What is CIF Number : How to find CIF Number in SBI Bank Account 2019 ?


If you have asked to enter or write your CIF number in some online or offline forms and you are wondering “what is CIF number ?” OR “I haven’t heard anything about CIF number” then you are at the right place.

Read Below Given Information about CIF Number in very simple language that any non financial or non banking person can understand.

What is CIF Number, CIF Number SBI?

If you have a proper understanding related to banking then whenever you will be coming across the term CIF then you will know what it exactly stands for. Other people may find it to be quite hard to understand in the first place. Let’s see what is CIF and learn about all the details related to it.

A CIF number stands for Customer Information File and every customer will be having this unique number.


So let’s get into detail and know what is CIF number is in 2019.

CIF number

Simple Understanding Of CIF Number in Banking System !

CIF is basically a virtual or digital file that holds all the important information related to banking. This number consists of 11 digits, which are completely unique and it will be represented in the file. If one customer is having more than one account, then this CIF number will be linked to all his accounts.

Even if you are having many accounts still the bank will know that you are just a single member having only one CIF number. This number is basically used by the bank when they want to retrieve any personal or financial information regarding the customer.


The information will be related to the customer details regarding credit or loan or any other essential details. It will also hold all the details related to KYC of a customer like the address, photo ID or identity details. In this way, the bank can easily view the details of any customer and see the information related to the account in just one specific place.


How to find your CIF code or number?

One can check the CIF number from offline or online mode. So here in this article, we will be discussing all the steps for SBI bank account holders and it is also similar to other banks.


1) How to check CIF number online

Internet Banking:

  • You will have to log in to the SBI bank account with the help of internet banking. After visiting the official page, you will have to provide your username along with your password.

What is CIF Number : How to find CIF Number in SBI Bank Account 2019 ? 1

  • Then you will have to select the account statement for a definite period.What is CIF Number : How to find CIF Number in SBI Bank Account 2019 ? 2
  • Now you will be provided with the summary page of your account where you can easily get the CIF number along with other details.What is CIF Number : How to find CIF Number in SBI Bank Account 2019 ? 3

Mobile App: 

One can easily download the app of SBI from anywhere. After registering it successfully, you will have to provide all the credentials. Then you will be getting the access to all the details related to your account and at the same time, you will get the CIF number.



2) How to find the CIF number offline?

If you are not using internet banking or mobile app of specific banking website then you can check your cif number through cheque book or pass book. And You can also reach for customer care officer for the cif number information.

  • Cheque Book: You will have to take the cheque book and then open its first page. On the first page itself, you can find the printed CIF number.
  • SBI Passbook: You can take the passbook of your bank account and on the first face you will be able to see the CIF number along with your other details related to the account.

CIF Number passbook



  • Bank’s Customer Care: If you are not being able to find the CIF number from the cheque book or passbook and at the same time you are not well acquainted with the use of internet banking then you can easily reach the customer care of your respective bank.


If you are an SBI Bank account holder then there are several toll-free numbers like 080-26599990, 1800 425 3800 and 1800 112211.

  • You can choose any of the above mentioned toll-free numbers for connecting to the customer service of SBI.
  • Then you will have to pick from the appropriate IVR and then you will get a connection established with any of the officials of customer care of SBI who can help you with your problem.
  • You will have to provide them all your details for verification purposes like name, account number, address and many more.
  • After completing the verification process properly, they will provide you with the CIF number.



Visit Bank’s Branch: If you want to find your CIF number, then you can visit the home branch of your account holding bank. You will have to go to the inquiry counter and provide your account details. After making the request to executives of that branch they will provide you with the CIF number.



How to check the CIF number of the central bank CBI

The Central Bank of India always ensures that the CIF number consisting of 11 digits is always updated in order to ensure that all the records which they have with them are completely correct. So CIF number is very important because it will be holding details like:


  • It will display the account type which you are currently holding.
  • It will display your entire transaction history.
  • It will also display your entire balance history related to the previous month and a current month.
  • It will also have all the details of the account holder.


For all the banks CIF number contains an immense value. Starting from State Bank Of India, Central Bank, State Bank of Hyderabad, each of them is suggesting several services like the credit cards or ATM cards to their customers by looking into this CIF number. CIF number is very important when a person is making an account transfer from one branch to a new one.


In order to find the CIF number of Central Bank of India you will have to follow the below-written steps:



  1. Central Bank of India will be provided every account holder with Passbook so you can easily get the CIF number from there. This number will be printed on the passbook front page.
  2. You can also refer to the cheque book because it will also be issued by the Central Bank will definitely have to CIF number.
  3. If you are finding these two methods tough then you can visit your nearest branch and provide your details to the bank employees and they will provide you with CIF number. Make sure you are taking your identity proof and passbook for verification.
  4. If you are well aware of the services of internet banking then you can utilize it for finding the CIF number.


Follow these above mentioned ways for getting the CIF number of the Central Bank of India.


This unique 11 digit CIF number is very unique for every customer. So even if you are making some new accounts this particular code won’t get changed. This number has been coded with the entire information related to demat, loans or personal information of a customer. In this way, all the banks will be able to track all the information related to a particular customer.

One should only share the CIF number with the bank people when it comes to getting information which is crucial for both the parties. So all the steps that are mentioned above are very easy so you can easily check your CIF number.


Every customer comes with a unique CIF number just like the Aadhar number. CIF number is important both for the bank and the customer. The bank has specifically organized this particular systematic file for collecting and saving all the data of a particular customer starting from financial to personal information in a text file virtually.

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