Mp4moviez: Illegal HD Movie downloading Platform

In today’s world, entertainment platforms are increasing day by day, legal and illegal platforms both. Legal platforms include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Sony Liv, Hotstar, etc., where genuine content publish. Still, if we talk about illegal platforms, many such as 123movies, Worldfree4u, Yts, Bollyshare, 7starhd, Tamilrockers, Madrasrockers, etc.

These all are illegal platforms where the pirated content publishes every day. Publishing or using the pirated content are illegal things. It is a crime in many countries such as India, the US, etc.

There are different punishments in different countries. In India, if anyone catches in the act of piracy, they can get imprisonment for 3 years, up to 10 lakh rupees fine, or both. The rules and regulations for this crime are stringent.

If you are found guilty, maybe the bail will not be approved. It is a very serious crime. But most people do not know the seriousness of this.

This is not their fault. In several countries, including India, the awareness about piracy and the rules and regulation of using the internet is not known to most people.

So, things like this happen. The government is trying to aware the audience. There is only one option because it is very complicated to stop all piracy websites on the internet.

There is no specific location or anything that can point to the real person behind the piracy websites.

The owners of piracy websites are smarter, and they use proxy things to secure from cybersecurity. They use advanced technology and server to run this type of illegal website.

It is very tough to track them because they are using a proxy. Even maybe there is no single person behind this scenario. There is a team of persons who are located in various countries and operate this kind of website.

The identity of anyone who runs this piracy website is not known. So, it is challenging for the government to catch them all.

But the government is trying a lot to ban or block them, but it is not like that. If the government blocks ten websites today, then tomorrow, those ten websites will become active again with a new domain name and URL.

So, it is almost impossible to delete all the piracy websites. Yes, in the future, it may be possible. Only a few people know that everything such as movies, TV shows, web series, etc., are freely available on a particular website and are the pirated ones.

Only the legal platform will provide you with the original content. No other website will give you original content, and they will only give you pirated content with no safety and security.

Nowadays, the entertainment industry is a money-making tool for piracy websites. A normal person can not imagine the digit that the piracy website owners are making.

They are earning too much with the increasing popularity of their website. It is just because they are providing the paid thing for free to the audience.

But the audience does not know that it is a crime, and if they catch it while using it, they can be arrested in the act of piracy.

We recommend that you do not use the pirated content or spread the pirated content because your one mistake will put you in big trouble in the future.

This complete article is only for information purposes. We have mentioned all the details regarding the piracy website in this article.

No. of movies and web series releasing every day, and they leak too. So, the market of the film industry is getting down day by day because of piracy websites.

If any popular movie releases today, then just a few hours after, the movie publish on piracy websites. So, the reputation of the movie decreases, and then after the revenue.

So, that’s why the market of the film industry is decreasing rapidly. Only a few movies collect the target amount. But most movies leaks by piracy websites and the movie fail to hit.

If the audience stops watching the pirated content, then only the piracy website will close; otherwise, not. The entire thing of piracy websites is dependent on the audience. So, if the audience understands the seriousness of this crime, then it will decrease; otherwise, not.

The government is arranging awareness programs through online conferences, personal meetings, etc. But it has to improve rapidly. But some people do not even know the meaning of piracy and pirated content.

They download movies, web series, TV shows, etc., blindly from the internet’s piracy websites. So, just because of those persons, the demand for piracy websites is increasing.

Nowadays, the demand for movies and web series also increasing. We can say that the demand for entertainment is increasing. In today’s world, entertainment is the need of the person. Most people do not like to spend more money on entertainment.

So, that’s why they enjoy the content on piracy websites. It is because piracy websites are giving free entertainment, which is already paid ones on legal platforms.

If anything is coming free at a stop and the same thing is the paid ones at another stop, the audience will get that thing from the free stop because the thing matters are money only.

But they do not even know that it is a crime. They may get into jail. So, awareness about piracy is required to spread rapidly and as soon as possible to the public.

Even the main search engine Google is against piracy. They block or ban every piracy website. Piracy is a crime in most countries. Now, let’s move on to the main topic, the illegal piracy website, Mp4moviez.

What is Mp4moviez:

Mp4moviez: Illegal HD Movie downloading Platform 1


Mp4moviez is one of the most popular piracy websites. They are giving pirated content for free to the audience.

The entertainment industry is growing faster because the internet is speeding up nowadays, and also, the cost of data usage is decreasing.

In the last few years, the trend of web series is increased compared to the movies. Every year, the film industry worldwide is facing a huge loss because of piracy websites. Losses are big as in millions of dollars.

The piracy websites are challenging the film industry and the government because they break the country’s laws.

Mp4moviez is one of them. They are hurting the box office collection of the movies by providing the pirated content for free. The main reason is also they are providing the pirated content in HD quality.

