Moviesflix: Download Any Content For Free & Top 10+ Best Alternatives For Moviesflix

In India, there are many illegal piracy websites. That is a lot more compared to other countries. They all access pirated content without the grant of respective authorities.

You can not even count the number of piracy websites. Few piracy websites are banned and blocked permanently by the Government of India like Tamilrockers, etc.

But many piracy websites are running even after blocked or banned by the authority. They operate the website even after the prohibition with various proxy servers and multiple domain names.

With that, the piracy website runs and becomes very complicated to track them by the government. So, piracy websites run very smoothly even today.

Now, let’s talk about the illegal piracy website Moviesflix. You will find every detail about the piracy website Moviesflix. So, read the complete article to know more about Moviesflix.

About Moviesflix:



On the piracy website Moviesflix, you will find more content, including Movies, Web series, Television series, Television shows, etc., from Bollywood and Hollywood.

Most of the content is from the Hollywood industry. On Moviesflix, you can download Hollywood movies, web series, television series, etc. Or you can even watch them online directly on the website Moviesflix.

So, it is the best piracy website that leaks almost all the movies and web series on the date of release or later. So, on the piracy website Moviesflix, you will find any movie you want.

If we talk about movie collections, then there is a large collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies from around 40 years. Yes, there is a collection of almost all the movies released in the last 40 years.

That is why the popularity of the piracy website Moviesflix includes many popular contents with a clear format and choice of selection of sizes.

On Moviesflix, the user will find a vast collection of OTT series. But it is uploaded illegally on Moviesflix. The content is illegal, but the piracy website Moviesflix is also illegal.

The Indian Government blocks the website Moviesflix, but it is still operating by the owners of the piracy website Moviesflix with different usernames and another proxy server.

It is not one, and there are uncountable piracy websites. Almost all piracy websites are blocked by the Indian Government, but most of them are still running with ease.

So, it seems it can not be stopped easily. The Indian Government has to do something more strict to stop piracy because piracy is rising daily instead of getting down.

The crime is to decrease, but in this case, it is increasing undoubtedly. The government has so much pressure to take some serious action against piracy websites, but they can not find a way to block or ban them directly and permanently.

If we talk about other websites just like Moviesflix, there are lots of them. We have mentioned similar piracy websites and alternatives to Moviesflix.

There are some alternatives to Moviesflix. We have mentioned the list below.

Alternatives to Moviesflix:

  1. Tamilyogi
  2. Movierulz
  3. Kuttymovies
  4. Gomovies
  5. Yts
  6. Tamilrockers
  7. Filmyzilla
  8. Moviesda
  9. Filmywap
  10. Downloadhub
  11. Isaimini
  12. Jiorockers

Indeed, the illegal piracy website Moviesflix has not been in any criminal offense. There is no criminal charge on the illegal piracy website Moviesflix.

So, they have a clean record, but it is illegal. That’s why the government blocks it. The use of the illegal piracy website Moviesflix and all the illegal websites and the use of pirated content is a crime.

So, do not use or even open illegal piracy websites, including Moviesflix. You will get a serious problem in the future if you visit illegal piracy websites like Moviesflix or use pirated content.

It is because he user of illegal pirated content is a crime, and the government is having every right to catch you and put you in jail for up to three years, or they can even charge you a penalty of up to 10 lakh, or in a very rare situation, both punishments can be applied.

The penalty will start from Rs. 50000, and it will go up to 10 lakh based on the seriousness of the crime that you had done.

The best option not to be involved in all this mess is to stay away from all illegal things, especially illegal piracy websites like Moviesflix.

If you visit an illegal website like Moviesflix today, maybe it can be possible that you will not get caught by the Government today. But there is a chance that you will get caught in the future at any time, and you will get the punishment according to the Anti-Piracy Act.

The piracy websites are running because they are earning unbelievable money. That is the only reason that all the piracy websites are running today.

It is operating because of the public. The public visits illegal piracy websites like Moviesflix because they are providing the content for free.

It is not like that content is in low print. That’s why they are providing it for free. Every content on the piracy website Moviesflix is in HD print, and many are in 720P.]

There are many options to choose the formats and sizes of a particular movie or web series. So, the selection is dependent on the user.

Now, we will discuss and estimate the net worth of the illegal piracy website Moviesflix. We see the data of It provides the estimated worth of various websites.

According to, the worth of the illegal privacy website Moviesflix is 1472800 USD. It is not the actual amount, but the real amount will be nearer to this number or digit.

So, we can imagine the revenue of the illegal piracy website Moviesflix every year. The main revenue of the piracy website Moviesflix is dependent on advertisements.

The piracy website Moviesflix is earning around 343080 USD every year from advertisements. It is their revenue from the advertisements.

Not only on this website Moviesflix but on most websites, the main revenue is dependent on advertisements.

The estimated number of visits per year on the illegal piracy website Moviesflix is 22893120. If we talk about the number of pages, there are 114403320 pages turns every year. The report is updated on 9th April 2020.

The user can search for any movie or web series on Moviesflix. People have made so many searches on the Indian torrent website Moviesflix. We have mentioned the list below.

