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The craze of watching online movies is increasing rapidly. The DVDs era is gone, and it seems that maybe it will happen to the cinema halls also.

Online movie and web series platforms are increasing, and that’s why most filmmakers prefer those platforms to release the movie or web series.

The streaming service increasing, as well as the free-streaming service also increasing day by day. Thousands of movies and web series releases every year on online platforms.

And thousands of movies and web series leak every year. The leaked and copyrighted content is known as pirated content. It is illegal, and all the piracy websites on the internet today are using only the pirated content.

Lots of people use piracy websites to download content, but it is illegal. We suggest that you do not use pirated content and do not visit the piracy website because it is a crime, and if you use it, you might get into trouble.


In India, the punishment of using the pirated content is either you get imprisonment for three years or up to ten lakh rupees penalty. Maybe it can be both. So, the safe option is to stay away from the use of pirated content and piracy website.

Most people have a habit of watching the content online only because it is a trend to watch movies and web series through online platforms such as Hotstar, Zee5, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Sony Liv, Hulu, etc.

The piracy website pits content like a movie or a web series through the online platform and leaks it on their piracy website. So, it becomes pirated content.

There are so many piracy websites on the internet today. The number is increasing rapidly day by day. Also, every day thousands of piracy websites are blocked by the government, but the ratio of creating piracy websites increases compared to piracy websites’ blocking.

The only benefit of using the piracy website to watch or download the movie or web series is saving money. It is not required to spend more money to watch the content from a legal platform. The user will only require the money for a subscription.

Just because of the piracy websites, filmmakers face a big loss every year. Even some piracy website owners blackmail the film producer. The market of piracy websites is increasing, and the risk of getting down the film industry is increasing.

So, the government will have to take serious steps against the piracy website owners. They are very sharp-minded. They use the proxy server to operate the piracy website. It isn’t very easy to track them.

Also, they use different URLs and domain names to secure from the track and ban. They use very advanced technology to operate the piracy website.

It is a very serious crime, and people will have to take the next step to avoid the piracy website. It is the only way to stop piracy. Copy someone’s content and use it is not the right thing to do.

Uwatchfree is one of the best piracy websites. It is running for eight years. Yes, they are leaking a movie or web series for eight years. They have a large and amazing collection of Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Other language movies, and web series.

The piracy website Uwatchfree is established in back 2012. The website owners have started the piracy website Uwatchfree with the first leak movie Tere Naam.

Public gone made at this website and the population increased, and it is still increasing. They have changed the domain name and link of the piracy website Uwatchfree many times to run the website continually.

The owners of the piracy website Uwatchfree are earning a lot. The traffic on the piracy website Uwatchfree is increasing, and the revenue is also increasing.

So, just for the money and popularity, they upload the pirated content. According to the WHOIS record, the piracy website Uwatchfree domain is from Pakistan country.

So, maybe the owner is from Pakistan. We do not know the exact information. It is just a prediction only. On the piracy website Uwatchfree, the user will find blockbuster content of Tamil cinema, Bangla cinema, English cinema, Hindi cinema, etc.

Also, there are so many movies in dubbing. All the content is in HD quality. So, the user can access any movie or web series in HD quality for free.

It is very simple to watch a movie or web series in HD quality on the piracy website Uwatchfree. The user can watch and download any movie or web series for free on Uwatchfree.

The government of India has banned the piracy website Uwatchfree because of the issue of copyrighted content. The use of copyrighted content is a crime in India as well as in other countries also.

So, the authority banned it. But it does not mean that the user can not open the piracy website Uwatchfree. Everyone knows very well how to open the piracy website Uwatchfree in a secure way.

It can be done by changing the extension of the piracy website Uwatchfree because there are many extensions available that are active. Most of blocked, but still some are active.

But it does not mean that the user can not be caught. It is very easy for the government to catch the user while using the pirated content or the piracy website.

The VPN server the user use can bypass easily by the government. The risk is high. So, do not visit a piracy website like Uwatchfree. Cybersecurity can easily catch you. Do not ever visit or stream on the piracy websites such as Uwatchfree.

There are several alternatives to Uwatchfree. The list is below.

Alternatives to Uwatchfree:

  1. Pagal movies
  2. Isaidub
  3. Hindilinks4u
  4. Filmywap
  5. Moviesda
  6. Moviesflix
  7. Hubflix
  8. Moviesfan
  9. SDMoviespoint
  10. Tamilrockers
  11. Tamilyogi
  12. PlayTamil
  13. Madras rockers
  14. Klwap
  15. A2movies
  16. Dvdwap
  17. Cinemavilla
  18. Moviescouch
  19. Moviezwap
  20. Movierulz

All the above-listed alternatives to Uwatchfree. It is just a few. The actual list is very long. We have only highlighted the most famous alternatives to Uwatchfree.

These all piracy websites are banned in India and many other countries. But all are still running. The user can access all the above-listed websites on today’s date.

So, it seems impossible to delete or ban all piracy websites permanently. Visit the above-listed website at your own risk because none of them is safe, secure, and virus-free.

