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National Pension Scheme (NPS): Subscriber Registration Form, Open NPS Account

If you are a government employee, whether you are a central government or state government employee, you should make your retirement plan before retirement. The person should make a retirement plan for their future. The government is also making a retirement plan for their employee retirement.

The government has launched the scheme for the people of the government. The person who is doing the government job will be retiring after 60 years of age. The government has provisions that the person can not do the work as a government employee when they attain 60 years of age.

The government is making efforts for the people of the government job so that they can manage themselves after retirement life. Before, the government is giving the pension to people who have done the government job their entire life.

Now the provision of the pension is removed, and the government is now released the pension scheme for the government employee only. The government makes the scheme name the national pension scheme for the government employee.

The retirement plan should be good for every person after a job retirement. The government is helping the government job person to make their retirement plan.

However, this national pension scheme will help those people who are recently doing their government job. A person who has completed a government job can not apply under this scheme.

About the National Pension Scheme (NPS):

This is a central government scheme for the government employee of the nation. If you are doing a government job and you are worried about your retirement plan, then you should drop your worry because the national pension system is there for you after retirement.

There are a large number of people who are currently doing a government job and still, worry about their future. But when you will get to know about the National Pension Scheme, there will not be anything that you will worry about. The only thing that you will need to know is that if you are going to use the National Pension Scheme that the government is offering then you will be happy to have a retirement plan.

If you are investing in the national pension scheme during your job, then the scheme will help you after completing your job. which means the scheme will give you a pension after retirement.

The only condition is that the person should have invested during their job life in the scheme. The person should have to get the information for the scheme, and they have to make an investment under the scheme.

It will be possible for any government employee to invest in the National Pension Scheme and get its benefits. But before doing that, you need to make sure to know about the NPS scheme by going through each and every detail.

The person should know more about the scheme, not the official website of the scheme. This scheme s launched in the year 2004. After 2004, the government removed the provision of pension giving to all the people who have retired from the government job during their whole life.

Now, the government has made this scheme e available to all the citizens of India. Not only the government event but the other person who is doing a job in the private sector can also apply for this scheme.

Benefits of the National Pension Scheme

National Pension Scheme benefits: They also can plan their retirement life for the pension. To participate in the scheme, the age of the person should not be more than 60 years and should not be less than 18 years.

That means the age of the person who wants to make the investment in the NPS should be between 18 to 60 years of age. The person should have to make the investment in the scheme during the year of the investment until retirement.

After retirement, the person should not have to invest in the scheme, but the person will get a pension under the scheme. The person would not have to invest after retirement. In place of investing, the person will, in return, get a pension from the government in the bank account of the person.

However, when you were investing your money into the scheme, the government is also investing the same amount of money into your account. Now, after your retirement of yours, the government will give the pension from your investment that you and the government have made during your job period.


1. How Can National Pension Scheme Calculator be?

National Pension Scheme Calculator is available on the official website of the NPS department. The official website of the National pension scheme is A retired person who wants to calculate their pension first visits the official website home page. Secondly, follow steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the official website of NPS

Step 2: Click on the category of subscribers

Step 3: After that select, I am interested in NPS

Step 4: Click on Calculate the pension need

Step 5: Enter your Date of Birth

Step 6: Enter the amount you would like to contribute per month

Step 7: Total years of contribution is a pension

Step 8: Expectation of return on investment in percentage

Step 9: Select Purchase annuity and expect the annuity rate

Step 10: See the Status of the pension account & your pension corpus at retirement

2. How to login National Pension Scheme Account?

National Pension Scheme login account subscribers require a username (User Id). The username (User Id) available on your permanent retirement account number (PRAN card) is 12 digits number of the card. This 12-digit permanent retirement account number is the username (User Id) of subscribers. If subscribers want to login to the national pension scheme account go to the official website 

Step 1: Go to the Official website

Step 2: left side on the home page – subscriber option

Step 3: Enter 12 digits under id is the permanent retirement account number (PRAN)

Step 4:  Enter the password if the password is not known you can go to reset the password. When subscribers go for first-time login then use the reset password. In case of resent password subscribers click on Instant Set/Reset Password. After the fulfill some details i.e Generate OTP (Mobile or Email), PRAN, date of birth, set new & confirm password and enter a captcha. After that subscribers are verified with the OTP whether mobile to email id as the case may be. Now on-screen acknowledgment with PRAN and DOB. Now subscribers can enter the user id, password, and captcha after clicking on submit button National Pension Scheme Account Login on the screen.

3. What is the National Pension scheme in India?

National Pension scheme India is a retirement scheme for all Indian citizens who can open individual pension accounts under NPS Tier I, Tier II, & Tier III at age of 18 years to 70 years. The National Pension Scheme is introduced by the government of India to benefit all Indian citizens after regular income post-retirement. The National Pension scheme is called the voluntary retirement savings scheme.

4. Can National Pension Scheme SBI is Possible?

Yes, National Pension Scheme SBI is possible. National Pension Scheme has been maintained Administered and Regulated by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) and is a voluntary retirement saving scheme. The National Pension Scheme SBI objective is to provide social security to all citizens of India. With the flexibility of investment, any subscribers may select a Pension Fund Manager (PFM) of their choice (Tier I – ₹ 500 minimum and Tier II – ₹ 1000 Minimum). Subscriber is allowed to change PFM once during an assessment year.

5. What is National Pension Scheme in a post office?

The National Pension Scheme post office is also available for all citizens to contribute towards securing the future in form of investment as pension. Any subscribers are allowed to voluntarily contribute National Pension Scheme is a retirement scheme introduced by the government of India. National Pension Scheme post office benefits are divided into four parts called Low Cost, Simple, Flexible & Portable. If subscribers want to invest in the National Pension Scheme post office can also go with SIP activation.

6. Who can eligible for National Pension Scheme?

Any employees of a corporate entity, who are Indian citizens or enrolled by Indian citizenship between the age 18 years to 70 years with KYC norms are eligible to be registered as subscribers under National Pension Scheme (NPS). National Pension Scheme eligibility is open to public employees, private employees, and unorganized sector employees except for army forces.

7. What is the National Pension Scheme interest rate?

National Pension Scheme interest rate is 9% to 12% per annum as per market linked. The National Pension Scheme interest rate is not a fixed rate of return is based on market performance and fluctuates as per the movement of market updates.


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