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Tips and tricks to prepare maths for CTET 

CTET, or most commonly known as the Central Teacher Eligibility Test, is known for being one of the popular tests that a person has to go through to be a teacher. In another sense, if you want to be a teacher in a school or university, you have to sit for this common test exam before moving any further in the respective field. Aspirants taking up the test need to follow the process including downloading and filling up the CTET application form to send and wait for the next process.

The test examination manually covers all the job perspectives of being a teacher, starting from the government to the private sector. The test is manually held by the central board of school education or commonly known as CBSE, through two steps. The central part of the test is the CTET admit card that makes you eligible to sit for the test. You can download the admit card from the official website.

There are many aspects and horizons when it comes to this test, and every subject that comes under the syllabus holds equal importance in the career. That is why, through this article, we are here to help you get through the toughest of all subjects, Mathematics, with tips and tricks up our sleeves. Maths, compared to other subjects, needs more practice and strategy. If you are good in calculation, then somewhat your burden is low.

  • Know the syllabus

One should do the first and foremost thing before preparing for any subject in the category is to know the syllabus. It is essential to be thorough about the syllabus from which the questions are going to come. Once through and acknowledged about the syllabus, the preparation procedure becomes easy and smooth.

  • The weak areas

Maths is one of those subjects on which an individual cannot soulfully succeed thoroughly. That is why you must know your weaker point and what chapter is your strength. This method focuses more on the weaker segment than going here and there throughout the whole syllabus. Make pointers, label chapters and problems that take up your time and are hard to understand; this will help you concentrate and achieve your weaker areas.

  • Practice makes perfect

The subject of maths is one of the most challenging subjects that mostly confuse people with hard problems. That can be easily avoided through practice. One can easily download the previous year’s questioners or even go through and practice the online mock papers to get a hold of the pattern.

  • Solve the easy first

While solving or going through the problems, make sure you point out the problems you can easily solve with ease. First, solve those easy problems and then shift your focus on the problems you have left behind. This helps you focus more on the problematic area with a lot of time on your hand to solve them.

  • Use the required materials

As maths is challenging to crack, many people tend to hoard various books and materials belonging to different publications and authors to ensure a good mark. But that is not what will help you! Only take on or buy those books and materials that are best and meant for the exam preparations. A large number of materials will not be time-consuming but also will confuse you even more.

  • Take online Assistance

There are any online resources for maths practice. You can seek assistance to know the type of question asked for the entrance exam. During the mock test, these online resources could be a good resource.

CTET exams are relatable, not that easy as they might sound. It is one of the thought examinations one has to go through to be in the teaching profession. But an assured knowledge and rigorous practice of the subjects present on the syllabus will help you crack the test with glorious numbers.


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