Why is Sachin Tendulkar the God of Cricket?

If there’s one man in this whole world who can compete against every budding cricketer and connoisseur, it’s none other than the respected Sachin Tendulkar. And in this post, we will narrate the reasons that make Tendulkar the most astounding cricketer in this world. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the given narration. Learn more about the facts from the given information. 

Why Is He the God of Cricket?

Are you searching for who is the second God of cricket on the Internet? Well, when it comes to cricket, no one can compete against Tendulkar, and it is a fact. 

It takes a lot of effort and willpower to delve into the struggles of becoming a legendary player. And the living example of such a great effort is Tendulkar. Fans have already praised him, and now he is known as the God of cricket. He is the best Indian cricketer who has accomplished everything that defines him as a spell-bounding cricketer. 

While his high-tier cricket journey started early, he represented Bombay when he was only 14 years. That was his Indian first-class domestic cricket, where he secured the Ranji Trophy in the year 1987. It was an incredible performance by him, and he was then selected as a prominent professional representing Yorkshire in the year 1992.

Before he joined, his team had not selected players from other regions. They did not even hire players from English countries. Since the early times, it’s been an upward rising and steady growth in Sachin Tendulkar’s career. He did the unthinkable multiple times & changed the strides of the game with some impossible flicks.

Besides completing so many milestones and accomplishing awards and records, Tendulkar was an astounding cricketer & an individual. He is a steady and calm man who has received critical acclaim from his fans and critics. But these acclaims (whether good or bad) did not make him shift from his objectives. 

His best quality is that throughout his career, he has never behaved aggressively, and he also answered all his fans’ and critics’ questions. And then comes his unmatched batting proficiencies & various records that have made him so great. He was an amazing, great bowler as well. After he entered the field, he had a purpose in both bowling and batting. During his whole career, he had received various, including “Master Blaster”. And GOD of CRICKET is one of them. Due to these reasons, fans call him the God of cricket.

Outlining A Few Cricket Records of Tendulkar

  • He has secured the highest number of centuries (51)
  • He is the run-scorer in the format
  • He happens to be the joint record holder ((with Brian Lara), reaching 10,000 runs 
  • He had also secured over 1000 runs in various calendar years, six times in total (1997, 2001, 2002, 1999, 2010, and 2008)
  • Before he reached his 20s, he had secured five centuries 
  • He also holds a record of 29 Test centuries overseas

ODI records: What to Know?

  • Much to the knowledge of fans, he has the highest number of centuries (49 in ODI record)
  • He also holds the highest number of half-centuries (96)
  • Besides, he secured maximum centuries within one calendar year in the year 1998 (i.e., 9)
  • He holds the title of scoring the most amounts of 150+ runs 
  • He also received the title of “Man of the Match” around 62 times
  • He also gained 15 awards for the “Man of the Series” title 
  • He has around 9 “Man of the Match” awards considering the World Cup matches 

Considering the above records, Sachin is known as the God of cricket. He has also received various nicknames throughout his career. So, calling him the God of cricket is an understatement. Time and again, he has proven himself as a legendary player. Ricket fans regard him as the best of the best. 

Besides his legendary achievements, his overall performance and presence have made fans chant his name as the God of Cricket. But there are popular beliefs that talk about the alleged true origins of the term. A few say that this term was coined after the Indian fan hoisted the hand-made banner. But whatever the reason might be, we all know that no cricketer can compete against this legendary personality. 

They say people go by, but the title stays back. Likewise, despite the fact that no one could compete with Tendulkar, his retirement made fans wonder who could be the next God of Cricket. That makes it pretty evident for Virat Kohli fans to go gaga over this statement. According to cricket gurus and fans, it is not an exaggeration to state that Kohli could be regarded as the next God of Indian cricket. 

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