What Are the Important Books Needed While Preparing for SBI PO 2018

Self-Study is the best study, but you need a Smart Plan

With the ever-increasing competition, clearing SBI PO exam these days is not an overnight plan. Moreover, with the decent pay package offered by the banks and increasing stress level in MNCs these days, more and more people from A grade institutions are writing these banking exams. Some of these students are very good in aptitude which increases the competition and the cut-offs. However, if you have made up your mind to enter the banking sector, it is very important to have a smart plan for clearing the exam. SBI is an evolving exam (unlike SSC) and they never fail to surprise students during the exam. These last-minute surprises might end up with time waste and if you are not through with the syllabus, it might prove to be a bane for you.

You should know the pattern, type of questions, level of questions, syllabus etc. to get the desired job. You should also know roughly when the exams are conducted and then plan according to the time available. Plan in such a way that you get ample time for revision and writing mock tests. If you keep on learning till last moment, you will only get yourself stressed and might end up being exhausted. Before starting any preparation, give a mock test and know your comfort level in every section. Gradeup is offering free mock tests where thousands of students appear, and you can compare your ranking. Focus on your weak areas and improve your time in strong areas.

First, Know the Syllabus and Level

Though the SBI PO Prelims 2018 is online, it is important that you practice from books before attempting online. You need to read what’s in the syllabus and not what your coaching institute teaching you. See the recent papers and focus of the areas from which majority of questions are asked. Here at Gradeup, we are helping the students by providing the list of books that will make your success journey easier.

List of Books


Quantitative Aptitude – Inspite of the sectional cutoffs, the people who are good at mathematics tend to get higher overall percentiles than others. While preparing for banking exams, Quants should be given utmost importance. Practice questions daily. Quants questions are not difficult, all you need is practice to excel in this section. The level of the questions is easy but they involve a lot of calculations.

Start from basics. While the books can help you to improve, to excel, you need to have strong fundamentals. For that, learn tables till 30, squares till 30 and cubes till 15. Do most of the calculations mentally and DON’T USE CALCULATORS WHILE SOLVING MOCKS. In banking exams, the faster you solve, the better you are. After learning the tables and squares, start solving Data Interpretation Questions.

It is advisable to first clear your concept from any of the concept based books mentioned below, refer Fast Track books to know the shortcuts and solve questions from question bank or modules. Buy only one book from each set and complement it with our modules to know where you stand among thousands of test takers from Gradeup.

Some recommended books are:

Concept based books:

  • Advanced Maths – Vol. 1 and 2 by KD Campus
  • Advance Maths for General Competitions (English) by Rakesh Yadav

In both the above books you will find tricks and shortcuts. However, if you need a specific book for tricks, follow

ShortCuts and Tricks base books:

  • Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Arihant’s Publication
  • Quicker Maths by M Tyra

To practice the questions, follow these

Books/material for practice:

  • Bank PO Quantitative Aptitude 17 Years (2000 – 2017) Chapterwise Solved Papers  – Arihant Experts
  • Subscribe to our modules.

Apart from these, there are many YouTubers which help the aspirants. Prominent among them are Dinesh Miglani and Study Smart.

Reasoning– Questions on age, direction and distance, seating arrangement, Venn diagram, Inequalities and family tree are asked in almost every exam. Try doing practice so as to learn the tricks as there is hardly anything to cram in this section. It is also important for you to know which questions or puzzles which you should skip and which one to attempt.

Though books are required at early stage of preparation, it is highly advisable to opt our Online Mock Tests as the actual tests are online and there is a lot of difference in pen and paper test in Reasoning as compared to Quants. However, practice from some previous year papers will help you get an idea of the type of questions.

Some recommended books are:

  • Bank PO Reasoning 17 Years (2000 – 2017) Chapter wise Solved Papers  – Arihant Experts
  • Bank PO Reasoning Chapter wise Solved Papers 1999 – Till Date  – Kiran Prakashan

It is important that you should NOT solve all the book. Questions from the year 2010 to 2017 are sufficient.

English Language

The key to success in English is grammar. Without this, every answer will be a hit and trial for you. You should know all the rules. Work on your vocabulary, learn 10 new words daily. You will have an edge in English over others.

Some recommended books are:

  • “Plinth to Paramount” (both the volumes) by Neetu Singh for practicing grammar portion.
  • Wren and Martin for learning Grammar

Just like reasoning, focus on online modes for English. Some tips to improve your English are:

  • Read one quality newspaper daily. The Hindu and The Tribune are most preferred. Avoid masala news in ToI etc.
  • Download our app and make sure to solve all the quizzes of English Language. 10-15 questions in a day in our app with your ranking will help you to brush up the rules.
  • Make sure to solve 3 comprehension passages daily to improve your speed from our app or website.
  • The best method to boost your score will be to attempt all our mock tests and do daily practice.

General Awareness

  • If you know current affairs, there is no other productive section than this which will fetch you maximum marks and minimum time.
  • Study Newspaper, keep track of International Agreements, Sports and other important developments. You need to avoid Politics (Who said who to whom).
  • Visit our app and solve GK Quizzes daily even if you have not covered that topic. We have been posting daily GK updates. Make sure to read them before sleeping.
  • Dedicate your 1 hour daily for this section.

Computer Knowledge

  • Read previous years papers, know what type of questions are being asked.
  • Buy a book if you are disinclined with computers and its terminology.
  • Students (read Engineers) generally overlook this portion because of over-confidence. Please note that every section is important and carries equal marks. Make sure to practice this section as well.
  • Do not go deep into this section. You should know all the basics or the definitions.

Again, it is import to keep practicing. Give mocks and analyze your performance. Compare it with your peers and start improving every day. Attempt SBI PO previous year question papers to ace  your preparation for SBI PO recruitment exam 2018.

Please also check our NCERT Solutions app which we have launched for Class 6 – Class 12 students.

Updated: March 26, 2018 — 6:45 pm

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