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First of all lots of people don’t know what is the full form of ncvt. So here is the answer.

NCVT Full Form

  • NCVT Full-Form – National Council of Vocational Training. 
  • NCVT Full Form Meaning in Hindi – व्यावसायिक प्रशिक्षण के राष्ट्रीय परिषद

NCVT MIS Apprenticeship

Everything About NCVT MIS Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Is a very well-known word in ITI—apprenticeship means the learning process of the job which needs special skills. The Person Who is learning the skills is known as the “Apprentice“.

Now, what is NCVT MIS Apprenticeship?

NCVT offers various types of apprenticeship programs in which candidates can learn a special skill and get a job. NCVT MIS apprenticeship includes various types of theoretical and practical courses as job training at actual places.

The NCVT is also responsible for conducting other examinations such as the Craftsman Training Scheme (CTS), Apprentice Training Scheme (ATS), and All India Trade Test (AITT).

The official online portal for information on ncvt mis apprenticeship is Candidates from all over India can apply and register themselves on this portal. The results and certificates of completion of the course can also be downloaded from

This is the most efficient way to train actual manpower for specific skills. The infrastructure and environment of various establishments or training institutes (under ncvt mis) is very great for the candidates.

  • It is one of the most important Training programs because candidates actually get practical training at various places.
  • NCVT MIS Apprenticeship is the most trusted training delivery program all over the nation in terms of experience and teaching skills.
  • Because of actual practical training, students feel confident while applying for the job and working for the company.

The Other beneficial thing is, a various employer who wants to hire apprentice does registration on the portal and reach to the various establishment for interview. So chances to get a job on campus is higher than in any other program.

Apprenticeship Result 2023

Apprenticeship training lasts between 6 months to 4 years. The duration of the course depends on which course you select. Some trades take 6 months for completion and some course takes 4 years for completion.

It is sure that there will be so many people who do not happen to have a job at all. All those people can be able to register themselves so easily and quickly in order to get benefit from NCVT MIS Apprenticeship. Not only the unemployed people will get the opportunity to get a job but also they will get apprenticeship training of several months to develop a helpful and important skill.

NCVT MIS Apprenticeship will make sure to provide jobs to a large number of people. Therefore it will help to increase the employment rate in the country and thereby improve the overall economy of India.

The Result of an apprenticeship comes every semester and for which you have to visit the online portal You can follow the given steps to check the result.

Check result 2023

  • First of all, visit the link.
  • Now find the login button on the right side of the top.
  • Then enter your credentials and then click on “log in”
  • Now you will see your result link there
  • Download the Result pdf and it is done.

FAQs on NCVT MIS Apprenticeship

What is NCVT?

NCVT is an abbreviation for the National Council of Vocational Training. It is responsible for conducting nationwide exams such as ATS and CTS.

What is NCVT MIS?

NCVT MIS is a Management Information System, essentially a database containing information about enrollment and applicants for engineering and non-engineering programs across ITIs.

What is the NCVT’s official website?

The official NCVT website can be accessed at

What is Apprenticeship’s official website?

The official Apprenticeship website can be accessed at


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