If the user does not want to open the above-listed piracy websites or any piracy website, they can use legal platforms to watch and enjoy the original content.

The list of legal platforms is below.

Legal Platforms to Watch Original Content:

  1. Hotstar
  2. Mx Player
  3. Netflix
  4. Amazon Prime Video
  5. Zee5
  6. Sony Liv
  7. Hulu
  8. ALT Balaji
  9. Sony Crunch

The most trending platforms are Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. So, you can watch movies and web series on these above-listed platforms.

They all are legal, safe, secure, and virus-free. So, there is no risk to watch the content on a legal platform So, prefer the legal platform first to watch the content. Now, let’s discuss the various links of Uwatchfree. We also mentioned the new link that is active in 2021.

New Link of Uwatchfree:

  14. uwatchfree.apk

With the help of the above-listed links of UWatchfree, the user can access the piracy website UWatchfree.

These are the active links of UWatchfree, and all are easily accessible. We do not make sure, but the user may not require VPN to open the above-listed website.

So, the user can access it directly. Most piracy websites have apps for both mobile and Pc. So, it makes work easy for people to open the content from that app.

The user interface of the website and app is very attractive and smooth. The user will enjoy it. Most piracy websites contain ads and pop-ups because it is their main source of income. The advertising company pays more.

All ads and pop-ups are safe. Maybe they can encrypt your device, or anything can happen. So, do not open any ads or pop-ups while visiting any website, especially piracy websites like UWatchfree.

If you look at the piracy website UWatchfree, the user interface is fantastic. Also, there are so many features available as well as categories.

The user can easily find out the movie or web series they want with the help of categories. We have mentioned the various categories on UWatchfree. The list is below.

Categories on UWatchfree:

  1. Action movies
  2. Comedy movies
  3. Fantasy movies
  4. Horror movies
  5. Mystery movies
  6. Tamil movies
  7. TV series
  8. Sci-Fi movies
  9. Marathi movies
  10. Hindi movies
  11. Drama movies
  12. Animation movies
  13. Adult movies
  14. Crime movies
  15. Featured movies
  16. Kannada movies
  17. Punjabi movies
  18. Telugu movies
  19. Urdu movies
  20. Short films
  21. Music movies
  22. History movies
  23. Dubbed movies
  24. Bengali movies
  25. Adventure movies
  26. Documentaries movies
  27. HD movies
  28. Malayalam movies
  29. Romance movies
  30. Thriller movies
  31. War movies
  32. Sport movies
  33. Musical movies
  34. Hollywood movies
  35. Family movies
  36. Biography movies

The above-listed categories are available on UWatchfree for free to the public. So, we can say that almost all the categories are included on UWatchfree.

So, the user will find every movie they want on UWatchfree. It is the hub for movies. There are so many features like filters, specific search, HD quality, various genres, etc., on UWatchfree.

So, it will be effortless to find the specific movie on UWatchfree. Also, there are various genres of web series and TV shows.

We do not suggest you open a piracy website like UWatchfree, but you can open it at your own risk. If you want to watch or download the piracy website’s content, you visit the below links. They are active now.

We have mentioned the proxy links to visit the piracy website UWatchfree. The list is below.

Working Links of UWatchfree:

  6. Uwatchfree.od
  13. Uwatchfree.od

The above-listed links are the proxies to open the piracy website UWatchfree. Maybe you will not require a VPN connection to open the proxy links. But if it not opens, then you have to use VPN to open the piracy website UWatchfree.

But be safe because it is illegal, and they are using pirated content. It would be best if you did not involve in any copyright issues because it will affect your future.

It is only for information purposes. We do not recommend that you visit any piracy website like UWatchfree.

There are so many formats and sizes of movies and web series on UWatchfree. It includes 300Mb, 600Mb, 2GB, 4Gb, etc.

The piracy website UWatchfree has recently leaked some movies and web series on their website. We have mentioned the list below.

Leaked Movies and Web Series by UWatchfree:

  1. Khuda Haafiz
  2. The Ghazi Attack
  3. Paatal Lok
  4. The Family Man
  5. Riverdale
  6. Big Bang Theory
  7. Never Have I Ever

The piracy website UWatchfree also includes other language movies and web series such as Korean, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, etc. You will also find regional movies on the piracy website UWatchfree.

Most contents are of Bollywood and Hollywood cinema. It is available in Hindi dub or other languages dub also. So, the user can watch it in their respective language. The piracy website UWatchfree was banned in March 2018.

The Government of India banned it. The piracy website owners changed the domain name and used a proxy to run the website UWatchfree.

So, we can say that the piracy website UWatchfree is internationally popular because they contain all types of content. They also include music videos and albums. They all are in HD quality. But all the content is pirated. So, please do not use it.

To know more, bookmark the website, and Stay tuned for the next update.

Disclaimer: Govtjobbuzz does not aim to promote piracy in any form. It is a crime. If any got caught in charge of piracy, the consequences would be serious. It will be considered as an offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to provide you the accurate and true information. We request you not to use an illegal website and engage in piracy in any way.


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