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As any brand owner, it is clear that you want to let as many people know about your product as possible. And while there are numerous strategies for that, copywriting tends to be among the most effective. Writing a copy may seem equivalent to writing any text, which is to some degree. However, the excellent copy touches on many more aspects you need to consider before kick-starting the writing process. Of course, whatever you write about, you want your copy to end up informative, exciting, and persuasive, and this is what this article is about. Persuasive writing has been present in copywriting for ages, yet only recently has it gotten into the limelight. Let’s define persuasive writing and learn how to use it to multiply your customers efficiently.

Persuasive writing: Definition

Persuasive writing is the act of writing a compelling text that makes others believe its content, plain and simple. And no, it’s not a scam. Aside from possible persuasive writing misuses, it is credible and backed up with relevant information, showing that the piece has reasonable grounds to resonate with and trust. But indeed, specific methods related to this type of writing make your copy more readable, interesting, and convincing. 

Persuasive writing and marketing copy: what makes them intersect?

Ever seen those links calling you to act, click, and see what’s next? This is a typical example of persuasive writing. Truth be told, marketing relies on persuasive writing because it makes texts better. Not every marketing copy will use persuasive writing techniques, but you can be sure it plays a pivotal role in business.


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How to make the most out of persuasive marketing copy?

Writing a professional persuasive piece takes time and effort, as you need not only to consider the quality of text per se, but you should also take care of other essential elements. Here is a breakdown of how to make your persuasive writing stunning and successful:

  • Dress it with visuals. A dry text is the worst pitfall you must omit at all cost. Generating content without furnishing it with properly placed visuals will do you no good. Ensure that high-quality pictures in your copy resonate with the content and represent your brand. Don’t hesitate to polish images to make them a better fit; Vista Themes offer a set of tools to do that promptly.
  • Structure the piece. It would be best if you did not overlook coherence when striving to make your work engaging. Writing everything down in a block of text is a bad idea that will lead to terrible results. Try reading a three-page article without a structure. You will feel the readers’ pain. A good rule of thumb is to ensure the text has an introduction, body, and conclusion, with its paragraphs being easily readable and short.
  • Support your claims. Being compelling is key, but whatever the claim you voice, keep in mind to support it with authoritative thoughts. Don’t forget to include links to sources that buttress your stance, thus making your opinion reliable.
  • Follow your style. Having a style is also crucial because it makes your copies distinct. In working with different brands and using tools, preserving the technique may be challenging, but it will benefit your brand image.

Persuasive writing best practices

Although persuasive writing includes a tremendous number of tips and tricks, the following are the most effective tactics that will take your copy to a new level.

Provide explanations

Why? Why should people take action, as you ask them? Simply asking to purchase a product or service or making people refuse to buy from their favorite brands and choose you will lead to nothing. You need to provide a reason why they should do that, whether by a chart, bulleted list, or text. The actual reasoning is what matters the most.


Repeating may sound simple, but it is an effective technique strongly influencing our psychology. By repeating a specific statement several times, the chances are people will be more inclined to complete an action. It is no need to say that reverberating the same sentence on and on will look odd, if not disastrous. Instead, use the main thought and provide it as a statement, story, joke, example, etc.

Add social proof

Reading others’ takes on your product is always persuasive. That’s why user-generated content has been hitting the scene lately. What to add to your copy will depend on various factors, like the article’s format and size, the platform it appears on, and more. We encourage you to leverage social media networks and use excerpts like comment screenshots, direct messages, stories, and even full-fledged testimonials published as separate posts. 

Persuasive writing techniques to make the most of your copy 6


You are free to include things from your previous copies if you know they have been effective. Don’t restrict your writing to the mentioned approaches only. However good they are, adjusting every piece to them will make your writing robotic and unnatural. Also, please don’t shy away from addressing people’s potential objections, unifying people according to their views, etc. Remember that persuasive writing does not have a one-size-fits-all strategy, and what works for others may be lame for you. Therefore, keep your eyes wide open when delving into persuasive writing. Use SEO techniques and include keywords in your headlines and text to rank it higher. Eventually, you will observe the desired outcome.



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