It is like 720P, 1080P, and some even in 4K UHD quality. We can say that people will download only piracy websites’ content because they provide free HD quality.

If you watch one movie legal platform, you have to pay for it or buy a subscription. So, It is obvious that people will not spend a small amount to watch the movie or web series. They will prefer piracy websites more to enjoy the movie.

Mp4moviez contains so many movies and web series in HD quality. There is an extensive collection of various movie genres and web series.

On Mp4moviez, there are lots of movies and web series. So, the user will not have to go to another website to find the movie or web series. They can find any content they want on this website for free.

It is very easy to search the content on Mp4moviez. Many features made it easy for the users. It is the one platform where the user will find every content they want.

Mp4moviez includes movies, web series, songs, TV shows, documentaries, etc. There are also so many categories to find the content easily on Mp4moviez.

Nowadays, the trend is to watch Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies, but web series are trending more than movies.

So, piracy website focuses more on web series compared to movies. Every newly released web series is made available on piracy websites like Mp4moviez in HD quality.

Commonly, most web series are in HD quality on every piracy website. Maybe it is because they are releasing it in HD quality only. So, the piracy website owners can pit the content in HD quality only.

It is very easy to pit the newly released web series because it will not be released in the cinema hall. It will only release on legal platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Zee5, Hulu, ALT Balaji, Mx Player, etc.

So, it is very easy to copy the content from the legal platform for piracy website owners. So, most web series on the piracy website, Mp4moviez, will come in HD quality only.

Mp4moviez includes all types of content on their piracy website. It also includes much content from other languages. So, it is an internationally popular piracy website.

Mp4moviez has a superb and attractive user interface that looks professional. The downloading is so easy on Mp4moviez. The user can open the website on any device they want, such as mobile, Pc, or tablet.

Mp4moviez is the most famous piracy website. It is famous because of its features. The user can get an advantage of those features from any device. The user can operate the same feature from a PC and Mobile also.

So, there will be no difference in page layout on both device mobile and Pc. So, the user can use any device to watch or download the content.

The most popular websites on the internet have the same user interface on mobile and Pc. So, the user can use it from both devices.

The downloading speed will be depended on the user’s network provider. But vary of devices will not affect the downloading or watching.

There are indeed so many ads and pop-ups on the piracy website Mp4moviez. But it is a common thing. The main source of income for piracy websites depends on the advertisement companies.

So, they put a lot of ads on their website to earn more. But if the user uses an app for ad blocking, they can get a better experience every time they visit the website.

Mp4moviez is not a safe website. They are not giving a guarantee of safe content. Maybe the content we download or watch consists of dangerous viruses. Anything is possible in illegal things and free things.

So, it is not safe to use the pirated content. Maybe the device you use can be hacked by the piracy website owners. They can blackmail you or ask for money. So, anything can happen. You have to be safe in the matter of piracy or anything on the internet.

There are also many rules and regulations to use the internet. On the internet, most things are illegal, and you do not even know that.

Most people can not even see the difference between real and fake ones on the internet. So, they can not see the difference between original and pirated content. There is no symbol of original or pirated content.

All the content is pirated and available for free on various piracy websites. The original and real content will be available, but they have to pay for it if they want it.

We hope that the government will take strict action against piracy websites, and it will be stopped. But no one knows the day that the whole thing will be stopped permanently. We hope the day will soon come.

Mp4moviez has leaked so any content such as Hindi movies, English Movies, Tamil Movies, Telugu Movies, Dubbed Movies, Dual Audio Movies, etc.

The user can download any content they want on Mp4moviez for free without any subscription or sign-up. It is the best thing about the Mp4moviez website.

There is one category named mobile-friendly movies. With the help of this category, the user can download any movie that is perfectly suitable for the mobile device.

It is categorized by resolution and audio clarity. So, the user can download the mobile HD movies also from this category on Mp4moviez. The category includes Punjabi Movies, Marathi Movies, Bengali Movies, etc.

The mobile HD movies are consist of small sizes. It is only 300 Mb. So, we can say that it is perfect for the average mobile phone.

There is a huge collection of pirated movies. It includes Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood, Kollywood, etc. Also, it contains pirated web series and many television shows.

The piracy website Mp4moviez is famous for pitting the content of popular legal platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netlfix, Hulu, Zee5, Hotstar, Sony Liv, etc.

They have leaked much content from them and also still leaking because the most popular content is releasing on those platforms only. It is mainly from the two platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The piracy website Mp4moviez also contains pirated content from many other legal platforms or entertainment apps. But all the content present on Mp4moviez is indeed pirated. So, there is no chance of safety and security.

