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All the websites that provide free downloading movies or web series are illegal. There are so many websites that provide free content on the internet today, but there is a risk to visit them. Moviesfan is one of them.

There is a risk of stealing confidential information from your device while visiting a piracy website. Moviesfan is a piracy website. They provide you the free HD movies and web series, but all the content is pirated.

Most websites on the internet today are using pirated content. So, if you visit and use those websites, then it is a crime. We recommend that you do not visit or use that kind of piracy website.

If you want to watch a movie or web series, or TV show, buy the respective platform’s subscription or go to the theatres. But instead of this, if you download the content from this piracy website, it is not the right thing. You are putting yourself in big trouble.

According to some news, Moviesfan is not an old website, it is a new website that Moviesfan recently launched on the internet. Maybe it was since last year.

There are thousands of piracy websites on the internet, and the number of piracy websites is increasing day by day, and movie creators suffer a loss just because of these piracy websites.

Moviesfan is an illegal downloading website. There are so many illegal websites in many countries that contain pirated movies.

If you search for a specific movie or web series, you will find many websites on the internet today. Most of them are illegal. Many of them contain pirated content. Moviesfan is one of them.

Moviesfan includes a large no. of pirated content. You will find every movie you want. Sometimes, the movie or web series leaks. So, those leaked content first arrive on this type of website.

They do not have any rights to copy the content and publish it on their own website because it is illegal to do that. Suppose you run that type of website. You will have to pay for it. Maybe the consequences will be worst than ever.

In recent years, the interest in watching online web series and movies among people is increased. There are so many web series on the internet today. There are so many links on this website that can help one download any movie and any web series.

It is not possible that all can afford a subscription to some platforms to watch movies and web series. So, those people use this kind of website to download or watch movies or web series.

During the coronavirus pandemic,  the rank of visiting piracy websites increased. This type of torrent website helps the user a lot. So, the demand for this kind of website increases day by day.

It is hard to delete or block all the illegal websites on the internet today because there are so many illegal websites that we can not even count.

If we talk about India, there are so many websites that run pirated content. Many of them are blocked and deleted from the internet. India has implemented some legal actions on those websites. But still, there are so many illegal websites.

Those websites have advanced privacy and security that they can not even be tracked. They change their domain frequently and also continually change their privacy settings and upgrade their security. They change their URL frequently so they can secure their way.

Now, let’s talk about the website Moviesfan in detail. You will find every piece of information about the website Moviesfan. So, read the complete article. We inform you that the use of this kind of website is illegal. This article is only for information purposes.

All About Moviesfan:


Moviesfan is a piracy website. It includes many movies and web series, but they all are pirated. The user can download any movie or web series for free with the help of Moviesfan.

We suggest you watch the movie or the web series on the legal platform only. It might put you in trouble.

Not all countries have banned pirated websites. There are some countries in which you can access any piracy website. It is true because when you use another country’s server with the help of a VPN, you can open the piracy website.

In that country where you are connected through a VPN, it means allowing the user to access piracy or illegal website.

According to the law, the viewer can be charged guilty to use this kind of website, Moviesfan. So, we suggest you use the legal website to view or download the movie.

With the help of Moviesfan, the user can download any movie with ease. Most people do not even know the rules and regulations of the use of the internet today.

So, they are still using this kind of illegal website. Moviesfan includes Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies with dual audio, South Indian movies with Hindi dub, Punjabi movies, Gujarati movies, Bengali movies, WWE shows, Marathi movies, Hindi short films, Indian TV shows, and Web series.

In Moviesfan, there are many categories. It also suggests the user’s Top 20 weak movies, Top 20 monthly movies, etc. So, the user can easily get the best movie.

Moviesfan is having a large collection of movies and web series. The website Moviesfan is perfectly organized. So, You can not even get whether it is illegal or not.

The user can download the content in any format and in any size they want. On Moviesfan, there are also a large collection of TV shows and web series. Also, there is dubbed version of many movies.

We suggest watching the movies and web series on legal platforms. If you get caught using this kind of website by the legal authority, you will have to pay the charges. During surfing the internet, always remember that piracy is a crime. So, do not open or do not use such websites.

If we look at the recently published content in Moviesfan, many web series and movies are published. These all are pirated movies and web series. The list is below:

  1. Tom and Jerry 2023
  2. Life in the year 2023
  3. Zindgi in short
  4. Chakra
  5. Myrah
  6. Bannegi Apni Baat
  7. Bawri Chhori
  8. Victim
  9. Mahamuni
  10. World Famous Lover
  11. Wrong Turn
  12. Malcolm and Marie
  13. The Dig
  14. The Little Things
  15. Magic Max

Moviesfan has leaked these movies and web series. They have also leaked other movies of various genres. They have leaked those movies and web series without any copyright from the right authority. It is totally illegal.

