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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, or GATE as it is commonly called, is one of the most important exam for the graduates of engineering stream. It is also one of the most difficult exams of India. It is not easy to clear this exam without good practice and dedication. So, if you want to prepare for GATE 2019 Electronics Communication and Engineering Exam, especially without any coaching, you need to put some extra efforts.

With the help of this article, we are sharing some important expert tips which will help in your preparation for GATE ECE 2019 Exam.


  1. Know about the GATE ECE 2019
  • First, you should now about the GATE Exam, which you will get from the information b
  • Information brochure contains all the information about GATE Exam.
  • You must have proper information about the latest pattern and syllabus of GATE ECE exam.


  1. Understand the GATE ECE 2019 Syllabus
  • Again, refer the information brochure and note down the whole syllabus of GATE ECE 2019 Exam.
  • This is a very important step because you must be familiar with all the subjects of Electronics Communication and Engineering, which are included in the GATE ECE 2019 Exam.


  1. Design study Plan
  • After a thorough study of the syllabus, you must plan how to study it.
  • There are 10 subjects in the GATE ECE 2019 exam
  • You should decide the proper sequence of subjects to study.
  • Assign a time duration for each subject.
  • If you are weak in a particular subject, you should give more than 10 days for its preparation, otherwise 8-10 days are sufficient.
    In this way you must decide on your study plan and start implementing it for an effective preparation.


  1. Refer Standard books
  • For each subject, you must identify the standard books and read them thoroughly.
  • You must prepare your theoretical concepts along with the numerical problems.
  • After reading each topic, make sure that you solve numerical problems based on them.
  • It will make your concept stronger.
  • Along with reading, make short notes of each subject parallelly. These notes will come in handy during the last phase of the preparation of GATE ECE Exam 2019.


  1. Solve previous papers and test series
  • When you have studied all subjects once, start solving previous years GATE ECE question papers.
  • Apart from the previous year papers, you should also start attempting online test series of GATE ECE exam.
  • Attempting the previous year papers and mock tests of GATE ECE exam will help you analyse the actual level of your preparation.
  • It will also give you idea about the type of questions which you can expect in GATE exam.


  1. Short Notes and Revision
  • This is a very good strategy which will help you in getting better results.
  • Make a list of important formulas and keep revising them in your free time.
  • It is required to memorize all the subjects thoroughly just before the GATE exam.
  • For revision you should give at least 8- 10 days.
  • While studying, the short notes made by you will help you in revision of the whole syllabus effectively.
  • It will help you recall the things you have already studied during preparation and understand them better at the end time.


  1. Consistency and Dedication
  • The most important thing is that you should be consistent in your studies.
  • During your preparation, you may end up losing interest in your studies at some point. But don’t give up, always be motivated and dedicated to your study.
  • You must decide your fixed study hours as per your own wish. Once you decide your study plan and study timing, it should not be compromised at any cost.


So, follow the above-mentioned tips thoroughly, in order to crack the GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering exam 2019 with a good score and eventually a good rank in the exam.

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