Mp4moviez is an illegal piracy website, and it is banned and blocked in India by the government. So, it can not be opened with a normal browser and internet provider. The user will have to put effort into visiting the illegal piracy website Mp4moviez.

How to open the illegal piracy website Mp4moviez?

If the user wants to open the illegal piracy website Mp4moviez, they must download and install the VPN app. The user will have to connect to another country’s server like the Netherlands server to open the illegal piracy website Mp4moviez.

After successfully connecting to another country’s server, the user can open the illegal piracy website Mp4moviez. On the homepage, the user will find many categories and search bar options.

There may be a lot of ads and pop-ups. Don’t worry, and you can block the ads and pop-ups by installing the adblocker. It is a safe option. If the user wants to watch or download a particular movie or web series, they can search from the search bar and download or watch it directly.

So, it is very easy to use a piracy website like Mp4moviez. So, if the user wants mobile HD movies, there will be a tag under the category named Mobile HD Movies. After clicking on that tag, the user will find all the mobile HD movies to download or watch.

The user can download any content they want from the website Mp4moviez, and the content will be saved in the respective folder of the user’s device.

But there is no guarantee that the downloaded content is safe. We already told you that it might contain dangerous viruses. So, please think twice before downloading it. It may encrypt the whole data of your computer or mobile.

So, we do not recommend downloading the pirated content because it is not safe and it is a crime. On the internet, there are so many similar piracy websites like Mp4moviez. But they all are fake ones. The user will have to search for the main website Mp4moviez. Otherwise, the user will open the fake website.

While visiting any website on the internet, we suggest checking your device’s privacy settings first; after then, check the website security setting and check the permissions you gave to that website. Is that secure or not? Check all things before visiting or using an unknown website.

It is illegal and a crime if you open a piracy website. So, we suggest you that stay away from it and do not open it. It is only for information purposes and does not follow the procedure to open the illegal piracy website Mp4moviez.

The main domain of Mp4moviez was .com. but it is not working anymore. Google has blocked it due to piracy reasons. So, there are so many other domains that personally link with the main website Mp4moviez.

It is better when you search for piracy websites in incognito mode only. Because it is a safe option, but it can not save you from catching by the authority.

If you connected with the VPN, the authority could still catch you because the VPN service you use is not stronger as you think. The government can easily bypass them to catch you. They can track your location also.

So, do not take a risk to watch or download a single movie or website. It is very harmful to do that. The illegal piracy website Mp4moviez is upgraded. So, on the new version, you will find no ads and no more pop-ups.

So, the user will not get any irritation while using the piracy website Mp4moviez. The website is improving day by day to attract more people. The piracy website creators are changing and improving the user interface.

Mp4moviez became popular as other illegal piracy websites such as Tamilrockers, Movierulz, etc. It is just because they are providing the best features. We have mentioned the superb features of the illegal piracy website Mp4moviez below.

Best features of the illegal piracy website Mp4moviez:

  1. So many dubbed versions of movies.
  2. Fast speed of streaming as well as downloading.
  3. English and Hindi movies are available for free.
  4. Many sources to download the content.
  5. The attractive user interface of the website.
  6. Mobile-friendly web page. (Perfectly suitable for any mobile)
  7. HD video quality like 720P and 1080P.
  8. No ads, No Pop-ups. So, no disturbance.

So, we can say that from the above features, the popularity of piracy website Mp4moviez is increasing day by day just because they are providing so many attractive and interesting features.

In the past, the piracy website Mp4moviez became popular in India only. After some years, the growth of the website increased. So, the popularity increased. And if we talk about today, the piracy website Mp4moviez is popular across the globe.

Yes, it is an illegal and piracy website, but most people are using it, and the popularity is still increasing of Mp4moviez. Theirs earning increased and it is still increasing.

Also, the global website rank increased. The growth is not stopped yet, it is still increasing, and we do not know where it will touch. So, we can say that crime is increasing, and it will increase in the future also because the popularity of illegal piracy websites is increasing.

It is also because the audience chooses the piracy websites rather than choosing the legal platform because the legal platform is paid and the illegal one is free.

On the piracy website Mp4moviez, there is a big collection of movies from 2017 to 2021. There are also old movies and web series as well as television series.

The movie contains original language, but the piracy website Mp4moviez is providing the dubbed version of that movie also. The user can watch the movie in their favorite language. Also, so many subtitles are available.

So, if the user can not find a suitable language, they watch the content using subtitles. We have mentioned the various categories on the piracy website Mp4moviez. The list is below.

Popular categories on Mp4moviez:

  1. Bollywood movies
  2. Hollywood movies
  3. Indian TV shows
  4. English TV shows
  5. Hollywood dubbed movies
  6. Netflix movies and web series
  7. Hollywood dubbed TV series.
  8. Tamil dubbed movies
  9. Indian TV series and web series

There are so many genres, such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Animation, Sci-Fi, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, etc.

