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How MP e-Uparjan Panjiyan 2020-21 will Benefit Farmers?

During COVID-19, farmers are suffering from heart-rending losses. Many crops are getting destroyed due to which they have to undergo a high financial crisis. Taking this into account, the Government of Madhya Pradesh has recently launched the MP e-Uparjan portal to benefit farmers manifold. 

What is its specialty? The scheme will benefit farmers that are willing to purchase wheat at a supportive price during the Rabi season.

The registration process on the e-portal started in February 2020. Beneficiaries of the state interested in selling their crops at the support price that has been fixed by the Government must register on the portal. 

It is sure that there will be a great number of farmers who are going to get so many benefits from this MP e-Uparjan Panjiyan Scheme. The new Madhya Pradesh government scheme will be able to provide so many benefits to the farmers manifold who indeed need it.

Now that you know about how the e-Uparhan Panjiyan scheme will be benefiting farmers. The only thing you need to know is what kind of changes will take place when we are talking about the terms of registration.

What Change Took Place in Terms of Registration?

Just like the previous year, the registration process will take place online. But some changes have been implemented in the entire process. During the previous year, the registration process took place online through the Krishi Upaj Mandi. 

Farmers had to face some issues at the time of carrying out the registration process. As a result, few farmers failed to carry out the registration. Even, some of them were bound to sell their crops at a lower price than the support price. 

With the introduction of the MP e-procurement portal 2020-21, registration can be done easily by logging in at That is too sitting in the comfort of your home! It is preferable to register at the earliest to take the best advantage of this golden scheme. 

How to Download MP e-Uparjan 2020-21 in Your Smart Phone?

With the introduction of MP e-Uparjan Portal 2020-21, it is expected that farmers need not face heart rendering losses like the previous year.

As the registration will be done in the e-procurement public domain, the registration can be done by accessing the mobile e-procurement app.  

You can download the MP e-Uparjan 2020-21 mobile app by following these steps:

  • Logging in to the Google Play store
  • Start with your search by typing MP e-Uparjan
  • The app having the highest rate must be downloaded

Once done, it will be easy to fetch exclusive benefits of all crops, including Rabi. Alternatively, you will receive a link for downloading the app by entering the mobile number and ID number by visiting the e-procurement portal.

What are the Steps to Carry on With the Registration Process?

Are you among those beneficiaries who want to register their names online on this portal? If yes, below are some exclusive steps that you need to follow:

  • Logging in to the official website of MP e-earnings
  • On the home page, you will come across the option Rabi 2020-21. Clicking here will take you to the option “Farmer Registration Application for Rabi Earning Year 2020-21.
  • Afterward, you will come across the guidelines that must be read carefully.

Once done, it is time to start with the registration process. You need to enter your mobile number, aggregation ID, or farmer code. After you are done entering these important details, you need to click on the search button. 

The registration form will open on the screen. Here, you need to enter all necessary information, including bank account, proof of land ownership, and details about the purchase center. 

You need to be a bot careful while entering the details. After you are done filling in all the information, the submit button must be clicked.

On successful registration, you will receive the acknowledgment and application number on the registered mobile number. 

Finally, you need to take your product along with the acknowledgment number to the respective center. There you will get a bench that will conclude your registration process.

What are Some Mandatory Documents Required at the Time of Registration?

Mandatory documents required for registration at MP e-Uparjan 2020-21 that will prove your eligibility include the following:

  • The composite ID of the applicant
  • Residential certificate
  • Aadhar card details
  • Passport size photo
  • Updated running bank account passbook
  • Loan book
  • Running mobile number

Some Important Guidelines Required for Registration at MP e-Procurement Portal.

Farmers looking forward to registering their names at the MP e-procurement portal 2020-21 will truly benefit manifold. For that, it is very much essential to pay great attention to some important things. They are:

  • This year, the registration process can be carried by supplying the Aadhar card and composite ID numbers only.
  • Farmers not having a composite ID will not be eligible for this scheme. They need to apply for this particular ID first.
  • Beneficiaries not having Aadhar cards may have to face lots of difficulties. 
  • The applicant must enter the correct bank account number at the time of registration.

It is mandatory to have a mobile number at the time of registration at the MP e-procurement portal 2020-21. Also, that number must be linked to the Aadhar card. 

Once you are done with the registration, an e-receipt will be generated. It is better to take out a hard copy of the same that must be taken along with at the time of purchase. 

What Are Some Exclusive Benefits of the MP e-Procurement Portal?

Once you are successfully done with the downloading of the MP e-Uparjan app, it will become easy to enjoy the exclusive benefits of this e-procurement portal. Some of the highly remarkable ones include:

Registration can be done easily through a computer system or smartphone. 

Farmers belonging to every nook and corner of the state will be able to access the same.

It will save lots of time.

For selling the wheat at a minimum support price, farmers need to provide the dates on which they will be able to reach the procurement center. 

Helpline Number for Further Assistance

If farmers face any problem at the time of registration or at the time of selling, they may easily dial the helpline number 181. There, they will get the best solutions regarding their problems. 

In this manner, farmers in Madhya Pradesh will be able to earn money by selling their wheat crops easily during the Rabi season. The date of sale of wheat in Indore, Ujjain, and Bhopal will be declared soon. It is hoped that this scheme will benefit the farmers to a great extent during the COVID-19 season.


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