Spider man 3 No Way Home Full Story Leaked Online

Following a year gap interval, the Marvel enthusiasts are raving about the release of Spiderman’s new movie, however, things might not go as planned. Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe has more or less delayed Black Widow and Shang Chi, there are no reports of delay for the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is going to be released on the set date.

While there have been a lot of ongoing struggles with the release of Spider-Man especially due to the character rights and the other ongoing issues. However, this is the first time that the audience knows that Peter Parker is Spiderman, leading to a completely new premise for the movie, something that they are going to enjoy watching.

But, even with all the ongoing speculations and the wait that the audience has been looking into, things have taken a turn for the worse. Most of the plot of the movie has been leaked online, leaving fans frantic. If you aren’t going to appreciate reading about spoilers, we wouldn’t recommend you scroll down any further.

What are the plot spoilers?

To say that this is the first time that Marvel movie’s plots have been leaked will be a complete lie. However, the leak surrounding the Spiderman 3 was way too much to stop. Most of the time, the plots are leaked in shady platforms under anonymous names to conceal their identity.

The first leak about the plot of Spiderman 3, you guessed it right, came from Reddit. While things would have been just shady, the person who shared the leaked plot for Spiderman 3 also confirmed that Julia Louis-Dreyfus would play the cameo on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 5, which turned out to be true.

The fact that the person knew about the cameo role on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 5 does make people sideeye the fact that maybe her inputs about Spiderman 3 were true. The Redditor said that they worked on the crew for Spiderman 3, which is where they got some of the plots from. However, they further said that there were few parts that nobody is aware of.

There are spoilers below

The movie initiated from the place where Far from Home ended with a substantial time skip. While a lot is going on with Peter, Dr. Strange is constantly trying to capture them and then put them in a prison that has been made by him.

However, the villains somehow manage to escape the prison because Peter messes stuff up. The inclusion of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield plop down in the second and third acts of the movie, from where people are still not sure.

The three of them unite together to catch the escaped villains and cut to the final act of the movie, which is based around the Statue of Liberty. There, Captain America stands with his shield, and the villains are all captured by Peter, Toby, and Andrew.

The mention of Stark’s Arc Reactor is very vivid throughout every scene, although no one knows exactly why the same is happening. All the defeated villains are soon put back into Dr. Strange’s prison. There are other twists to the plot that involves murder and death.

The endnote of the movie finishes with Peter completing high school.

Is there evidence of the leaks?

Although they are speculations at this point, several other Reddit and even Twitter users have confirmed that these leaks align with the plots that they have been hearing about for the past few weeks.

And, to have these leaks come from an account that has given official confirmations before too is a little too shady at this point.


Updated: February 19, 2024 — 10:02 am

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