of the website always manage to keep the website online through alternative domain extensions. It must also be noted that any user who is caught by government officials to be making use of such illegitimate websites for downloading or streaming pirated content, may become punishable under the law. Piracy has caused large revenue losses to the entertainment industry, and for this reason, the government is working towards curbing the use of such illegal websites.

What exactly is Moviescounter?


The website has been created and is being administered by a group of individuals who do not reveal their identity or location. The reasons are obvious, they don’t wish to be imprisoned by being caught for infringement of copyrights of the distributors of all the content that they have put up on their website without any authorization.

The website, in addition to the Bollywood content, also hosts plenty of content from Hollywood. Movies and TV shows are found in abundance on the Moviescounter content library, so if you are Fast N’ Furious fan or looking to binge-watch friends on a holiday, head to the website and you’ll find all this content at your fingertips. The website uploads all of its content only in high-definition resolution so users do not have to stress over the video or audio quality while they are enjoying their favorite movies. Users will also find dubbed content on the website so if you do not understand the content that is originally in English, you’ll certainly find a dubbed Hindi version of the same. Other Indian regional websites such as Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, etc. are also available on Moviescounter for those users who are fans of regional content.

All the latest movies and web series are made available on the website almost immediately after their release. The first upload may be in camera quality, but the subsequent uploads will bring high-definition quality for users.

Even though Moviescounter offers endless oceans of content that is free for all, it is an illegal website. The government strictly prohibits the use of such websites and will definitely take decisive action against owners and users of the website. As movie lovers and honest citizens of India, you must rightfully contribute towards the economy of the country and pay the artists for the hard work they have put instead of just downloading free copies online. It is a moral obligation, so we advise our readers to adapt more ethical means of watching their favorite movies and tv shows instead of websites like Moviescounter.

Features of Moviescounter

The website’s amazing interface has been crafted for efficiency and user-friendliness. The website has incorporated a number of features that makes Moviescounter stand out among other websites that provide similar services. The website has managed to invite widespread attention from users all over the world on account of such features and its diverse content library. Without such features, a website that offers download and streaming services would not be optimal for use by users.

We have put together some of the best characteristics and features of Moviescounter so our readers are better able to interact with the website when they visit it.

  1. The movie’s content library is absolutely massive. The diverse range of content available on Moviescounter is unprecedented which includes not only movies, but also various other forms of content such as web series, tv shows, anime, cartoon shows, documentaries, old music videos, and a lot more. All this content is provided by Moviescounter free of cost so users never have to resort to other options as long as they are able to access this amazing website.
  2. The website ensures that the content available on the website is entirely in high-definition resolution. Even the older content has been put up in the best available quality in order to make sure users never face an issue with the quality of any content on Moviescounter. All content that has been released recently has been made available in various resolutions beginning from 480p and going up to 1080p and at times even 4K. The formats that the website provides for these files are HDRip, DVDRip, DVDScr, BlueRay, BRRip, etc. The users are able to download or stream the content with the quality and format of their choice.
  3. Moviescounter also provides content in languages from across the world. As regards the regional Indian languages, the website provides content in languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, English, etc.
  4. The content is well-organized through categorization. Categorization is critical to the enhancement of the user-friendliness of the website. It provides the users with a tool through which they are able to minimize the time and effort required to get to the final download or streaming page. We have an entire section on categorization next, where we will discuss this subject at length.
  5. Every movie, TV show, web series, whatever the content it – is accompanied by a small summary of what the subject matter is. This may allow users who are unsure of the entertainment quotient, to gain some insight into whether or not the content will be to their liking.

Categories on Moviescounter

Categorization is one of the most critical tools on a website that provides its users with the services of downloading and streaming content. The reason for such importance of categorization is quite straightforward. Websites like Moviescounter inherently host giant content. This massive content library when put in the form of a list can become overwhelming for the users while they attempt to choose content that they would like to download or stream. To provide them with the capability to comprehend the content on the website, categorization becomes essential because it divides the entire library into smaller sets that have something in common. Using categories, users are able to eliminate a lot of content from their selection that would have anyways not been relevant to them.

Categories are usually created on the basis of certain parameters. The most common parameters among these are year of release, language, and genre. Other parameters may also be there, but these are the most widely used. Some categories may also be created by combining the parameters mentioned above. We have prepared a short list of categories highlighting the types of categories you will encounter on Moviescounter for your better understanding of the composition of its content library.

  1. Action

One of the most popular categories on Moviescounter is Action. This category is based on the genre parameter. The category features all the content that has lots of action for users that are fans of movies like War and Race. However, it must be noted that this category will feature web series, TV shows, and even cartoon shows as long as their fit the criteria of the action genre. Moreover, the genre is the only criteria that the category will filter for, the content in this category may also be in other languages such as Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, etc. The content will also be from across different time periods.

