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The SSC CHSL (Combined Higher Secondary Level) Exam is a nation-wide government recruitment exam for the following positions in relevant ministries/departments etc. in Govt. of India:

  • Data Entry Operator
  • Lower Divisional Clerk
  • Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants
  • Court Clerk

In this blog, we will list down the strategies and tips favored by toppers that will not only help you boost up your overall SSC CHSL preparation 2020. Before that, take a look at the three SSC CHSL exam stages, namely:

Stage Type Details
Tier 1 Multiple Choice Questions 200 marks [1 hour]
Tier 2 Descriptive [Offline] 100 marks [1 hour]
Tier 3 Skill Test/Typing Test

SSC CHSL Preparation 2020: Tier 2 Exam Pattern

At the Tier 2 stage, skills of writing and comprehension are tested thoroughly. It consists of a 200-250 word Essay along with a Letter/Application of 150-200 words in English/Hindi. Candidates are required to secure at least 33% minimum qualifying marks to progress into the next round of selection. Moreover, as your performance in Tier 2 will be included for merit selection, preparing through a well-curated SSC CHSL preparation strategy 2020 is very important.

SSC CHSL Preparation Strategy 2020: Essay Writing Tips

The 1st question requires candidates to write a short essay on a given topic in not more than 250 words. Remember that you can write both of the questions in either English or Hindi but not partly in English and Hindi. There aren’t any fixed topics so practising on random topics keeps you in good stead. Here are a few more SSC CHSL preparation 2020 tips:

  • Stick to the word limit

In competitive examinations, exceeding the word limit can cost you dearly. While sticking to the word limit says that you can abide by the instructions given and efficiently convey your arguments, crossing over may show carelessness. So,practice writing in a clear, concise manner. Refer to SSC CHSL preparation books for how to write and read editorials, newspapers.

  • Use at least 2 paragraphs

Dividing your essay into 2 paragraphs helps you make arguments, counter-arguments, and conclusions and prevents you from cramming everything in one large essay. This also shows that you can clearly define your views and present them as well. The examiners look for clarity of thought more than information.

  • Use Easy-to-Read Language

            Your sentences matter more than fancy words. Use simple, plain and easy-to-read language that flows through your essay. If you are using difficult words, don’t just use them for the sake of it. As you have a short word limit, clarity helps you stick to your word limit.

  • Avoid Silly mistakes, Punctuation errors

Examiners look for accuracy in your essay and spelling, punctuation errors, grammatical mistakes, scribbling puts them off. Be attentive while writing and check your essay at least once after writing. Sometimes, this saves you from all-important few marks. In your SSC CHSL preparation time, practice like you are taking an actual exam.

  • Revise, Revise and Revise

Revise your essay for any factual errors like dates, names, monuments, etc. which can cost you. For instance, if you are writing about an issue check its main components. Further, revise your essay in full and take a look at how the main idea relates to your views, your conclusion and the overall tone of the essay.

Ultimately, in the essay writing question, the goal is to write in a way that engages the reader from the start to the end and this can only come through regular practice and constructive feedback. Devote as much of your SSC CHSL preparation time on essays as you can.

SSC CHSL Preparation Strategy 2020: Letter/Application Writing Tips

The 2nd question requires candidates to write a short letter/application on a given topic in not more than 200 words. Here are a few more SSC CHSL preparation 2020 letter/application tips:

  • Use the Latest and Most Commonly Accepted Format

In a letter/application, the format carries a lot of weightage. So, use a widely accepted format which is common across competitive examinations. Given below are some types of letters/applications:

  • Letters on Issues such as pollution/climate change, corruption, waste dumping, and like
  • Letters expressing views on various current affairs
  • Applications of acceptance/rejection/postponement of employment offers
  • Letters to Authorities/Departments
  • Letters of Inquiries/Orders/
  • Reply to Letters/Applications of Complaint

You can refer to the latest SSC CHSL preparation books for the types of questions commonly asked in the exam.

  • Be Precise

In letter/application writing, precision is of utmost importance. You can refer to Wren & Martin or other SSC CHSL preparation books to know and understand how to write common letters and applications to editors, publishers, professors, etc.

  • Read the instructions

There are different types of letters and applications such as a business letter, formal letter, official letter, circular letter, employment letter, leave application etc. and the question may ask you to write a specific one of these. So, it is essential to read and understand the instructions.

  • Establish the Main Intent Early

Get to the point as early in the letter/application as you can as you have a short word limit. For example, if you are writing to the editor, mention what you want to say immediately and not in the 2nd paragraph. Achieving this in your letters/applications must be on the top priority in your preparation time for SSC CHSL 2020 exam.

  • Have a Positive Tone

The tone and language of the letter/application must be polite and respectful even in letters of complaint. Avoid writing in an insulting voice in all kinds of letters. Take suggestions from the latest SSC CHSL preparation books to gain a better idea.

The best SSC CHSL preparation strategy 2020 is to practice from the official sample papers, take mock tests regularly. Divide your efforts into daily/weekly/monthly goals and work your way through it. Prepare a schedule that is devised according to your strengths and weak points and stick to it. The SSC CHSL preparation time is different for everyone. Be confident have patience and enjoy this phase of your preparation

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