Kerala Disability Scholarship Scheme 2020 Application Form PDF Download Online for Disabled Students

Kerala Disability Scholarship Scheme 2020 Application Form PDF Download Online for Disabled Students

Kerala government is giving the scholarship to the students of the state. However, the Kerala government is providing it to all the students of the state.

But the government will only provide the scholarship for the students with disabilities. The government will encourage students with disabilities. Usually, those people do not study and do not educate themselves. Those people have to be dependent on others.

To make them self-reliant and give them encouragement for education, the government is launching this scheme. The government will have to seek their information, and after verifying the details, the government will give them scholarships.

In order to encourage people with disabilities to study, the state government of Kerala did implement the Kerala Disability Scholarship Scheme 2020. The primary reason to launch the scheme is to help people with a disability to feel important. So that they can get all the support financially and emotionally to study well and improve the overall nation.

There are so many people with a disability who do not intend to study. Sometimes it is due to financial problems while it is due to societal problems sometimes. So the Kerala government has decided to encourage PWD students by offering them a great amount of a scholarship.

However, the government only gives the scholarship to the disabled person. With the help of the scheme, the students will get encouragement for the study.

About Kerala disability Scholarship Scheme 2020:

To increase the literacy level of the state, the Kerala government is launching a scheme for disabled people in society. The government will give a scholarship for the study. Not all disabled people will get a scholarship. However, the person who belongs to a BPL family only gets a scholarship from the government for their study.

However, to get a scholarship from the government, the person should have to do a study. The government will give the scholarship from std.1 to PG courses of the person.

That means the government will provide a scholarship for the person when he/she started their study to he/she ended their study. For the whole period of education, the government will financially help the physically disabled person.

However, the government will give the handicapped person the financial help of Rs. 500 to Rs. 2900 per month. That means If the physically disabled person applies for the scheme, then they will get a scholarship from the government for their study worth Rs. 500 to Rs. 2900 per month until they complete their study.

This financial help will support the disabled person to purchase the stationery for study. The government will help them financially, and that money the person can use anytime anyway.

Eligibility Criteria of The Kerala Disability Scholarship Scheme:

To get the advantage of the shame, the person with a disability has to apply for the scheme. The government has made the facilities to apply online for the scheme.

However, the government publishes the guideline of the scheme. According to the guideline of the scheme, the government has issued the eligibility criteria for the scheme. Persons who fulfill the eligibility criteria of the scheme will only get the benefits of the scheme.

  • The category of the disability of the student is also matters. The study with Blind, Deaf, Orthopedically Handicapped, Mental retardation will able to get the benefits of the scheme.
  • The disability percentage in the person should be more than 40%
  • The government makes family income criteria also. However, more than Rs.36,000 family income persons will not be eligible for the scheme.
  • For this scheme, the person has to apply every year, and the person who has less than 40% mark in the last year can not apply for the next year for the same scheme.
  • If the person is blind, then the student needs a reader. The government will give the reader allowance to the person.

Application form for the Kerala Disability Scholarship Scheme:

The government is inviting the application form for the people of the state. The Kerala government also arranges the facilities for disabled people to apply online.

The government will make the arrangement for the disabled person to the online application. The Kerala government makes an online website for the scheme. To apply for the scheme, the disabled person has to visit the official Kerala government site.

The link to the site is On the site, you have to search for the scheme tab. When you click on the scheme tab, the various active schemes of the Kerala government will appear on the screen.

Among the scheme name, you have to find the Kerala disability scholarship scheme. When you click on the name of the scheme, the application form of the scheme will open. You can fill in the details in the application form to get the advantage of the scheme.


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