  1. English Movies Download Moviesflix
  2. Movies Download English Moviesflix
  3. Torrent Website Moviesflix Movies
  4. English Dubbed Movies on Moviesflix
  5. Hindi Dubbed Movies on Moviesflix
  6. Tamil Dubbed Movies on Moviesflix
  7. Bollywood Movies
  8. Hollywood Movies
  9. Bollywood Web series
  10. Hollywood Web series
  11. HD movies on the moviesflix
  12. Telugu movies moviesflix
  13. Moviesflix website
  14. Web series moviesflix 2021
  15. Latest movies moviesflix 2021
  16. Download popular and latest movies
  17. Download movies and web series
  18. Download movies online
  19. Hindi dubbed web series.
  20. TV shows on moviesflix
  21. Hindi dubbed tv shows on moviesflix
  22. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam dub tv shows on moviesflix
  23. Movies to watch on moviesflix
  24. Web series to watch on moviesflix
  25. Reality shows to watch on moviesflix
  26. Bollywood Hollywood movies download
  27. Moviesflix Pro

These are the latest searches made on Moviesflix. People use the above keyword to find the content on Moviesflix, or it can help the user find the website Moviesflix also on the internet.

There are so many features in Moviesflix. The user interface of the piracy website Moviesflix is user-friendly and professional.

Almost all piracy websites have fast-speed servers. So, the user will not face any problem like a server error. It helps the user in so many different ways.

Nowadays, every website has an app for the respective websites. Like that, the piracy website Moviesflix is also having an app. The app is not available on the play store or any, and it is available to download on a third-party website.

You can download the app from the internet and install it on your device. The app is available for Pc, Android, Smart TV, and iOS. So, almost all the different devices are covered.

The size of the app Moviesflix is very small. The app will not take up more space after the installation on your device. The user can download any content like movies and web series from that app, and it is very easy to use.

On Moviesflix, the user will find content such as movies and web series from Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Tollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood, etc. Almost all the industries of India are covered on Moviesflix.

Also, there are many contents from other countries. So, the user will not have to go to another website to find the particular content. They can find it on Moviesflix.

Moviesflix has a telegram channel also. If you want to join the telegram channel, then you will have to search ‘New Hindi Hd Movies’, and then click on the join button. On the telegram channel, Moviesflix uploads many movies and web series daily with a variety of quality.

The illegal piracy website Moviesflix has leaked a few movies and web series. You will find the list below.

Movies and Web Series Leaked by Moviesflix:

  1. Bad Boys For Life
  2. Parasite
  3. Birds of Prey
  4. Dolittle
  5. Jumanji
  6. The Dig
  7. Wonder Woman 1984
  8. The White Tiger
  9. Tenet
  10. Joker
  11. Glass
  12. Priest
  13. Bloodshot
  14. Scoob
  15. Ozark Season 3
  16. Money Heist Season 4
  17. Outlander
  18. Born to Race
  19. Alive
  20. Emily in Paris
  21. Never Have I Ever
  22. Riverdale
  23. Too Hot to Handle
  24. Betaal
  25. The Way Back
  26. Parasite
  27. Outer Banks

We have only mentioned the recent and most popular movies and web series leaked by the illegal piracy website Moviesflix.

The piracy website moviesflix has leaked a huge content. We can say that you will find every newly-released movie or web series or any content on the illegal piracy website Moviesflix.

It is the hub for leaked content. Even the leaked content is published in dubbing audio and also in apparent HD quality. So, people will take expensive content at home for free.

So, that is the reason that the website Moviesflix is so popular. They have some audience that visits the piracy website Moviesflix daily.

Many people have the habit of downloading the movie or web series from the internet every day. So, the thing is, they are gaining massive traffic on the piracy website Movieflix.

It is the most popular illegal piracy website. It comes in one of the top positions in India. And it is also popular internationally.

The piracy website Moviesflix is having a rank of 21999 across the globe. So, we can imagine the popularity of illegal online streaming platforms or piracy websites.

The rank is collected from It gives statistics on the particular website. If we see the last three month’s report, we can see that the piracy website that only contains pirated or copyrighted content, the rank is improved unbelievably.

It changed from 479913 to 24280. So, the piracy website Moviesflix is gaining popularity more and even faster than other piracy websites.

If we talk about the detailed statistics, one average user spends a total of 05:50 minutes on the piracy website Moviesflix with 6.3 pages per day.

The information is collected from the report of 9th April 2020. it was reported on the global statistics website,

We do not make sure that this information is true or accurate. We only mentioned the above information with the study or knowledge purpose.

On the piracy website Moviesflix, There are lots of formats or video quality. We have mentioned the list of formats or video quality and sizes below.

The format or Video Quality and Sizes on the piracy website Moviesflix:

Video Format or Quality:

  1. 360P
  2. 480P
  3. 720P
  4. 1080P
  5. HD
  6. FHD
  7. UHD
  8. 4K UHD


  1. 300MB
  2. 500MB
  3. 700MB
  4. 900MB
  5. 1 GB

You can see that there are various sizes and formats of content available on Moviesflix.

Check out this website to get the latest updates, and Stay tuned for the next update.

Disclaimer: Govtjobbuzz does not aim to promote piracy in any form. It is a crime. If any got caught in charge of piracy, the consequences would be serious. It will be considered as an offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to provide you the accurate and true information. We request you not to use an illegal website and engage in piracy in any way.


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