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We live in times where time is a precious commodity. Our generation has tangled itself deeply with the corporate world. As soon as our careers begin, we are keen on taking up a job that pays us well, regardless of what the working hours are. Basically, the larger part of our day is spent working at the office or at home, and the remainder of it is reserved of course, for our family. But let’s a flashback to the 90s when we had no responsibilities. We could do what we want when we want. A lot spent significant portion of our day in front of the TV because smartphones did not exist back then. We watched movies and TV shows throughout the day. However, we can’t even imagine spending our day like that, can we?

It’s because for a couple of reasons that we cannot do that. Our first problem is lack of time. We are extremely short on time. Another issue, for some people, could be the inability to spend on expensive movie tickets if they plan on going to the theatres. It is no surprise with the declining economic growth and rising rates of unemployment. In such situations, most people just try to spend their time on their phones scrolling mindlessly through their newsfeeds. But you don’t necessarily need to do that.

If there is one thing that solves all modern problems, it has to be the internet. It has given us unimaginable power and put the world at the tip of our fingertips. The above issues as well could be resolved with the help of the internet. There are websites that provide users access to an entire world of content. What’s more, this content is available to everyone without having to pay any fees. These free services only require an internet connection and a computer system. One of the top websites providing such services is Ssrmovies. This amazing website is here to solve all your 21st-century problems by providing you with all the latest movies, TV shows, and web series.

What exact is Ssrmovies?


Ssrmovies is a website that has been created to provide users access to a vast content library that consists of a diverse collection of content from across the globe. The website has all types of movies, documentaries, anime, cartoon shows, and a lot more for users to download as well as stream. The users will not be required to sign up or register for the website and will be able to access all this data free of cost. Ssrmovies features content in a number of languages including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, Hindi, and English, among many others. With a sleek design, the website has provided users with an excellent experience in terms of quality of service.

However, we must inform our readers that Ssrmovies is an illegal website. Ssrmovies distributes pirated content over which it has not rights of distribution. Because of this, the government may ban this website at any time without any prior notice to the users. Moreover, users who are found to be using this website for downloading pirated content may be punishable by law. The website also tends to put a lot of pop-up ads on its page, which when clicked on, may infect the computer system with malwares and viruses causing permanent damage to the computer.

Now that we have cleared that out, let’s discuss in much more detail about this awesome website. If you are a movie buff, this website is a haven for you. Movies from plenty of industries are available on Ssrmovies including, but not limited to, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, and Tollywood movies. The content on this website has excellent video and audio quality. All the latest movies are put up on the website almost immediately after their release. Although the first copy may be in camera quality, all the subsequent ones will be in high-definition resolutions only. It is unlikely that users will ever have to visit another website when they are comfortable with Ssrmovies because it has abundant content that satisfies users from all groups and classes. Up next, we will discuss a couple of things in detail relating to Ssrmovies such as features of the website, categories available on the website, alternatives to Ssrmovies (both legal as well as illegal), and FAQs. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with this amazing source of content so you never have to look anywhere else for your daily streaming requirements.

Features of Ssrmovies

Ssrmovies movies have incorporated great tools on its website to enable users to optimally utilize the true power of the website. These features have been put in place by the creators of the website with a view to providing its users with ample tools as they explore the contents of the website and choose the content of their liking without much hassle. The features have enriched the user experience of the website by helping users conveniently navigate through the website and stream their favorite content. We have compiled a list of a few features of Ssrmovies for you to be able to better understand what the website provides to the users.

  1. The website’s content library is massive and will have some or other content for all classes of users. It is unlikely that a user will not find the content that he is looking for on Ssrmovies. The content has a gigantic pool of content which includes TV shows, movies, documentaries, web series, and a lot more.
  2. The website does not charge anything to its users. The users do not have to put in their credit card information either at the time of first use nor are they required to go through any lengthy signup or registration process. All they have to do is go to the website’s URL and begin using the service.
  3. Ssrmovies boasts a carefully crafted design for which the creators deserve much credit. The design has been created keeping in consideration the user-friendliness factor, and easy accessibility for users who have no prior experience using similar websites for streaming or downloading content.
  4. The website also has a quick response time which saves users a lot of time that would be otherwise wasted on unresponsive pages.
  5. For mobile phone users, specifically Android users, Ssrmovies has made the website mobile friendly so they can use the website whenever and wherever they want, even in absence of a computer system.
  6. An excellent feature of Ssrmovies is that it does not play ads in the middle of the movie, unlike other websites where ads pop up periodically throughout the movie. Such ads spoil the experience of watching the movie and can get on the users’ nerves. However, with Ssrmovies, you do not have to bother with such pop-ups anytime when the movie is playing.

Categories on Ssemovies

A categorization is a tool without which it can be extremely cumbersome to use websites containing a large amount of content. Imagine visiting a website that provides users with streaming services that contain all sorts of data such as content in different languages, from different years, and different genres – and all of this mixed up. Users could get overwhelmed by this and abandon the idea of streaming the content altogether. To prevent this from happening, the creators of the website have created some categories for the users. Using these categories is quite simple and does a lot of good to users by saving them ample time and effort which would have otherwise been wasted after content that would have been anyway irrelevant to them. By not making users knit-pick through its entire content library, the categories on the website provide the users an option to look at only a particular set of data.

