Telangana Sada Bainama Registration Guidelines [New] – Regularisation of Agricultural Lands in Rural Areas

Telangana Sada Bainama Registration Guidelines [New] – Regularisation of Agricultural Lands in Rural Areas

The Telangana government will regulate the agricultural land of their stat. The government is often introducing many schemes for the farmers of the state. Not only the state government but also the central government also launched the scheme. With the use of the agriculture scheme of the government, many people are doing farming illegally.

The government has decided to regulate those people who are doing illegal farming in the state. The government of Telangana will now keep a law for the contract farming as well as keep the regulation on the farming land.

However, it is necessary for the government to keep regulation in the farming sector. Otherwise, the people with the financial condition will regulate the farmers of the state, which not good things for the farmers and agriculture sector of India. However, the Telangana government will make a law for those people who are making the farm on the illegal land of the state.

For the regulation of the agricultural land, the government is come up with a scheme named the Sada Bainama scheme. In this discussion, we will give you the information about the registration procedure of the scheme.

About Telangana Sada Bainama Scheme:

Telangana government chief minister Shri K Chandrashekhar Rao has introduced the guideline for the Telangana new sada Bainama scheme. We will give you a short description of the Telangana new sada Bainama scheme.

The latest guidelines and the registration procedure will be explained below. However, this scheme is not applicable to the people who are using agriculture land transactions. The Telangana government has issued the newest guideline for the scheme on 18 October 2020.

In the guidelines of the government of the scheme, the government has made the provision that all the application of the Sada Bainama scheme will be given to the Mee Seva centers only.

However, the government will accept only in a prescribed manner. This guideline is almost for the government officers who have given the earlier guideline to accept the form-x of the district collector up to 31 October 2020 for the regulation of the sada bainama scheme.

The government has mentioned the cut off date of the sada bainama scheme for the regulation of the agriculture land. However, we can say that this is an excellent step for the people of the Telangana state.

In this era, cases of illegal work are increasing. The government must have to regulate the land of agriculture. However, the situation of the farmers is not right in our country, so the government has to make some efforts to make them good.

The Main Objective Of the Telangana Sada Bainama Scheme:

The government is also making its best effort for the development of the agriculture sector. The scheme Sada Bainama is one of the good steps to develop the agriculture sector of the state as well as the on.

Under the scheme, the government has stated that for the regulation and registration of the agriculture land, the farmers do not have to pay the charges of the stamp duty and registration fee for not more than 5 acres of the land.

However, the government gives the direction to the district collector to follow the government guideline of the scheme. In addition to that, the government has said in the additional guidelines that the person or farmers who have more than 5 acres of d have to pay the stamp duty and the registration fees of the agriculture land.

The government makes sure to the people of the state through this scheme for the regulation of the agricultural land. However, the person has to pay the stamp duty and the registration fees, but the government will make the agriculture land regulation through this scheme. The government has launched this scheme so that they can invite the application and registration form from the government.

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