  1. 2020

This category filters for content that was released in the year 2020. However, since this category only filters for the year of release, the other parameters will not be filtered and will be included. Content from all genres such as Action, Romance, Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror, Thriller, etc. will be included. Also, movies from different languages will also feature in this category on Moviescounter.

  1. Tamil Movies

This category will fi[td_smart_list_end]lter the content for its language. As the name suggests, the category will contain all the content that is in the Tamil language. This will include all sorts of content including movies, tv shows, cartoon shows, anime, web series, etc. Also, the category will consist of content from all the relevant years in which the content was released. All genres will also remain unfiltered under this category.

Among other popular categories are:

  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Malayalam Movies
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Movies 2020
  • Movies 2010
  • Sports
  • English Movies Hindi Dubbed

Best Alternatives (illegal) To Moviescounter

We discussed previously the illegal nature of Moviescounter. The website may be banned by government officials at any time without any notification beforehand. Whenever the website does get banned, the users who solely rely on Moviescounter will be left out to dry in absence of viable alternatives that provide similar services to users free of cost. In order to tackle such a situation, we have put together some excellent alternatives for our readers so they don’t have to miss out on their daily dose of entertainment regardless of the status of Moviescounter.

  1. Moviesda

Our tip pick as an alternative to Moviescounter is Moviesda because of its excellent features. The website provides downloading as well as streaming services to users just like Moviescounter. The quality of the content on Moviesda is awesome with content available in a number of regional Indian languages including Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, etc. Moviesda also provides a ton of audio content to its users in the form of MP3 songs. The creators of the website keep it well-updated with all the latest content that releases every week.

  1. Tamilgun

Initially, this website started with an aim to only provide content in the Tamil language. However, because of such narrow scope of the website, it was not generating enough traffic and therefore not earning enough revenue. To resolve this, the website began to upload a lot more diverse content including Hollywood Movies, TV shows, web series, and also content in other regional Indian languages such as Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, etc.

  1. Worldfree4u

Our third pick as a viable alternative to Moviescounter is Worldfree4u. As the name suggests, the website consists of content from across the globe which it makes available to its users free of cost. The website, however, also provides an excellent collection for the Indian audience which includes but is not limited to Hindi dubbed versions of all our favorite movies and tv shows.

  1. Moviezwap

A renowned pirated website that began with serving only the Indian market and later broadened its horizon to include content from other international industries as well has seen steady growth since it was launched a couple of years ago. The website provides excellent quality content to its large number of users and has a neat and clean home page that allows users to comprehend the contents of the page without much effort.

  1. 9xmovies

A platform that provides users with the popular 300mb compact file-sized movies has become a favorite for mobile phone users who prefer small-size movies that help them save data and storage. The website, however, also provides content in high resolutions such as 720p, 1080p, and even 4K. The website does not require the users to sign up or register before they can make use of the website.

Best Alternatives (legal) to Moviescounter

  1. Yupp TV

This legal website tops our list of alternatives to Moviescounter because it provides the services for free even though it is legal. Yupp TV provides its users with all their favorite content which includes all the popular movies, tv shows, web series, and a lot more.

  1. Zee5

This platform holds a lot of appeal to Indian viewers who enjoying watching soap operas and reality shows on Zee channels. The platform also, however, features some great movies that are liked by everybody. Zee5 is not free of cost and users will need to spend a little to avail services of this platform.

  1. Hotstar

The website provides a lot of sports entertainment for streaming without any charges. In addition, upon buying a subscription to Hotstar, users will be able to enjoy a large content library that includes movies, tv shows, and web series. The content is of excellent quality. Hotstar, however, does not contain any Hollywood content.

  1. Amazon Prime Video

This amazing platform has become extremely popular in India on account of its dirt-cheap subscription charge. This affordable platform has provided Indian users with an amazing option for legally streaming all their favorite content.

  1. Sun XT

This last alternative to Moviescounter has recently become popular because it has been making a lot of newly released movies and TV shows available to its users. The platform is relatively new in comparison to others in the streaming industry. However, it still has managed to make it in our top 5 legal alternatives to the Moviescounter list because it provides excellent quality content.


  1. Is there a mobile app for Moviescounter?

There are no official apps created by the owners of the website. However, the website is mobile-friendly so mobile users can make use of that to download or stream content.

  1. Is Moviescounter safe?

No, the website is illegal and therefore unsafe for use. The government may take action against you if they catch you downloading the website’s pirated content.

  1. Can I get rid of ads from Moviescounter?

That is the sole method of generating revenue for Moviescounter since it does not charge anything from users. So no, the ads are there to stay.


We strongly condemn the use of illegal websites. We are completely aware of the rules and regulations as laid out by The Copyright Act, of 1957, and are in compliance with all clauses of the said Act. Through our articles, we hope to encourage you to only use ethical means of streaming content online and hope you will persuade your friends and family to do the same.


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