The entire content library is divided on the basis of certain parameters so users can identify content based on these parameters. Inside these categories, users will only see the relevant content while the remaining will be screened. The most common parameters of categorization are year or release, language, and genre. Although there are many other parameters, these are the most common and relevant. We have put together a list of some of these categories for you to be able to better understand what sort of categories you will encounter on the website.

  1. Romance:

A genre that is the essence of Bollywood, this category contains all the content on the website that belongs to the romance genre. However, what is noteworthy here, is that this category only filters for the romance genre and not anything else. This means that in this category users will find content from a number of different languages and from all across time, but what they will have in common is that they will belong to the romance genre.

  1. 2020 Movies:

This category will feature all movies released in the year 2020 only. Any past movies will be filtered out and will not appear in this category. But just like the previous category, this will filter only for the year. This means that this category will contain movies in plenty of other languages that belong to a number of different genres. Nevertheless, all these movies will have been released in the year 2020 only.

  1. Tamil Movies:

A popular category on Ssrmovies, it contains all movies that are in the Tamil language. But as with the previous two categories, this category will also not filter for the year or release and the genre. That is to say, all movies in this category will be Tamil which has been released anytime during the past, and will include Tamil movies belonging to a number of genres such as romance, action, comedy, thriller, etc.

Among other popular categories on the website are:

  • Punjabi Movies
  • Kannada Movies
  • Malayalam Movies
  • Hindi Movies Dubbed
  • English TV Shows
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Hindi TV Shows
  • Hollywood Movies

Best Alternatives (Illegal) to Ssrmovies

Ssrmovies, as discussed previously, is an illegal website. The website may be banned at any time by the government. The accessibility of the website becomes uncertain on account of this fact. Whenever it becomes inaccessible, users that rely solely on Ssrmovies may be left out to dry in absence of viable alternatives that they could resort to. To avoid such a situation, we advise our readers to always have a few alternatives handy that will prove useful whenever the website is no longer accessible. We have put together a few websites for your perusal that provide more or less the same services as Ssrmovies and are ideal alternatives that will allow you to continue downloading and streaming your favorite content online for free.

  1. Bolly4uMovies

Our top pick here is a website that has the largest collection of Bollywood movies online. The website has grown steadily over the past few users because of its excellent collection of content. While Bollywood movies remain the most popular category, there are plenty of other categories that are available on the website which include Hollywood Movies, TV shows, etc.

  1. Tamilrockers

Another top contender for the alternatives to Ssrmovies is Tamilrockers. This website started out by only providing Tamil content to its users. But it soon added content from other languages as well to generate more traffic. Since then, the website has gained plenty of popularity. The website now features hundreds of categories in plenty of international as well as regional languages such as Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, and a lot more.

  1. Filmywap

Next on our list of alternatives is Filmwap. This is one of the few websites that provides users the option to download movies in a compact file size of 300 Mb. This is handy, especially for those users who are using mobile phones for using the website because it saves them a lot of data and storage.

  1. Putlocker

Perhaps the most known streaming website globally, Putlocker has managed to garner a large viewership all over the world with its large pool of content and exceptional quality of service.

  1. 7StarHD

This well-designed website has invited a lot of attention recently because of its user-friendly interface and clean website. The website has a decent content collection that is free for all to download and stream.

Best Alternatives (Legal) to Ssrmovies

  1. Netflix

Undoubtedly the top streaming platform in the world currently, is Netflix. However, the subscription fee for Netflix could prove to be quite heavy on pockets. But it is more than made up for by its exceptional content which includes highly acknowledged web series and movies, some of which have been produced by Netflix itself.

  1. YouTube

Although not many people realize it, but producers like T-series often post their movies on their YouTube channels. These full-length movies are free to stream for all users.

  1. Amazon Prime

With a pocket-friendly price, Amazon Prime has taken the Indian market by storm. Popular shows like The Family Man and amazing movies like 102 Not Out have Amazon Prime as their streaming partner.

  1. Hotstar

A platform that credits its popularity to the free cricket streaming feature has recently become popular among Indian users. The platform has content tailor-made for the Indian population.

  1. PopCornFlix

A legal website with perhaps some of the largest content collections, PopCornFlix has recently emerged as a leading streaming platform.


  1. Is Ssrmovies legal?

No. Ssrmovies is an illegal website that distributes pirated copies of movies and TV shows. The website may be banned at any time by the government.

  1. Is Ssrmovies user-friendly?

Yes. The website has a design that facilitates user-friendliness by streamlining the entire process of downloading or streaming the content so users do not have to spend excessive time figuring out how to work through the website.

  1. Will download from Ssrmovies cause excessive consumption of data?

It depends on what kind of content you are downloading. The size of the content is positively correlated with the quality of the video. If you are looking to save data, you should choose the 300mb movies that are often available on such websites.


We condemn the use of illegal websites that distribute pirated copies of the content. We are completely aware of the rules and regulations laid out by The Copyright Act, of 1957. Through our articles, we aim to educate our readers about the risks associated with the use of illegal websites. We hope our readers will only adapt ethical means of streaming content online and encourage their friends and family to do the same.


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