It is totally unsafe to use Moviesfan. If you get caught using it, you might get imprisonment. The website is open and free. So, the user will not have to sign up.

According to, the website Moviesfan has good traffic. It is ranked at 173442 globally. They are earning well because the site Moviesfan is getting increased traffic day by day. Alexa provides the statistics of the different websites.

The rank is purely based on the traffic data collected by Alexa the globally. There is a large number of users on the internet today.

So, the traffic of Moviesfan increased because of those people who want to watch every movie and web series free or without a subscription.

If the legal authority catches anyone surfing on this illegal website, They will inquire about all the data they have surfed. The legal authority will charge them, and the consequences will be hard. also gives more information related to the statistics of the website. It includes Daily visitors, Daily pageviews, etc. Daily visitors of Moviesfan are about 9935, and the Daily pageviews of Moviesfan are about 49675.

If we see the rank and spending time, we can say that the popularity of Moviesfan is increasing day by day, even if it is illegal.

We do not assure you that this is the true or perfect number, but it is the nearer one. It is just only a prediction. We do not claim the reality of the information, and we are also not responsible for this information.

We suggest that you do not involve in any piracy in any form. It might put you in very serious trouble. The consequences are very hard.

Moviesfan has leaked so many movies and web series. There are so many alternatives to Moviesfan. Let’s see the list below.

  1. Bollyflix
  2. Cinemavilla
  3. Downloadhub
  4. Filmywap
  5. Filmyzilla
  6. Isamini
  7. Jiorockers
  8. Kuttymovies
  9. Movierulz
  10. Moviesda
  11. Popcornflix
  12. Rarbg
  13. Sky torrents
  14. SSR movies
  15. Tamilrockers
  16. Tamilyogi
  17. Torrentz2eu
  18. uTorrent
  19. Vidmate
  20. YTS

Moviesfan is having business illegally on the internet and making a good amount of money every year, just like other piracy websites. Even though they are using pirated content and even illegal website, there is no criminal record.

On Moviesfan, dubbed movies and web series are also available. You can also watch the Hindi dubbed web series over there. Also, there are several genres available. The list is below.

In movies, it includes as below.

  1. Action
  2. Animated
  3. Crime
  4. Comedy
  5. Mystery
  6. Horror
  7. Fantasy
  8. Sci-Fi
  9. Adventure

In web series, it includes as below.

  1. Drama Series
  2. Horror Series
  3. Action Series
  4. Adventure Series
  5. Comedy Series
  6. Crime Series

You can also search for the content on Moviesfan. The creators of this kind of piracy website have so much knowledge about website piracy and its hacks. So, they keep updating the security of the website so as not to get caught or track.

So, they change the domain frequently of the website. But the legal authority and cybersecurity are always up for this kind of illegal website. Currently, there is one domain,

The legal authority keeps blocking illegal websites like Moviesfan day by day. But the next day, it comes with a different domain. So, it is hard to delete all the domains of the illegal website.

If you want to watch movies or web series on the online platform, it is easy. There are so many safe and legal platforms on which you can watch any movie or web series.

Watching on that type of platform won’t make you in any trouble because it is safe and legal. Here we mentioned some platforms which are safe and legal. You can use those platforms to watch movies or web series without any issues.

  1. Hulu
  2. Hotstar
  3. Sony Crackle
  4. Netflix
  5. Disney Plus
  6. Amazon Prime Video
  7. IMDb TV

Most movies releases on these platforms after their release in theaters. So, anyone can watch it from the above platforms. Those platforms are easy to use and safe as well. It is not limited. There are hundreds of platforms on the internet today that are legal to use.

There are so many illegal websites on the internet, and you can’t even know while visiting that kind of website. We have a list of illegal websites that uses pirated content to gain traffic and earn money.

Moviesfan releases old and new movies as well as web series. So, the user will get any movie they search on the website. Downloading movies from this piracy website Moviesfan is not just a mistake. It is a crime.

If you are caught by the authority because of using pirated content, then you can get up to Rs. 10 lakh penalty, three years of imprisonment, or both. So, do not visit the piracy website and use pirated content.

If you want to watch the real content, then you can watch it on legal platforms such as Zee5, Hotstar, etc. So, we recommend that you not download or watch from this website Moviesfan or any similar to this piracy website.

The website Moviesfan is not safe at all. You can visit at your own risk. It is open to all. i.e., publicly accessible website. It means anyone can access it without any complications.