On Mp4moviez, there are almost all genres. So, the user will find every genre content on the website. There are also Award shows, reality shows, etc., in HD quality.

There are so many alternatives to Mp4moviez. The list is below:

Alternatives to Mp4moviez:

  1. Ssrmovies
  2. Filmy4wap
  3. Moviespur
  4. Yts
  5. Movies Counter
  6. Bollyshare
  7. 1337x
  8. Downloadhub
  9. 7starhd
  10. Madras Rockers
  11. Kuttymovies
  12. Gomovies
  13. Teluguwap
  14. Moviesda
  15. Pagalworld
  16. Bolly4u
  17. Djpunjab
  18. Filmywap
  19. Jiorockers
  20. 9xmovies
  21. Todaypk
  22. Filmyzilla
  23. Tamilyogi
  24. Worldfree4u
  25. Tamilrockers
  26. Khatrimaza
  27. isaimini
  28. 123movies
  29. Movierulz
  30. Tamilyogi

Above listed all the websites are alternatives to Mp4moviez.

Mp4moviez has leaked so many movies and web series recently. Now, let’s discuss the list of the leaked movies and web series by the piracy website Mp4moviez.

Movies leaked by Mp4moviez:

  1. Cars 3
  2. Fanna
  3. The Revenant
  4. Iron Man
  5. Satyameva Jayate
  6. 1917
  7. Bala
  8. Panga
  9. Malang
  10. Hacked
  11. Super 30
  12. Love Aaj Kal
  13. Little Women
  14. Dabangg
  15. Dolittle
  16. War
  17. Kedarnath
  18. Simba
  19. Street Dancer 3D
  20. Uri: The Surgical Strike

Mp4moviez leaked the above-listed movies. So, we can say that the film industry’s market is getting down day by day because of these piracy websites.

Now, let’s talk about similar piracy websites to Mp4moviez.

Similar websites to Mp4moviez:

  1. Moviescounter: It is the most popular piracy website to watch Hollywood movies in the dubbed versions. There is a huge collection of dubbed Hollywood movies. It is also popular because it also contains Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, and Telugu movies. To open this piracy website, the user does not require any VPN service or sign-up process. But it is not safe to visit because it contains pirated content. So, do not visit it.
  2. 7Starhd: It is a piracy website that contains a large collection of HD movies, including Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood movies. All the movies are pirated because the website 7Starhd has copyrighted content. So, stay away from this kind of website.
  3. Jiorockers: It is an Indian torrent piracy website that steals content from other legal platforms and makes it free for the public. It contains Telugu HD movies and Tamil movies. They also contain other language movies, but it is famous for that both languages only. It also contains pirated content. So, do not visit it.
  4. Filmywap: They are best known for their HD quality content of Bollywood as well as Hollywood. They have leaked so many movies and web series recently. Shagird, Sadak 2, and I are the three movies that leaked by Filmywap. It is an illegal piracy website, and it is not legal to visit it or use it.
  5. Todaypk: It is famous for Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and English movies. They have a big collection of pirated movies. It also includes Bollywood and Hollywood movies with Hindi dubbed. There lots of Dual audio movies also. But the website is famous for the music and songs. There is a large collection of songs and music albums. All the songs, albums, videos, movies, etc., are pirated. So, it is not safe, and it is illegal.
  6. Djpunjab: The piracy website is famous for the songs and music colection. The user will get every song or album they want from the piracy website. It is effortless to download the song from the website. It also includes video songs in HD quality. There are so many formats such as 360P, 720P, 1080P of video songs.
  7. Madras Rockers: The website is very popular for the copyrighted content includes Tamil movies, Tamil dubbed movies, Hindi dubbed movies. The website is best known for its Tamil movies collection. They also include the Tamil web series. There are so many other language movies, such as Hindi, English, Kannada, Malayalam, Madras, etc. But keep in mind that all content is pirated or copyrighted. So, think twice before using it.

We have mentioned few websites above that are similar to the Mp4moviez. These all piracy websites are illegal and use pirated content to earn money. They are leaking the content every day to make a good amount of money.

They have a large audience. So, the popularity of the website is increasing, and also the number of users is increasing. It is an illegal thing, but people are still using it.

The consequences will be worst if anyone is caught using this kind of website or pirated content. So, stay away from this type of website and use a legal platform to watch the content. Please do not use copyrighted content and do not spread it.

You can add a bookmark of this website to get the latest update first. Stay tuned for the next update.

Disclaimer: Govtjobbuzz does not aim to promote piracy in any form. It is a crime. If any got caught in charge of piracy, the consequences would be serious. It will be considered as an offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to provide you the accurate and true information. We request you not to use an illegal website and engage in piracy in any way.


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