Odisha Inter Caste Marriage Scheme: Application Form

Odisha Inter Caste Marriage Scheme: Application Form

The Odisha government will give the financial incentive to the couple who have to marry in the inter-caste marriage scheme. The government will provide financial help to the couple who marry the SC/ST person. The government has decided on the eligibility criteria of the scheme, and they also give financial assistance to the couple who marry under the scheme.

There are so many people in the state of Odisha who still believe that inter-caste marriage is not good. So there will arise a situation where people will be able to discriminate against one another on the basis of their caste. It will definitely be going to promote castism among people living in this society.

While you can also find some couples who are doing love marriages due to people not accepting their inter-caste marriage. But the government is promoting inter-caste marriage by providing a great amount of fortune to the couple who is doing inter-caste marriage.

However, the Gujarat government has also launched this type of scheme. These types of scheme will help the lower caste people to develop their self. The couple can interact with each other. They can understand the different caste rules, and they coordinate with each other. The government has set any objectives and aims behind this scheme. We will discuss every part of the scheme in this article.

Odisha Inter Caste Marriage Scheme:

the government of Odisha has decided the incentive under the scheme is Rs. 1 lakh. Till now, the government is helping the inter cast marriage couple with Rs. 1 lakh. No, the government has updated this scheme, and they increase the incentive amount in the scheme.

However, that means if any Swarna cast person marries with SC/ST cast person, then the government will give the Rs.2.5 lah incentive amount to the married couple. Yet, the government will provide financial help to the couple.

With the help of this scheme, the government can help the economic condition of a person, and they can improve their financial requirements. The minister of SC/ST development Shri. Ramesh Chandra Majhi has announced an increase in the incentive amount. The government now gives more than 1.5 lakh rupees to the couple who have married under the inter-caste marriage scheme.

Primary Objective of the Inter Caste Marriage Scheme:

The government aims many things behind the scheme. With the implementation of shame, the government wants to remove the untouchability in society. However, the constitution of India gives permission to a person to go to the supreme court against untouchability.

However, With the help of this scheme, the people will become aware of the provisions in the Indian constitution and untouchability also. The provision of untouchability is available in article 17 of the Indian constitution.

As we all know that if any couple has done the intercaste marriage, then they have to face so many difficulties in society. Many societies do not accept the inter-caste marriage.

Due to this, the government will give them the incentive to help them financially. The government will give the financial amount to the married couple and help them to improve their life.

Eligibility Criteria of the Scheme:

  • The couple can only happy with the scheme if they both are permanent residents of Odisha state.
  • Among the couple, one person should belong to the upper caste, and one person would belong to SC/ST caste.
  • To get the financial incentive from the government under this scheme, the couple has to show the marriage certificate, marriage card, and other required documents to the government.
  • If you do not have the proper documentation to show to the government, then the government will not give you the benefits of the scheme.
  • If any one person of the couple will not belong to Odisha state, then the benefits will not avail to that couple.
  • In the couple, If both the person belongs to the upper caste, then the benefits will not be given to them.
  • The couple who have married under the scheme will get Rs.2.5 lakh amount from the government.
  • By implementing this scheme, the Odisha government wants to remove the castism and promote inter-caste marriage in the state.
  • To avail of the scheme’s advantage, the couple has to apply for the scheme, and they have to fill the application form for the scheme.
  • The couple has to give their Aadhaar card information, bank account information, and caste certificate to the government for verification purposes.


Updated: March 5, 2024 — 8:21 am

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