Some piracy websites on the internet today where the user has to sign up to download or watch the content. But it is not like that on the website Moviesfan. The user will not have to sign up for an account. They can use it without an account, and it is a publicly accessible website.

Signing up on an unknown website is unsafe. So, do not enter your private information on any unknown and unsecured websites.

On Moviesfan, you can also watch or download all-time hit movies, animation movies, top-ranked movies, recently-released movies, etc. Also, it is very easy to download a specific movie or web series on Moviesfan.

There are thousands of websites similar to Moviesfan. The list is below. We have mentioned the description of the particular piracy websites also.

  1. Bolly4u: It is a very famous website for Indian movies. They also have a noticeable collection of Hollywood, but most of the content is Indian. It includes Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood, and other languages movies. But it is a piracy website. So, almost all the content of the website is pirated. So, it is not safe to use this website. We suggest you stay away from this kind of website that uses pirated content.
  2. Filmyzilla: It is a torrent website that has many movies. It is a pirated website, and all the content of the website is pirated. So, it is not safe to use it for downloading content. They upload TV shows and movies illegally on the internet. It allows users to download movies or TV shows in HD format. The collection includes Tollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Hollywood, and many other regional languages. Stay away from such websites.
  3. Solar Movies: If we talk about this website, we can say that it is a hub for movies. On this website, there so many English movies which allow the user to watch or download. They also have international languages. So, they are much popular and easy to use for any user from any country. They have a big collection, but it is not safe. So, do not visit it.
  4. 9Xmovies: It is a very famous website that everyone might hear about. But it is nothing but the alternative to Moviesflix. So, it is illegal, but they have a huge number of users worldwide, or we can tell millions of users. They provide you with recent movies for free downloading. They are having a big collection of movies.
  5. Yesmovies: It is like a video streaming site that allows the user to watch and download free movies and TV shows. They have a large collection of movies and TV shows, but most of them are pirated. So, do not visit it.
  6. 7starHD: It includes almost all types of movies, including all languages movies. There is a large collection of movies on the website, including Hollywood, Bollywood, Malayalam, Kannada, Pakistani, and Tamil Movies. So, we can say that many of the Indian language movies are covered. But all those are pirated. So, there is no meaning to using it. It is the most popular piracy site.

This piracy website is much popular just because they are giving all the content free and in HD quality. They have the best interface on the website that makes it easy for people to use it.

Above, we have only mentioned popular illegal websites, but there are many illegal websites on the internet today. So, it looks original, but they don’t. So, confirm twice before visiting any website.

People can easily download any movie or web series with the help of this website, Moviesfan. If you copy someone’s content without their permission, then it is not legal.

It is a punishable crime under the copyright act. The one may have to pay for it or might get into imprisonment.

Many actors and actresses, including Ranbir Kapoor and Vidhya Balan, requested users not to support piracy because it is a crime. So, we all request you that boycott the piracy website.

To watch the movie, you can go to the theatre or watch it from any legal platform. But make sure that when you visit one website on the internet, check the privacy setting, make sure that the website is safe or not, uses safe and original content, or uses pirated content. It is because of the one mistake that can put you in serious trouble.

There are mostly HD-quality movies and web series on Moviesfan. That’s why Moviesfan has so many visitors. Moviesfan has almost all types of content such as Movies, TV Shows, Web series, etc. Moviesfan is improving day by day.

There are many merits to visiting and using this website, Moviesfan, but one demerit is much bigger than its merit. It is just because the consequences are hard.

See, Illegal things will provide you more comfort and ease for free on the internet today, just like Moviesfan. Also, they look so original that anyone can trust them easily.

If we talk about 9Xmovies, it is running for the last decade. They frequently change their domain to stay on the internet and secure from blocking.

In Moviesfan, you can also search directly for the movie or web series you want. But it is illegal. So, there is no advantage to using or visiting it. Stay away from this type of website.

Moviesfan uses a different server that is not safe for us to use or visit because it can steal our privacy and any confidential information from our device.

If you do not want to take a risk just to download one piece of content, you should not visit the website Moviesfan. Maybe after the visit, your computer data will be encrypted or harm your device. Anything can happen. So, stay away and stay safe from this kind of website, Moviesfan.

Visit the website frequently to get the latest updates, and do not forget to add a bookmark. Stay tuned for the next update.

Disclaimer: Govtjobbuzz does not aim to promote piracy in any form. It is a crime. If any got caught in charge of piracy, the consequences would be serious. It will be considered an offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to provide you the accurate and true information. We request you not use an illegal website or engage in piracy in any way.

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